9 Genius DIY Life Hacks #2 Plus How To Do The Best New Aladdin & Amazon Food Art Challenge

– [Collins] You challenged us to make a pizza into a balloon, so, let's go – [Devan] First up, I'm adding some sauce

– And, for my sauce I've got some tomatoes here So, bam like that Alright, here we go – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, – [Collins] I'm just gonna whoa, whoa! squeeze up some tomatoes and make some sauce So, here we go

– [Devan] You don't need to make genuine sauce – [Collins] Look at that, all of those good tomato juices just coming right out like that – [Devan] Next up, I'm laying down a pesto base – [Collins] That actually looks super cool Wait, so what are you doing? – [Devan] I'm making pizza art and I'm doing Chuck from Angry Birds Nice, yeah

– [Collins] Oh, my gosh, bro It's like pureed I gotta say man, home-made sauce is absolutely the way to go The only thing that's missing is a smidge of seasoning Here we go, just a smidge of seasoning

Boom, there we go – A smidge, dude? – That's a full mountain (coughing) – [Collins] You know what, to try to compensate for how much this smells, we're going to add some red sauce to it to get the more authentic sauce Perfect, just like that Uhhh! It's like grass

This looks more like horse food than any thing else man – Dude, mine is not turning out, but I promise it's gonna look good – Oof! – [Devan] Looks like a banana – I've got to say Devan, for some reason I feel like a beetle right now and I feel that this mound right here is my magnum opus, my one rig creation, and, all I want to do is, I just wanna roll it I wanna roll it down a hill

– Uh huh – (incoherent) is way too wet right now it would just splash everywhere, so, I've got some flour over here And just a handful Remember my hand is exactly one cup of flour So, here we go, just gonna add some flour on just like this

Oh, man – [Devan] Wait, Collins, what are you making? – [Collins] I'm trying to make the best tasting balloon pizza of all time – That's going to be the best tasting pizza of all time? – If this doesn't look like deliciousness to you, Devan Five star quality right here Michelin stars up the wazoo, bro

– [Devan] Next up for me, is making the feathers I've got my pizzas cut and now it's time to assemble them on chuck – This is what we call ma sauce Just gotta add all this in, you know, just gotta ma sauce in, ,so, here we go – [Devan] Yup

– It's so cool cause you would never find this on a Papa John's or Pizza Hut menu, bro, because this is a Keysa, a Key bros Pizza Do you know what my pizza is missing right now, Devan? – Um, restraint? – No, it's missing pineapple! I love pineapple on my pizza bro! It's the best thing ever! And now it's time to turn these into actual pizza balloons, so, we've got the top dough crust So, here it goes – [Devan] Yup We're gonna flip it over like this

Now we just gotta get it to fall off So, here we go – Uh-huh We just gonna have to try to maybe spin it a little bit on my knuckles Here we go, it's gonna spin like that

Okay, oh boy So here we go, just gonna stretch it out, get it all doughy, but you know what, I gotta get a little bit of flour on my hands So, here we go Just got a little bit of flour over here I get to do a high five as I transfer

Ah man Sorry – What! That is yours now – Hey, hey, hey That is No no no no no no no no no no yours now Devan, Devan, I need you to Yes, thank you

No, no, Keep wiping it off no, nope, no, no Alright, here we go I put the dough back on this thing here So, here we go

We're just gonna flip it up like this and just let it kinda fall and drip perfectly onto my pizza See, it's coming right off right now Here we go Just gotta perfectly lay it down This is not working bro

I cannot figure out how to do this – [Devan] I'm pinching it together right now so that when we inflate it, it won't leak any air – And I'm not doing anything good Before we inflate the pizza balloons, as you can see, there's a mount on Devan's And that is a light bulb, a heat lamp in fact, that will be cooking our pizzas from the inside out

– It's time to blow up the pizza balloons and I'm gonna be using this straw – Dude, that's gonna take forever, bro I've got a high pressure air pump right now, check this out – Wait, what? Yup! Three, two, one Aaah! – Aaah! (Collins screaming) Oh no! Whoa! (operatic music) – You know what, I think I'll stick to the straw technique

