BABY FOOD CHALLENGE with Babies!!!!! Daily Bumps Vs. Collins Key

– Uh – Okay, Ollie

– Now these are all the baby foods combined Here we go – Oh, they're doing it – Oh – Mmm, ahhhhh! What's up? It's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog

So for today's video, we are doing the baby food challenge with actual babies (they cheer) So guys, this is the daily bump, right over here, they have an amazing daily vlog channel now, he had his first steps, what was it, like two days ago? – Yes – That's on the vlog channel, so you guys can watch them grow up, so first of all, go subscribe to their channel right now If you guys are coming from my video, we've also got a vlog over on their channel I did some magic for the kids, it was kind of crazy, so go check out their video, give it a thumbs up and comment that my channel sent you

– It's not every day we have a wizard in our house – I just levitated right now, that was like, (they all laugh) Now today how this is going to be working is there are two teams, we've got Bryan and Ollie in team one, Collins, Devon, team two Missy and Finn are right over here, they are going to be the judges They're going to select certain flavors for round one, let's say, is this flavor right here Each team would get it, one person would feed it to the other and we have to guess as quickly as possible what the correct flavor is, one of us'll get it right, she'll be like, ding ding ding

This team wins or this team wins, whoever wins the majority of the rounds, they win this challenge, and the loser of this challenge, (Finn cries) He doesn't want to lose, you guys can tell, he's like no The loser of this challenge has to eat a giant cup of all the baby foods combined together – Oh – Ew – What? – Yup, I just made that up on the spot

So that's what's going to be happening, watch to the end to see what happens, and also if you're doing a live stream, this Sunday at four pm Pacific Standard Time, look up the link for live stream below, and also, I'm doing a huge back to school give away right now, I'm giving away a MacBook computer on YouTube and also an iPhone 6 on Instagram, if you want to win that, let us know by liking this video, comment down below, what's your favorite video ever posted on the channel You must be subscribed to this YouTube Channel, but Instagram part of this giveaway is follow that Instagram, turn on my Instagram for the phone notification, and of course, you gotta be active and post this photo and in the description of the photo you must say enter me into the giveaway at CollinsKey hashtag CollinsKey I can't even focus, man, these kids are so, it's so cute

So cute, oh my gosh But what we're going to do right now is jump into the challenge, and first things first, we've got some bibs here So, Missy, I think you get to select the proper bib for us – Well, I'm gonna go ahead and go with Rock Star for my husband And then we're gonna go with Little Man 'cause I'm thinking he's the opposite of little

– Yeah, that's actually really right – He's a giant, he really is – Heartbreaker – [All] Oooooh – No! – No, what? – You don't want to be a heartbreaker? – Okay, then, do you want Troublemaker? – No

– You're definitely a troublemaker if you ask mommy Alright, you don't have to wear one if you don't want to, but we'll go ahead and give him the Troublemaker – I'll take it – 'Cause he looks like he's a troublemaker to me – What about chick magnet, Ollie? Are you a chick magnet? – No! – You don't want to magnetize all the chicks? – Should we put one on Finn? – Yeah

(Collins laughs) – Okay, we'll put one on Finn Oh, look, he already has a little bandana one (they laugh) – It's two bibs, one for the food and one for the fashion – Alright (they laugh) – These ones, alright, let me get some spoonfuls for you

Okay, are you guys? – Alright, we're ready – Woah, you're feeding this to me first? – I'll give you a little more than that – Ollie, feed it to Da-da – Ready, three, two, one go! – Feed it to Da-da! – I'm so glad I'm not doing this one! – Ah, wow, that was like gut-wrenching – Yeah, is it corn something? Is it yams? – It's, it's got meat in it

– Ooh, what? Is it beef stew? – No! – It is chili? Is it chicken something? – Oh, is it chicken pot pie! – You're right! – Ooh! – I knew I tasted carrot – Alright, guys, we've got another challenger coming in here Hi! – What's up, girl? – Cheers – Cheers, man, here we go That's not coming out at all

