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(toy horn) (laughs) Well, what's up guys? It's Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday Vlog It's gonna be a very different video today, as you can tell, and to start things off, I need someone very special to help me out

So, everyone, please welcome to the, uh, adjacent chair, Devan Keys Ay! – What's up? – So, yeah Welcome to the video, and today– – I thought he was going for a little handshake, but nope (toy horn) – A hand– – Nope – Left him hangin'

There we go, and then hit him with a (toy horn) For today's video, it's going to be, like I said, a little bit different I was actually inspired by some other Youtubers to go to the 99-cent store, which I've never done before, get a whole bunch of random products there And now, basically, I'm just going to test them out and see whether or not they work or do what they're supposed to do because they're from the 99-cent store, so I don't know if that changes the quality of 'em at all (toy horn) And also, make sure you guys watch til the very end because at the very end, I'm going to post some bloopers and outtakes from this video So, make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up if you're excited to see what random things we've gotten

And, yeah Let's jump into the video So, we're going to be starting off with a bang, and we're going to be– the party poppers with confetti – I didn't know you'd be going that fast (laughs) – Let's see if this is a– Oh! Well, it opens very easily

I gotta say that There's this gun round cartridge, and then the party popper Dude, wait, wait, wait I don't even know what we're doing Hey, whoa, whoa

We have to be like, coordinated – Do you know what you're doing? – I'm moving faster than you – Dude, you don't even know what you're doing – Oww! That actually hurt, dude! Oww! – There's no face shots But a nut shot

– Oww! (laugh) You are a savage – No face! You shot at my face! (laugh) – Oh well! My bad! – Dangerous! – Do it again! Do it again! (laugh) Alright, well the verdict on this first party popper gun with confetti – They're awesome – This was amazing – If you go to shoot each other in the face

– Now, the next item is a golf club, and these are very plastic They look pretty cheap and they feel pretty cheap Like, you can just like– (yelling) And just like break it But we're gonna go outside and test them out for sure – You're not gonna win

(laughs) – Yeah, let's go do it Teeing up for the shot He's placing his golf ball on the proper position for him to be able to hit the golf ball at a relatively high speed There is a, umm, 400 mile an hour wind coming at us in this direction – Gotta shake my booty

No! (laugh) – You missed so bad (laugh) – Oh, gosh I gotta get myself out of the way – Yeah! – You totally–you suck! Hole in one! I win! – These are a fail – Yeah, I gotta say these are kind of a fail

Umm, and look at these They like, they break so– It's like a nun chuck that's like– (screeches) So, yeah These are are definitely a fail, guys Next, we have very masculine glow sticks What are you doing? So, umm, yeah

Let's see if these work, or if these completely fail – Oh, it smells so bad – Yup! This is definitely not chemical or toxic And now, to finish it all off Ta-da! – Sword fight! – Whoa, dude! Chill! I am zee winner! I gotta say I'm a little bit disappointed that this part here doesn't actually glow

I thought this was gonna be like a glowy thing in and of itself Overall, the verdict is a fail (play fighting) This is actually a really pointy tip I probably– – Stop! – So, this next one is one of the only items Devan picked out, and you'll know why for a reason I don't– what is– Would you explain to them why you got that? – He told me to pick a brand

(laugh) – Like, what is this? – Apparently, it's to hold clothes – I guess, let's go for it So, we were going to try this product out inside on drywall which is what it is intended for, but we wanted to go above and beyond for this video, so we've got this, umm, this wood over here It's a nice, solid wood We're gonna try it out

These are like razors almost So, let's see I'm gonna just try to put this in the wall real quick It doesn't penetrate the wood as easily as I thought it would, but, umm, there we go It's kinda– It's kinda in there

Actually, we don't have a hammer with us right now, so Devan– – Found a rock in the house – Take it away (hammering) – So, now we have this thing, which I think we just stick that there – Oh, perfect – Perfect! Exactly how it was intended to be used

Let's give it a shot Hey! – It works! – It actually worked! Holy cow! Alright, cool So, yea I give this a, umm, a 10 out of 5 This is a 10 out of 5 right here

'Cause look at this You can– Oh! Next item is called the power ball gun! Ooh! And it comes with targets and everything, but we all know what I'm gonna use as target practice – Not my face! – I think how it works is you pull it back like this– – Lame That was lame – This is– Okay, so this product is right off the bat, this is– 'cause if you don't put your hand here, it just falls right out, so this product is a massive fail

