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(audience applause) – Now, earlier today on Twitter I asked all my fans what is like your favorite magic tricks I've done during the season? Now, the two most popular was the first one, where I took the bill and made it appear inside of a bag of popcorn, and the second most popular was the book trick I did in Vegas So, tonight I thought it's my final show, how bout I combine the two acts and try something new

But of course to do this I need two very sexy assistants (audience screaming) So, I thought Now I did have two very sexy ladies in mind, Kathie Lee and Hoda

Give em a huge round of applause (audience applause) – Thank you Come on darlin – Hi everybody – I'd keep it goin for them

(audience applause) – Hi – How you doin? – Hi sweetheart Love you – Hello Thank you so much

– You're so kind – Alright you guys, let's go over here So Hoda, if you want to take a seat right here – Okay – Kathie Lee over here

– Alright – Great, so basically we're gonna start off, got an empty envelope Alright? – Uh huh – Gonna seal it up Let's see here

– Watch him closely – Uh huh, I got my eye on you – This is gonna be tricky Okay (giggles) – No littering in New York

– Sorry I'll recycle it later, don't worry Okay, here we go Let's see here So Kathie, what I'd like you to do is I'd like you to stand up, take this envelope, sign it, and then sit on it

(audience laughter) Alright Now, while you're doing that, Hoda I brought along a copy of your book

Excellent, right? (applause) Yes, promotion – Her New York Times bestselling book – Uh huh – That's what Howie said That's exactly what Howie said

– That's right – Hi Howie – Alright, so Hoda, I'm just gonna go through the book and you say the word stop whenever you want – Okay Stop

– Right here? – Yeah – Great So what I'd like you to do I'd like you to, this is very important I'd like you to read aloud the page number

– The page number – [Collins] Page number – The page number is (audience laughing) Kathie? – [Collins] You got any glasses? – 90 – [Collins] What is it? – 96 – [Collins] 96 Okay, great – My age

– Geesh (audience laughing) – And what's the first word there on the page? – No indeed, it's sucking – Sucking – Of course it is – What? (audience applauding and laughing) – Of course it's sucking – It's my book

– What is in your Here, take your, that's great – Okay

– Hoda writes books like that – Quit it – This is awkward (giggles) Okay, um (audience laughing) – Alright, so I've got some just random bills here

– And now Kathie, can you just confirm these are all like difference serial numbers, right? – Ah, well let me look at em (audience laughing) – Yeah – Yes, they are – There Yeah, they are

– [Collins] Yeah, there Okay, great So, I'm just gonna go like this, and basically I'm just gonna like deal down bills, and your job, just whenever you want, say the word stop – Stop – On this one? – Uh hmm

– Yeah – Okay This will be the bill Take it Now, I want to show you, if you went one bill earlier you would have got a completely different serial number

One bill later a completely different serial number, but you happened to get that one Alright, can you just show it to the camera really quick? – Which one? – Right over there Get a shot of that Oh great, and let me see the bill really quick I need to memorize it

Got it Okay, great I'm gonna try and do some visualization now, so you guys, I need to concentrate for this, alright? (giggles) – Okay – Okay – Here we go

I'm just gonna close my eyes, I'm gonna visualize taking the book, tearing out page 60 No no, sorry 96 right, 96? – [Hoda] Uh huh

– [Kathie Lee] Right – Okay, turn that page 96, writing the word sucking on it – [Hoda] Oh

(audience laughing) – Turning it around, I'm gonna write down the serial number on the back, and then insert it inside the envelope that Kathie Lee is sitting on – No way – Uh uh – Okay I think I should have done this

– Here Can you please take the book, and open up to page 96 – This may take a minute (audience laughing) – You should have gotten younger models (laughing) – [Collins] (laughing) (audience laughing and applauding) – Oh my god

– Oh my – [Hoda] 96 – Your one page has actually been torn out of the book like that Alright, now Kathie, you've been sittin on top of that envelope the entire time Is that right? – The entire time

And I have not done anything to it – Okay Can you, uh (audience laughing) And I, I want to confirm, you never at any point felt my hands go near you or the envelope – Oh honey, I would have felt that (audience laughing) – Well, you know what they say – And I would have been arrested What are you 17? – Well, you know what, yeah (everyone laughing) – [Collins] It's a little bit illegal Um, well you know what they say, magicians do have fast hands So, here

Can you please stand up for us? – I've got a lot of stuff going on here Collins – You've got a lot of stuff going Okay, just take

– Okay – I'm sorry that you had to multi task Alright, so here, we're just gonna take the envelope, just gonna cut it open here

We'll try this This is, um Let's see this

– [Hoda] How is that possible? – [Collins] Magic – [Kathie Lee] Are you watching closely? – [Hoda] I am I'm watching closely – Okay Just like that

Could you please open the envelope? See, is there anything inside of it? Just open it up Okay You go it? Yeah, is there anything inside? – Oh my god – Is it your missing page? – Oh my god – The page, look at it

There's one word on it – With the word sucking on it – Sucking (audience applause) – Are you kidding me? (audience cheering and applause) – If this is the serial number – I can't __ – There, yeah Well, let's see if this is the serial number, this would be pretty crazy Can you please read the serial number off? What is the serial number that you had on your bill? – K13805733H (audience cheering and applause) – Yeah

– That's unbelievable – That's amazing – Thank you guys so much – Wow (audience cheering and applauding) – What's up guys? It is Collins Key, and welcome to my YouTube channel

(techno music) – [Howie] I think that you are the new face of magic – There every week I'm posting new videos so be sure to subscribe to this channel to make sure you can see them first And, also, if you guys enjoyed this performance, it would mean a lot to me if you could share this video with all of your friends My social medial links are all down below, so be sure you go check those out for all the latest updates on tours, performances, and everything else Peace

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