And right now, it's time to inflate these Dude these pizza balloons look like a dragon egg, so here is a big reveal Ready, set, go! Tada! – Ready, set, go! Tada! That looks so crazy man Dude! It looks like a dragon might actually pop out of this So, you get to comment down below, who's do you think will look cooler? Cause we'll be cutting them open and eating them at the end of the video

You challenged us to try egg art, so, let's go First up, we gotta crack a whole bunch of eggs and separate the yolks from the egg whites Now that we've got the egg whites and the yolks separated, it's time to add the food coloring – [Devan] I'm making Jafar from Aladdin – [Collins] And I'm making Sweet Pea from the Secret Life of Pets 2

Wait, is yours this runny? – [Devan] Yeah, it's way runnier than pancake batter – [Collins] No, look at! Mine's like a soup Do you have egg yolks or egg whites? – Egg yolks – Oh, that's why What? Well, you know what, You have egg whites? I didn't know, okay? I just, I thought, any part of the egg will do

This will just be a red boarder, a red outline Beautiful sunset sky, that's what I'm doing over here – [Devan] Instead of giving him a black hat, I'm gonna give him a blue hat – [Collins] See you taking some creative liberties when it comes to your guy – [Devan] Yep

Let's get a little bit of black down for an eye ball, so here we go – [Devan] Oh no! It's running over the lines – Devan Pancake batter doesn't do this You're gonna be in big trouble, bro

This is a completely different medium here So, hopefully – Did you just use the word medium – I did, Devan – I'm proud of you, Collins – It's a completely different large than normal

Is that right? – No That one wasn't right? – [Collins] Alright, my dude's got some green eyes So, here we go, we'll give him some green eyes right here He's gonna have two connected eye balls – Oh, he has a little nose

– [Collins] No, that's his eye, Devan He's, that's not – [Devan] What? even his nose That is? Oh, man! I did the wrong color in the wrong spot He's gonna have one red strand on one side – That's not right, Devan

You probably going lose this Look at mine, (tsk) looking pretty good No, dude, what is going on? Did you see this, bro? Wait, this man – [Devan] Flaking out, What is going on? flaking up Why is it coming apart right now? Brother's gonna – Dude! ruin my entire art – The eyes are so difficult on this thing

– Well, I guess we gotta continue to fill it in over here, try to maybe thicken it up a little bit – [Devan] Yeah This may look like the pancake art challenge, but I promise you, it is very, very different – [Collins] Gonna try to get my guy some little teeth I really shoulda gone for the yolks, man

This egg white was a terrible idea You know what, I'm stopping with the green for a second We gotta turn this up, we gotta roast, we gotta let them solidify a little bit Sorry, I didn't mean to bump you – [Devan] One of the cool things though, is that you can use the egg whites for anything white

– I've got it Gonna add in a whole bunch of yellow to fill in the rest of it here, like this – [Devan] I'm also noticing that this stuff runs out much faster – [Collins] And so, there we go Boom, yellow is in

Yoosh, look at this thing, but I don't know what's going on with the – [Devan] Oh, man! I'm gonna try to add a extra layer to the top – Oh, my gosh, look at this There is just all this weird looking foam on the inside of this Oh, what is that? This is legitimate foam right here I have no idea what's happening

It may not look that cool on this side, but I guarantee when we flip it, it's going to look amazing – [Devan] Mine's all filled in, now it's time to let it cook – Alright, well mine is fully cooked and it smells disgusting in this room right now I'm gonna kinda go under like this It's kinda – [Devan] It's like rubber

I'm gonna need an extra one Can you grab some spatulas? – Yeah, yeah, yeah Cause this is gonna be a full I got you fam team effort I got you

I got you – [Collins] No, no! You split it, you split it, you broke off the top of it Okay, on the count of three, we're just gonna kinda go up and flip over – Which way flip over? – Uh, that way – [Both] Three, two, one

Oh! – Oh, oh, ah! – What is it? It's hot It's an egg To be honest, I can't even tell which side is which, so, hopefully, yours turned out better than mine did Oh, my gosh, it comes up so easy – [Devan] Oh! It's so rubbery

