ARE WE SINGLE? SIBLING TAG w Devan & Collins Key

– What's up, it's Collins Key and welcome– – Wait, dude why am I in it don't I have to start from out there? – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah You should get out for a second

– Okay What's up it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog and today I have a special guest You have no idea who it could possibly be, so uh without further ado, Devin! – Heyyy what's up? – I wasn't ready Okay, heyyy! Okay now he's here bro I just looked like an idiot there for like a second – I know (laughing) – Oh my gosh We did not coordinate that and today we are going to be doing an Ask the Key Bros cuz you guys had a ton of questions you wanna ask us, so you guys took to Twitter, you used the hashtag Ask the Key Bros and we actually trended worldwide I think let's just jump into these questions what do you think Devin? – I'm ready

– No I don't care what you think, we're jumpin' in on these questions, let's go First question, what color underwear are you wearing? Okay we're going zero to a hundred real quick And what are you wearin'? – Black underwear – I'm wearin' black underwear as well Who has the longer left ear? Let's find out, I think we're goin' from the bottom the voluptuous lobe to the tippity top of the elf ear and yours are three inches From the bottom of the slightly voluptuous lobe – Bro – Not quite as voluptuous as mine – Yeah, no

– And he is at two and a half inches – Alright so Devin is the winner, I guess you call the winner he is the winner of the Left Ear Challenge! – Do you have a crush on someone right now? Yes I do, do you? – No, I do not – Really? (Laughing) What do you think about Justin Bieber? What do you mean? Who is better at the Chubby Bunny challenge? Well, let's find out So this is the Chubby Bunny challenge and we have to figure out how many of these we can fit in our– okay – Chubby bunny! – Chubby bunny

– Chubby bunny – Chubby bunny – Chubby bunny (laughing) – Chu'y bunny – Chubby bunny

(fastforwarding noise) – Chubby bunny – Chu'y bu'y – Chubby bunny – Chu'y (laughing) – Have you ever told Devin any of your magic secrets? Okay Devin is the only person in the entire world who knows every single one of my secrets for every single magic trick I've ever done, ever – Do you guys wanna know how he did it? – No, dude chill, chill! – Full list of all– – No, no, no! Boxers or briefs? Oh gosh, briefs – Briefs definitely I don't like boxers They're like another pair of shorts under your, well I don't wear shorts, but under your pants – Well I like pull up my pants and when that happens the boxers just go with it, so – It's like you have a giant cloud sitting around your waist region

Show us the most embarrassing pictures you have of each other so here's Devin's picture, boom That's it right there – And here's Collin's! – Oh, there it is, enjoy – I dare you guys to hug each other right now [Both] Eyyy! – Mmm yes – Yes, mmm – Good quality hug – Such a beautiful, hey! – Ohh okay we're back in it – Where you goin' bro? – Help me!!! Help me!!! Unexpected! (laughing) – You got the edge! The rim! – The rim (laughing) – Which one of you takes longest to get ready? Hmm, I don't know – I don't know on that one, hm – Maybe this guy, I don't know – I guess we'll never know

– What is nine plus ten? – Twenty one – Nineteen, dude it's nineteen I almost said tw– – He almost said twenty one Who can run and eat the fastest at the same time? – How am I supposed to know this? – We're about to do it right now so let's find out Let the banana games begin! (electronic music) (yelping) (victorious cry) (laughing) (snorting) (laughing) – Oh! – Das whip! (laughing) (laughing) (spitting) – What's your favorite dinosaur? I know for me its the bambiraptor, what's yours? – Uh, for me it's the tricerabronchosaurus t-rex (laughing) – He named like three of 'em Have you ever liked the same girl? – The answer to that is a big whopping yes, many times – Many times Do you annoy each other? – Ohh dude chill! Okay the answer to this one is yes and I know just how to push Devin's buttons Like for instance, if I were to say like if we're in an argument or something and if I'm like, "Devin, are you getting mad right now? Devin are you angry? "Are you feeling upset right now?" – When I'm obviously not angry – And it just like makes him angry – What is the best impression of each other? – I'll let you go first, ladies first – Oh gosh