– And next up, we have hand drums Yay! Man, I'm gettin' purple! – First of all, I gotta say that this is not really a hand drum, 'cause there is–look at this compared to my hand Like, this fits in my hand – Mad beats! (laughs) – Mad flow! – You look so funny with– They're not a win, but they're not a fail And the only other product that Devan bought is– – No

No – Yes – This is actually something that he bought, and just really wanted to try it out (laughs) – No way, dude! Regardless of whose idea it was, which it was his, let's get into it – It was actually his

– Let's do it – Whatever – It's basically like a picture with just a whole bunch of numbers on it, and there's like different–I feel like a magician So, we were gonna do this until we found out that sparkles are involved – Get that outta here! (grunting) – We are not a fan of sparkles! This was a massive fail

We are not a fan of this because it included sparkles Big, big fail So, onto the next one I forgot, Devan did get one more thing He comes up to me, he's like, "I don't know what this is

" It's a toilet freshener (laughs) He literally brought me a toilet freshener (sniffing) And it smells like one of those disgusting porta-potties Look–smell it – No! – It's totally disgusting

Yes – That's so gross – You were the one who bought it Okay? Smell it Smell it

(gasping and coughing) This is a massive fail I don't know why you would want your toilet to smell like another toilet So, this is a massive fail Now, for this next one, we're gonna be makin' some noise! We're testing out, umm, the trumpet and a whole bunch of flutes (toy trumpet) You sounded like a dying duck just now

(toy trumpet) (laughs) Go for it – I can't, man I'm laughing too hard (toy trumpet) – There you go! – Ay! – What were you doing? You were like (toy trumpet) (laughs) (toy trumpet) – I was not! (toy trumpet) (toy whistle) – It's like really late right now, and people are trying to sleep (toy whistle) (laughs) And these are definitely a win

(toy trumpet) – That's not as bad as the whistle – Yeah, so– (toy whistle) (laugh) – He's just not good at blowin' things So, for me, the verdict is, these are a huge win These are a massive win – No

(toy trumpet) Fail (laugh) So, next up are something called "wall walkers," which are basically little blue men that are– look how disturbing these things are Look at this! Like, you could literally pull them apart, and– oww! – Ay! – Whoa! – Hey! – They're all– see, yeah They are walking That's really cool

Okay Look at this one right over here Whoa! Oh! Ah, man He died Oh, no, he's alive! Okay, these are actually a massive win

– No look – Yeah, that was nice – Did it work? – Yup – Whoo! – Now, this final item is the most expensive item It is actually a dollar, 29

They are rockets, so let's open 'em up I think these are gonna be, like, too explosive to do inside, so we are gonna go outside and try 'em out right now But, umm– (squeaking) I like the sound of it so far So, yeah Let's go try em out! (laughs) Oh, man! This is the rocket test

Ready, aim, fire! Ah! Dude! – Oh Are you good to go? (Bleep) – And now, to settle this once and for all, the quick draw Two steps, ready, and begin! The final verdict on the most expensive item in this video is that they were a win We had fun with these Don't point that at my face

Please stop Ah! – That's right – No! Not again! What are you doing, you crazy man? Ah, no, what are you doing? Okay, yes So, umm, if you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up right now Dude, this stuff is so nasty and, like, so toxic

And also, share with your friends if you guys want me to make even more just, like, randomly testing out products and items video Umm, dude, you're done And also, comment down below what other random items you guys want me to use in, umm, in upcoming videos Dude, stop! You're getting my computer Dude, my computer! And also, make sure you guys check out all of Devan's links

His links are all down in the description below So, be sure to go follow him on all of his platforms, and the Keeper of the Week is Becky, aka Living Musically I love you so much, Becky You are always super active and you are such a hardcore keeper So, shout out to you, fam

We love you so much, and if you want to be the Keeper of the Week, and be featured in one of my videos, all you have to do: just be super active on Twitter, on Instagram, on Snapchat, on Youtube, liking, sharing, commenting Basically, the more active you are, the better chance you have of being featured as the Keeper of the Week But again, congratulations, Becky We love you Oh, dude, chill! Thank you so much for watching, and make sure you guys subscribe! Yay! We held them in our hands

That was a terrible idea – Oh, man! – Alright Cool See you guys again next week Love you

Bye Ah! (bleep) – Not the face, not the face! – Okay We're done, we're done, we're done, we're done, we're done Ay! Chill! I'll see you guys again next Thursday Bye! Ah! Geez! You're scarin' me! (bleep) Here is the aftermath

Look at all this

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