It's crazy! Ready, set, go Oh, my gosh, yes! – [Collins] Oh! You did it Even the colors are so vibrant even though it's just made outta eggs So, you get to comment down below who won this round and we'll be eating them at the end of the video You challenged us to make a watermelon pump, so, let's go

– [Devan] First thing, I'm gonna gut my watermelon It's time to use my immersion blender – Alright bro, well we're gonna go with tandem Let's clink blenders (clink) On three, two, one

– Three, two, one Awe man, see how it just goes right through, bro? It is like legit amazing Oh, my gosh Epugch! My eye! Oh, sorry Did it get in your eye? Bro, this has gotta be one of the greatest inventions of all time, bro

It's just spraying out – It like sucks it down – I don't know where mine's coming out of it, but like, it must be like leaking out of the top or something – It's coming out the front (cackling) – Oh, my gosh! Oh no! Oh, my gosh! We gotta close it up, bro

Oh no! It's like going everywhere bro Here we go – What are you doing? I don't know, but we gotta close it bro – [Devan] What are you doing? It's all over my pants Hold it in place bro, this is an emergency, Devon

Duct tape actually did it's job, so uh – Yeah, that actually worked out Back in we go

– [Devan] Wait, you're going again? – Absolutely, man! – Aren't you gonna poke another hole? – Nah, probably not You know what? I wanna get some extra flavors into my watermelon juice, so here we go We're gonna add in some some blueberries into it – That's a good idea We gotta get some raspberries in here like this

Now we're gonna mash them down, so here we go This is gonna go like this – [Devan] Mine's all blended up (Collins yelling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa You ready for the pour? Three, two, one (Devan yelling) – [Collins] You are splashing it, bro

– I got a clog – You know what it needs, bro? Some sweetness (laughing) So, I'm gonna add some honey comb right here Oh, my gosh, bro It blends up the honey

Oh, my gosh Put it down into the water melon Oh, snap (squealing) Three, two, one Oh, man

It's a little bit more, oh boy I gotta say man this has gotta be the greatest smoothie of all time Next up, we got the pump on top Alright, here we go We're gonna take the duct tape like this and then we're gonna start over here like that

There we go This is working out great here Here we go, just going to pull it over here – [Devan] Alright, I think I'm gonna use some glue actually And remember, don't try this at home

– We got the completed watermelon pumps – And lets see if they work Three, two, Three, two, We have a three second Oh, wait like challenge

We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds You ready, here we go Three, two, one, done – And let us see if they work – No, no, no, no

We'll be trying that at the very end of the video – [Devan] You challenged us to make cement art, so let's go – [Collins] I got a cup of cement powder here Just gonna add this in Oh man

Alright, there we go – [Devan] Nice, nicely done Whoa, dude look at this, it's like bubbling Look at that – Whoa, that's crazy

I gotta say, I've never worked with cement before and I had no clue you could actually make cement art – This is a process you wanna be very careful with You do not want this stuff going everywhere So, do not try this at home – Oh, my gosh, I can feel this starting to come together, bro

What if it just turns into the cement inside – Whoa the bottom of this, bro? Like, I gotta go quick – I hope not – You may be wondering what type of art I'm actually going to be making I'm making a bowl outta cement hands for my cereal

First up, ya gotta blow up a glove – Wait, you're just making a hand? Whoa Mine's not looking that green, I gotta add more food coloring – [Collins] Alright, so next step, here we go, gonna place a glove on the inside just like this And you gotta wrap the edges around the outside of this vase

– [Devan] Whoa, what, what are you doing? – I'm just checking to make sure it works I think it's gonna work – That didn't look like it worked at all – [Collins] Wait, so what are you making for your art though? – I'm making a dragon face Maybe (sucking) (breathing out) (laughing) I'm going for a papier-mâché technique

I'm gonna dip these pieces into my cement and then onto the face mask – Well, as you're goofing with that, Devan, I gotta ask you, – Goofing? What does this look like to you, man? What does this look like? – Cement – What kinda drink does it look like? – [Devan] It looks like a cement filled drink – No, it looks like a protein shake – I don't know what kinda protein shakes you're drinking, dude, but that does not look like mine

