America’s Got Talent Magician Uses Social Media to Blow the Judges’ Minds | Collins Key

(soft piano music) – [Announcer] Collins Key! – When they called my name I was like, holy I made it through? How did this happen? Genuinely I didn't think I would make it past the first round I'll never forget the moment that I stepped on stage for my first audition

'Cause it was by far the most nerve racking experience of my life I never expected it to go this far This means so much to me I was just another kid who did magic, kinda like the slightly awkward just trying to find his place, and in such a short amount of time to be recognized on the street and to be so close to now winning America's Got Talent It's something that you dream about You never expect it to actually happen I definitely want to win more than I've won anything in my entire life

You've got finals week and then you've got finals on America's Got Talent, like this is going to be crazy I think I've always been considered the underdog in the competition because I don't think people really expected me to ever make it this far, and to be so close now to just be top six, a lot of people don't understand how much I'm willing to fight to make it and be the winner (crowd applause) Yesterday I posted a video prediction on YouTube Now we're going to watch that in just a moment Now before the show lots of people from tonight's audience went in a photo booth and took a picture of themself holding up a hash tag

AGT just randomly selected basically a bunch of them to join me up here on stage Now everyone on stage, I've got their photos right here in my hand As you can see, they're all different photos So Howie, you're going to help me out, alright? We're just gonna mix 'em up a little bit and your job is very simple I'm just gonna go down like this and you just quickly say the word stop

– Stop! – Right here Take the one you stopped at, the picture – This is where we stopped – Alright, take the one that we stopped on And take the one that we stopped on

You each have one photo? – Yes – Howard, I want you to watch this closely Again, all of these photos are different Judges, please hold up the photos in front of you, that way everyone on stage can see them Great, now if you guys see your photo, what I want you to do is walk up here and just join me right over here

Yep, come on up, you guys got 'em? Okay, cool You, yeah, you got one and there should be one more Okay, cool Make sure you guys stand in front of your photos Okay, perfect

Just like that Now there's no way you guys knew you were going to be picked tonight, is that right? – Yeah – Yeah, and judges, there's no way I could have known who you guys were gonna pick – [Judge] No – Alright, well this is going to be very interesting

Let's play the video What's up everyone? It's Collins Key Now this morning I had this weird thought about what's gonna happen during the show tomorrow night I can clearly see Howie You're gonna choose a photo of a girl

She's wearing a dark outfit, she's got some ruffles, and her hashtag is happyface – (laughs) Mel B, you're going to choose a photo of a guy He's wearing a plaid shirt and his hashtag is hi mom And Heidi, I can see you choosing a photo of a girl She's wearing a striped shirt and her hashtag is live tv

(crowd applause) Now wait, there is one more thing Everyone standing back here, please turn around your hashtags As you all see, they all have a different letter on the back Now, I actually knew that you guys chose me My last name is Key

Please turn around your card and show me a K Show me an E, and show me a Y (electro music) What's up guys? It is Collins Key, and welcome into my YouTube channel (dubstep music) (crowd applause) (people screaming) Now every week I am posting new videos so be sure to subscribe to this channel to make sure you can see 'em first And also, if you guys enjoyed this performance, it would mean a lot to me if you can share this video with all of your friends

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