– Impersonate me, bro – Impersonate me, bro Should I laugh like you? – Haha! Ah hahaha! (high pitched laughing) – That is not at all how I laugh, Devin – What's up guys, it is Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog

– Alright, I have to say that's kinda spot on – I don't, I mean I don't, shoot it off?! When have I ever said it, "Let's shoot it off?" I have never used that in any of my videos! (laughing) Who said "Let's shoot it off?" Whaaaat, seriously? – A supreme marksman would say that (laughing) – Whaaat?? What??? That makes (laughing) Okay

(laughing) – See you do kinda laugh like that! – I don't– – Hahahaha (impersonating) – On the real – On the real, dude?? (laughing) You never say any of these things in real life ever I have never heard you say "On the real", "let's shoot it off", who are you dude? You've changed! (laughing) I literally, I'm crying right now – Ready for this one? That was a hoot and a half No? (laughing) – Whaaat?! – Dude okay, you're done alright now it's my turn to impersonate Devin – Alright Featuring a chair now

– What?!?! – I'm sorry, I'm crying like Collins when I laugh – Okay that is a really good impersonation – This is probably the best impersonation I could do – I'm Devin Key, I never smile in my selfies – That was pretty accurate, actually – Yeah that's Devin right there, there should be one more thing Hey so basically I'm really, no (laughing) That's not at all like you, sorry Are we both single? – And – Yo (laughing) [Both] Yeah

– Pretty much yeah, we're very single Netflix and chill by ourselves, eh! Not like with each other, but like in separate nevermind, let's move on What's up with your sleeping habits? (snoring) Can you say something in French? French toast, okay there we go This question is a personal favorite of mine Who can peel and orange the fastest? I think it was supposed to be 'and orange' the fastest, but I like that you said 'and orange' the fastest so let's have a little competition right now I have a different strategy

(laughing) Okay that did not work – Oh god, ahh Ants are gonna love this area – Yep okay great there we go and, peeled! That's a very unconventional peeling I'm gonna go more traditional now – Hey! – This was much more effective, I don't know why I didn't do this the first time

– Ugh – Smack cam I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win! – I think you are, I think you are! No! – I peeled a grapefruit the fastest (grunting) – Obviously I am the better magician here, right? (gasping) What, he's gone that's right I'm the best magician here No! Put ketchup in your hands and then slap each other Oh my god dude you have, ah! Got him! – Oh, you actually got it this time! – I know (laughing) and now it's time for the ketchup cam! Really gotta load him up

Alright there we go Okay, okay, okay, okay eh, what are you doing? (spitting noise) – Ohhhhh god! I can't hear, I can't hear anything! – Yeahhh! – Oh my god – Dude chill, chill, chill chill okay alright cool! Can you lift up the ref–RIGERATOR! (laughing) Yeah you got me good You got me really good, that was a direct hit! Battleship down, the answer is no – I think — Like do you really think that I can lift up the refrige? Oh god, it hurt I'm crying it hurt – Especially not now – Yeah no I can't lift up a refrigerator

– Do you know how hard it is to laugh and lift something? (laughing) When was the last time you and your brother wore shorts? [Both] Never, we've actually never worn shorts, ever – Ever – Can you make this your last question? OW dude you missed it and yes, that is it for this week's Thursday vlog, so if you guys enjoyed this video please share with your friends right now and also give me the big thumbs up Yeah, oh DUDE! Also comment down below – Eyyy! Some other questions that you guys have for us Make sure you guys subscribe to this channel there are new videos coming out each and every single Thursday and make sure you guys go check out and follow Devin on all his social media sites All the links are down below so you should go do it and yeah – Do it, do it! But yeah make sure you turn on all of his notifications and yeah, show him some love And the Keyper of the Week is Bryan Johnson so shout out to you Bryan you are hands down one of the most active Keyper's of all time, Bryan you are such a huge, huge part of our Keyper family and if you wanna the Keyper of the week, all that you have to do is be super active on all my different platforms, make sure you have my Instagram notifications, Twitter notifications on, YouTube notifications on, liking, commenting, sharing, the more active you are, the better chance you have of being featured as a Keyper of the Week, but again congratulations Bryan you are the Keyper of the Week, I love you bro

Thank you for watching and I'll see you guys again next week, bye Alright, cool good video, good video

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