– I gotta say, man, I've never actually shooken up cement Is that the word? Shooken? – I don't know, dude – [Collins] Now, time to fill up the gloves So, here we go, just gonna tip it over like this – Yeah, whoa, why are ya doing that so close to me, man? – Alright, here we go, and then, get all the way over

All the way over like this Whoa Whoa Alright, here we go, just gonna peel it (yelling) Oh boy, it got everywhere

I gotta say, brother, this is a pretty funky looking man Look at it, it's bouncing up and down Looks more like a jellyfish than an actual glove and a hand Alright, here we go So, right now, time to tie off the top of it

– Little tough there? – Next step, time to turn the cement hands into a little bowl, so here we go Gonna add in my glove with a natural plop Here we go, three, two, one – Wait Natural plop

– What's an unnatural plop? – This (plop) – Wait a sec – That's an unnatural plop More like paranormal activity – Well, paranormal plops is kinda what I was going for there I wonder if you could go to a Home Depot and Lowe's and actually find these little cement hands, bro

Psych, you could never because they're original – All right, just putting the finishing touches on my mask and this thing is gonna look awesome (clinking) – Oh boy – This actually turned out just like a dragon – And here's the big reveal

Three, two, Three, two, Oh, yeah OH, wait Five seconds of subscribe challenge We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds You ready? Here we go

Five, four, three, – Five, four, three, two, one, done two, one, done And if you can do it, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now Ready, set, go Tada! Ready, set, go

Tada! Oh, my gosh, bro! That is crazy Dude And you get to comment down below, who's cement art turned out better and we'll be hydro dipping them at the end of the video You challenged us to make a whole bunch of different flavored kabobs with a homemade kabobing machine, so, let's go – [Devan] To make the kabob, you're gonna cut a plastic bottle in half, take a PVC elbow, drill a hole in it, and then glue that on the top of the bottle, take a can, sanitize everything, and you're ready to go – [Collins] We've got a whole bunch of food mixtures and now it's time for Devan and I to battle it out to see who can make more kabobs

So, I'm kicking it off with shrimp right now – [Devan] And I'm doing mac and cheese – A big old handful of shrimp Yo, this stuff is congealed – Yeah

Just kinda like pop it in here like this? – [Devan] No, you don't pop it in, Collins, you pack it in – And then I'm gonna take a skewer here, we're have to gonna go through it We're gonna push – Yep down on the count of three You ready? Ready, set, go

– Set, go We're just gonna push down first Alright, Let's see, is it gonna go? you gotta push it down Oh, my gosh, bro! I think it's going Look at it, look at it! It's right there! Oh! – This? Skewer goes through

(Collins yelling) – [Devan] And then just keep going, keep going, keep going – [Collins] Yes! Yes! Look at that (guttural noise) – There we go man – Yours actually totally worked Alright, so, yes the first one, a success

– As you start you next one, I'm gonna try again This thing has to work, man – And you know what, man, I'm going for pasta because I wanna show you that I can make the noodles work, bro – [Devan] Oh! You might be failing, Yes! but I'm winning Oh snap

– Yes! Yes! – It's kabobing, bro! – No it's not In Wait, wait, In what world come on, why, is that kabobing? this doesn't Now, I'm gonna start with sushi next

– It may have only kabobed a little piece of noodle, but that's all I need, so, here we go, gonna place this down – Wait a second We'll be eating this one here This one's gonna be delicious – [Devan] Cause that, that didn't actually work

– [Collins] And I got a two-prong kabober cause next I'm gonna do my chips and guacamole – [Devan] Whoa Let's see your, oh, boy It's not quite kabobing that well Alright, that didn't kabob – Whoa! at all

Yes! (groaning) Alright, this one turned out a little funky, but we're on to the next one – It's a half kabob It's a hah-fuv For my final one here, I'm gonna plus size some sweet potatoes here So, here we go

– [Devan] Oh nachos, don't fail me – [Collins] Alright, here we go Sweet potato's gonna go in like this – [Devan] I don't have a good feeling about this one Three, two, one

– Three, two, one Just gotta get it started first Oh, my gosh bro Oh, man – Oh! What? Coming out all sides