– How are you supposed to get liquid out of this, man, you really gotta like Ollie I think he ran off somewhere, so now, we've got Olivia over here, yay! (they applaud) Round of applause for Olivia and right now, we are on to Round Number two We lost Finn as well, did Finn disappear? – Yes – Yeah – He's just gone

– This, we'll do this one – Okay – There's a little hair on it too – Oh, I'll move that (they laugh) Three, two, one, go

– Oh my – Is it that bad? – Oh my god – Oh, Devon, you need to chill (father gags) Oh! – I just swallowed cold Um, is it spaghetti? – It tastes like some sort of, okay

– Smell it – Oh! – Smells like vomit Ugh – Is it vomit? – No, it's not vomit – Is that my baby food? – Is it like a peach or a plum? Or like a ? – There is something like that in there

– There's definitely meat in it, right? – Yes – Mango and chicken – Yes And there's more – With the shots

– Mango chicken – Mango chicken – Alley oop, I don't know – I'll give you softball, Steff – Curry? – Oh! – Curry mango

– Well what else goes with curry normally? – Rice! – Yep! – Oh! – He got it – [All] Oooh! – Bro – No – Devon – No

That could not have been handed to me any easier – That's nasty – When I picked it, I saw mango, I thought, okay, this will be easy, this will be like a nice little you know, it'll be yummy, it'll be yummy Ew – No

– Okay, I'm going to go to the next one Actually I think you guys should close your eyes – Okay, we'll close our eyes – Okay – I'm not excited about this

Alright, well, we lost one, so we're going to try to retrieve Ollie to come back (children shriek) – Filming with kids is fun! – Okay, we've got Ollie back – Got Ollie back – Give it to Daddy – Go

– Oh, is that prunes? – Ah! It's prunes! – Prunes and – Prunes and chicken – No – Squash – Prunes and beef – Prunes and – Prunes and beets

– No – Prunes and sweet potatoes – No – What food group is it in, like is it a starch or is it? – It's a starch – Ooh, potatoes

– Prunes and – No, think breakfast! – Prunes and – Cereal! – Eggs! – No – Prunes and, and um – Waffles, I don't know, waffles! – No – Woah, oh my god! (they laugh) (Ollie roars) – He's a, he's our new dinosaur – Woah

I'm having difficulty focusing, I apologize – Prunes and Oatmeal – Yes! – Oooh Put that on your spoon and eat it – Oh, okay! – You close your eyes, you close your eyes

– I don't have to close my eyes, okay – Oh, I can wipe this on my bib – This is not fair that you guys get to switch off – Sounds gross, oh (Ollie roars) – Okay, Ollie

– Oh no! This smells so gross – Oh! – Oh, no! – What is that, dog food? – Three, two, one, go – I can't do it, no – Ugh! Oh, oh, wha, wha is it? (they laugh) (father gags) – What was that? – Did you eat it? – No, I spit that thing out! – Ahh – Turkey, beef, pork

– Is it just sausages? – It's just chicken sticks – Oh, what? – Why? – It smells like dog food – Well, their team is expanding and our team is staying very much the same – Okay, I have decided I'm going to go ahead with this one – I'm not excited for this, I'm not, not, not

– Okay! – Alright, heads up! – Ahh! – I think if I had given that one, – It tastes like dog food – I don't want to get thrown up on! – Oh, it smells, oh – It smells like cat food – Oh! Don't breathe, dude, don't breathe You gotta fan this away from me

– Well, I'm just afraid something – Steak? – Chicken? – Steak? – It was a little bit of that – Turkey? – It's pretty much a one thing – Is it? – Oh, beef! – Okay – Beef and – And gross! – Beef and broth? – Yes! – Broth! – Beef and beef broth! – Oh! (they laugh) – Beef with more beef

– Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and go with this one – Alright, I'm closing my eyes – And this one is actually a good one because we can just open them up and they can just suck it right out of it, yeah – Oh, let's see what we got – You can, mommy

– Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh Oh! (kids laugh) I ca, I ca, I ca spit it out – Three bean! – What's the other bean? – It is peas? – You guys take that round as well – I don't think there's any coming back from this – The advantage to having kids is you know about baby foods, 'cause we don't know

– We're gonna go ahead and go with this one – Cheers, mate – Let's do this – Ugh, ahhh, oh, I barely got that one down Um, yams, is it? – No

– No is it a starch though? – Okay, it's a meat – It's, uh, chicken – Uh-Huh – Chicken and – Chicken and, chicken and beans! – Potatoes – Nope, so this one is wierd, it's not actually a food

It has to do with, I feel like this would be too easy, but night time – Moon snack? – Close, close! – Mooncake! – Nope, nope – Chicken and stars! – Yep! – Oh! – And they're chicken and stars – Chicken stars! – It's a chunky blend – What? – I've never heard of chicken stars! (Missy laughs) Chicken stars? – Alright, we're back to, we're gonna go with this one

– I feel like my bib is falling off, I'm having some floating over here – Oh yeah, me too, that was close Three, two, one (father gags) – Every time – What are you doing to me? – I'm sorry! Who, there's no good ones! – That's definitely like sweet peas

– Okay, come on guess, bro, we are losing, guess! – Peas – Peas and spinach! – And – Yes! – No! – You can take that to the bank – We are broke on baby food at the moment – That one was the worst – Alright, we're gonna go with this one

We're gonna go with this one – Alright, my eyes are closed, I'm not ready for this – Mix it up, I feel bad when the top is just like the water part – Oh, thank you, I appreciate that, you're very considerate – And go

– Ah, get down, cause the thing is having it in my mouth, so I'm always working with the aftertaste, which is not that easily identified Sweet corn? – No? – Corn? – No – Potatoes? – No – Sweet potatoes – Yams? – No

– They all taste like yams to me – Just like, – Eggplant? – No – Squash? – Yes! – Squash! – Yeees! (they applaud and cheer) – We got one, more than one! – Vegetables – Yes, I have to drink this now, alright – Okay, ready? – Yeah

– We're gonna go with this, it's another squirty one – I'm good with spoons – You gotta give me a smaller squirt than last time, dude – Okay ready? – No, wait, am I? – Yeah, you got this, Devon, I believe in you, man – Oh my god! – Ah, uh, I don't know, I know, I know, I know

It's like a plum or like um – ooh, ooh – Plums? – What is it, what is it? I know this! – I'm sending it to you – I know this! I so know this – Time to finish

– Is it prunes? – Nooo! – I hadn't had a prune in so long – Alright, guys, this is the final round, it's what it all comes down to right now Would it be a good idea to challenge the family food channel to baby food eating? – No – I'm scared I'm scared for me too

Alright – Okay, three, two, one, go – Ugh! (they both gag) – Ham, hammy? – Yeah, yes – He freaking, he got it! – Is it over? – Yeah, you lost, dude You just spit it out

He throws up and wins (Missy laughs) – I'm actually crying right now Just to clarify, what was it? – Ham and ham gravy – Ham and ham gravy – Yes

– Do not feed this to your children – Alright guys, she's making this up right now, these are all the baby foods combined, and Devon and I did lose this challenge We have a moment – I might actually throw up – We gotta drink this, but before you guys go, make sure you check out the video we did on the the Daily Bump's channel, did some magic for them, it's like hung out and had a ton of fun

Go subscribe to their channel, give it a thumbs up, if you guys love babies! Because who doesn't love babies! Yay, babies! – Oh, it smells (he gags) – I'm afraid I'm gonna I have my jar right there – Very fancy – Oh! – Oh! – So fancy – Yeah, I'm totally down for it now, man, that makes it even better

Cheers, Devon – I'm so nervous! – Here we go – Oh, they're doing it – Oh my god! – Ooh! – Oooh! – Woo, mmm No, no, save the baby! Oh, god

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