(Devan laughing) What is going on? – [Devan] Whoa Gotta lay these down and then try to kabob 'em right here in my hand Oh – Man I'm splitting one open, here we go

Alright, there we go (Devan groaning) Just gonna kabob a little bit over here Oh, my gosh – Man (sigh) It's just so difficult

I don't think this one works, man – We've got the kabobs, time to cook them and we'll be seeing how they taste at the end of the video You challenged us to make moon sand – [Devan] I'm kicking it off with my regular sand and adding food coloring – [Collins] And I'm kicking it off with some soap

So here we go, just gonna add some soap in like this Oh, it looks like the ocean is coming all onto the beach right now, man There we go, that should be – Whoa! enough soap So, there we go That looks awesome

Just a dash of soap – [Collins] Oh, man I gotta say, it's definitely turning a little clumpy, but hey, it's kinda like turning into moon sand already, man, with just two ingredients What are you doing? – It smells good Time to spray it with some water

– [Collins] Wait, we have water spray? Well, that's cool – Yes Here, want some? What? No, no, no Nope, nope, nope – You sure? You sure? Nope, nope

You sure? I'm totally good Oh, gosh Oh It's just a dash of mist – I'm not feeling misty today

– I'm sorry Alright, here we go You wanna a little mist too? Just a little mist there? Alright, there you go – Nice Alright, time to add a dash of, what is this? Corn starch

– [Collins] And I don't think I have enough sand, cause this is not coming together, man I think I've thouroughly botched this, bro This is not turning out at all – Oh! Mine's totally working, dude! – [Collins] Oh, my gosh Yes! We got a whole bunch of moon sands and now it's time to make some moon sand art

We've got some molds here, we're gonna be filling these in I'm starting out mine out with Spiderman from Avengers End Game, so here we go So we're gonna take some here – And I'm starting out with a multicolored fish – Okay

Eye number one – [Devan] You wanna kinda layer the colors in just like this and when you pull off the mold, it's gonna look awesome – Oh, my gosh Yo, that looks super crazy Here we go, just gonna pack it in like this

Alright, perfect, here we go I think it's gonna look way better than your coy fish And next up, we've got a car here, so I'm gonna make a hot pink car, man This thing coming down the road, you'll know exactly what it is Gonna use some green for the, for the hood of the car

I think I'm gonna actually gonna try to sell this thing on Autotrader later today, man Just try to sell it as like a, I don't know, a cadillac or an Audi or something So, – [Devan] Do you think you'll be able to get it insured? – Bro, I'm sure Geico will insure this car for sure It's green It's just like the little Gecko dude

So, I, think that – [Devan] Oh yeah they will like this car a lot, I can guarantee it Gonna add, now, some of the pink in here Oh man – Oh, I just got a quick preview

I think this is gonna look awesome – That looks really cool, man Dude, you are really taking forever, bro – [Devan] As I normally do (booing) – So, the moon sand is in the mold and right now, time to reveal, so, here we go dude, – I'm ready

We gotta flip it super quick You ready? Three, two, one – [Devan] Yep Flip – Done

– Oh, my gosh Your end's probably gonna look really good and mine is questionable at best, we'll see how this goes You ready to lift it off – Yeah Ready, set, go

Tada! Ready, set, go Tada! Oh, my gosh What! Yo! No! That is incredible Bro, look at the eyeball What! – [Devan] No! You get to comment down below

Who's looks cooler? And we'll be crushing them and then revealing the face in the end of the video And we're onto the next one You challenged us to waterproof our clothes, so, let's go – [Devan] I'm using this small stick of beeswax on the shoe to start off – And I'm using a large thing of beeswax here on these pants

So, here we go This is gonna kinda go back and forth, gotta get the pockets first cause, of course, if you have stuff in your pockets, you do not want it getting wet Especially if it's like money or a phone Will you please hold up one end of the pants like this? – Oh, okay I'm sorry

Yep, yep, yep, yep Really is gonna, here we go Yep, yep, yep, it's working – Why are you pulling me off to the side, man? Devan, I'm just trying to do this, bro You can let go now

– What, what, You can let go bro Devan Are you sure? Are you sure? Give me it Is this a test? Let go of it

Are you testing me? Thank you very much I'm actually gonna try to melt on my wax with a blow dryer here, so, here we go Gonna turn this on Hopefully the wax will melt right off of it – [Devan] Wow, you're really wafting the smell towards me, dude

– I'm sorry to hear all this Gonna waft it your way – Yeah, yeah, a little bit more well, I'm I'm all good I didn't – You wanna get No, no, no, no the flavor of it? Oh dude! Oh, yes! This is working, alright

Gotta melt up my beeswax I've got the perfect way to do it Here we go, check this out Ah Alright

– Whoa, alright Three, two, one Yeah (whooshing) Wait (laughing) – Sorry, hold on, wait, wait, wait We've gotta try this again, here we go, two hands

(roaring) And, oh Nothing – That didn't do anything, again Well, if all els fails, use an iron So, here we go, just gonna add an iron on like this

– That really works Seeing that, I think it's time to upgrade my wax to this stuff – Wait, you're gonna upgrade your wax? You know what? I think that means I have to upgrade my wax again Actual honey comb beeswax with honey I'm just gonna get my fingers in this, peel it off like this

Oh, my gosh, bro – [Devan] What! Three, two, one Oh, man! Two, one Oh, my gosh This is how ya do it, bro

– I think if you sat down, you'd bring the chair along with you (laughing) – That's actually pretty true, man If the honey doesn't work, I will definitely have to buy some new pants from Amazon because these will not be comfortable to wear – While you continue that, I'm gonna use heat to seal my shoes Whoa! This is crazy! – [Collins] Yo! It's insane how it just goes from the white color back to the original color of the shoe like nothing happened

You get to comment down below, who's outfit you think is actually going to be waterproof And we'll be throwing water and fruit juice at each other at the end of the video We've got all the hacks and now it's time to test them out and see if they actually work We've got the waterproof clothes We've also got a whole bunch of cranberry juice right here and this is definitely gonna stain some clothes if it is not waterproof

Who should get dumped on first, Devan? What do you think? – You know what, I think it should be you Alright, here we go Three, two, one – Oh, man (groaning) Wait, wait, wait

If you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word HACK to 81800 right now So, pause the video, text the word HACK to 81800, you'll automatically be entered to win And let's see if this actually repels a liquid – Alright, here we go Three, two, one

– Oh, man (groaning) It's gonna be waterproof though – Oh! It's waterp-, oh! That's cold (electronic music) It's cold It's not – It's not waterproof

Waterproof Alright, and we got the bucket here – Yep Well, let's see if this Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, actually works whoa, whoa Let's- What, what, what, what? No, no, no, no, let's take it a little bit slower on mine

Just seeing how What do you mean? yours turned out – Alright, so we'll start off with a bottle first, Devan Three, two, one – Two, one (electronic music) Oh! What! Oh! No way! Wait, I missed Way

a little bit, but holy cow What? Alright, stick out a leg, now we gotta test out the – Alright, alright, alright pants – Yup Here we go

Three, two, one Two, one (electronic music) No way! No way! Dude, it just rolls right off of it, bro – Whoa! Now, it's time for the ultimate bucket test So, Devan, you ready? – Yeah

I'm ready and confident in this Three, two, one – Three, two, one Oh! Oh, man! (electronic music) Yeah, the only thing that's wet is my socks – [Collins] The pants are still fully intact

This stuff is incredible Yeah Yeet Let's go to the next one I got the pizza balloons

They are fully cooked and I can't wait to see what yours looks like – Yeah But, right now, Devan, let's slice these things open and do not try this at home Alright, here we go It's gonna cut this thing open

Oh, man! What is going on – [Devan] Whoa What is that? Whoa, whoa, A whole lot of wait a second, what is going on? I don't know man Hold on Wait, why is yours I don't know, I think smoking so much? I think it's wrecked

Oh, my gosh, bro What! – Oh, whoa Okay, now let's try to cut this open from a different place, and here we go – Alright And then just give it a little tear back, I guess like that

– Yeah Oh! What! Oh! I can't wait to see how my art turned out Three, two, one – Three, two, one Tada! Whoa

Oh, my gosh, bro I gotta say man, I think the recipe for my pizza is called squizza It's the way the mountain has discharged across the cutting board – Oh Time to see how this pineapple on pizza tastes

Alright – Oh, man, this looks delicious You (vomiting noise) – Yep, here we go Three, two, one Two, one

(yelling) How have I never tried this before? Oh, my goodness! (yelling) Dude, this is so good Pineapple on pizza is amazing – Oh man (noise of champions) – The combo is so good, dude – I'll be right back

– You okay? – [Collins] Oh yeah, yeah, I'm all good – Oh, dear Well, you guys get to comment down below, who's do you think was better? And now, we're onto the next round – [Collins] Good lord – [Devan] We got the cement art

And I spent some serious time painting mine But now, it's all about the marbling of yours – [Collins] Now, for the marbling, it's really cool I'm gonna start off with a red, but we've got a whole bunch of colors Oh, my gosh

– [Devan] Oh Yep, love it All it needs is just one drop – [Collins] Drop of red, drop of blue, drop of red This is one of the coolest art challenges we've ever done, right here, man

Oh, my gosh It's so satisfying – So, I actually think mine needs to be wider to fit over the glove So, I'm gonna pull it out from the middle and make it into a little star – What! Dude, this is super cool, man

Alright, here it is, the moment of truth, time to do the marbling Ready, set, go – Ready, set, go Alright, straight down Straight down

– Oh, man! Oh snap, dude It got on both sides of it – [Devan] Wait, wait, wait, Most of it got on the front how did you take it out? How did you take it out? Three, two, one Oh! What! – Oh, my gosh, bro! These actually turned out so incredible

You get to comment down below, who's cement art do you think is cooler? And, right now, we're onto the next one Got the water melon pumps and now it's time to see if it actually works So, here we go, man Ready, set, go Set, go

Oh! Oh! No way, bro! Yes! Look at this This totally works Oh, my gosh Oh, my goodness Oh, whoopsie

Oh I think I broke the seal, oh Oh It's gotten very sad Let me help you out there

Alright, well, let's see how these things taste Ready, set, go – Set, go Bro So refreshing

Comment down below, what is your favorite food we should turn into a pump? And we're onto the next one We've got the moon sand on and now it's time to get satisfying So, Devon, time to slice these, and then smoosh them Whoa – Gotta get perfect with it

Uh-oh Oh, my gosh Uh-oh This is so satisfying feeling Dude, look at that at the bottom right there, bro

There's so many different colors – [Devan] The slicing is the way to go – [Collins] Yo this stuff looks like a rainbow, man And you gotta try this at home, cause this is so much fun – [Devan] This color combo is so satisfying

– Yo, I gotta say, man This stuff totally reminds me of slime Right now, we're onto the next one We've got all our kabobs and I've gotta say, man, these look pretty interesting I'm kicking off with this one right here and I gotta say, this kabob is questionable at best

Oh, man, that one's gonna taste interesting – Oy Alright, here we go Three, two, one – Three, two, one

Whoa, no – That's actually not bad – Oh, man – [ Devan] I think I did a good job What was that again? – I dunno, man

– Alright, next up, I'm doing mac and cheese – And next up, I'm doing pasta So, here we go This pasta one's gonna be great – [Devan] Oh, wow, that looks delicious, Collins You've got so much there

– Best kabob yet – Three, two, one That's the best one so far – And last, but not least I got my shrimp stick – And I got by sushi

This was not good (hooting) Two, one – Three, two, one You know, I normally Whoa like sushi, but- – Dude, the shrimp kabob was actually amazing

Kabobed shrimp, ya won – Well, the mac and cheese was the winner for me for sure – [Collins] Comment down below, what is your favorite food you would love to see us kabob? And we're onto the next one We've got our egg art and now it's time to find out which one is going to taste worse So, I guess we'll just kinda go for bite on it

Three, two, what did we do? Three, two, oh wait We just launched our brand new Keyper Club and if you become a member, you will get exclusive access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom emojis, loyalty badges, and exclusive content you can't see anywhere else So, click the top link in the description right now It's only 499 a month

And let's see how this tastes Ready, set, go – Set, go A, ugh, yucchh

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