8 Best DIY Food Hacks #2 Plus A New Pancake Art Challenge You Need To Know How To Do

– You challenged us to make a giant watermelon faucet So right now, let's go

– [Devan] You want it flat enough to stand up Next step is to cut a three inch hole in the top – When doing this, be very careful and maybe even ask for someone else's help Time to remove my piece I cut open the top of it

– Whoa! – Oh my gosh! – Dude! – Oh snap, that was a fire-melon Oh so that's what the spark– – Oh no! – Oh, oh! Control the melon! Dude, dude, control it, control it! – Whoa there we go, that's all good – Ahh! – Ah, ah, dude! (explosion) – Is it over? – I don't know, I hope so – What was that? – Alright, so right now I'm gonna need a watermelon, so I'll use my melon monkey Here we go, we're goin' shopping

(electronic sound) And tap it Perfect, alright let's see it – What? – And there's my watermelon, perfect – You act like that's super normal – Yeah that's how everyone gets their melons, right? Their melon monkeys

Oh! Nailed it Boom, there we go And now for the three inch diameter at the top, I've learned from my mistakes and it is now shovel time – [Both Together] Oh! – I accidentally made it into a very unhappy dude So here we go, we're just gonna cut off the whole top of it

Ugh, what'd you think? W-w-wait – [Devan] I got it – [Collins] How did that happen? – I've been working on this for a while, Collins – Alright forget it You might'a had a whole bunch 'a juices, but did you have a full on cylinder? – Ha! – Hold on, let me try this again

A full on cylinder! (plops) – [Both Together] Oh! – You know what, it's time to bring out the big boys Ah! – [Devan] Whoa! Dude, I need that! – You can't have it, it's all mine – And now you're gonna have to wait for me Collins – Yeah, I'm used to that with the pancake art challenges – Yeah

– We're almost done, now we's gotta blend us some watermelon juice Three, ready? – [Both Together] Two, one! – Wait, wait, dude, is yours working? – I think I have a solution Devan We need to super charge it! – Whoa! – A'right, here we go! – To the blender – Here we go, here we go – Ah! – Whoa! – Okay, I'm gonna try to get the charge ready

– Okay! – Here we go, are you ready? – Combine them – Yep! – And then we're gonna set them down Three, two, one! – W-w-wait! It needs a cape – That's it? – Yes! – Ah, man You could'a just told me that from the beginning

– Okay, just gonna put that on there – That'll turn him into a superhero And now it's a super charged Man, that was just – There you go – Alright, now that mine is super charged, time to super charge yours – W-w-whoa, mine just needs to be plugged in – A'right, here we go

Three – [Both Together] Two, one! (blender sounds) – [Both Together] Yeah! – This blends really nicely – Whoa! Ah! (both screams) – Whoa, whoa, why would you take it off? That's like the worst Dude, dude stop! – I made an absolute mess Final step, we got the faucet and time to attach it

Whoa, straight in Bam! It's already starting to work (Devan sneezes) God bless you – Alright, I'm screwing mine in now And, done! And make sure it's closed before you pour this stuff in there

– [Collins] Arg, so close! Bam! There we go! Gonna remove my super cape Fleet! Let's pour it in, are you ready? – Yep – [Both Together] Three, two, one Oh! – W-w-wait, I didn't close it – What? – Which way does it go? Does it go that way? – Yeah

– Boom, hoo! And now the moment of truth Will this actually dispense the watermelon juice, Devan? – Dispense? – Man, mine's fallin' out, we gotta– Oh! – [Devan] W-w-what? – Ah! – [Both Together] Three, two, one! – But wait first, five second subscribe challenge We want to see you click subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, are you ready? Here we go – [Both Together] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you do that, comment down below Keeper Squad right now – [Devan] Oh, wait

– [Both Together] Oh! – Dude! It looks so tasty – Ah! Oh no! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Oh no, oh no, oh no! – What, what, what! – Stop it, stop it, stop it! Nothing – [Devan] It isn't stopping, it isn't stopping! – You guys get to commend down below Who won this one right now? We are on to the next one – Woo! – You challenged us to do the pancake art challenge, but we are not allowed to use griddles, so– – What? – We're making coffee makers

– For real? – So if you've got a coffee maker, you can do a pancake art challenge right now Let's go – 'S gonna be so difficult – [Collins] A'ight let's take it off I'm gonna be doin' the Grinch

– [Devan] And I'm gonna be doing Buzz Lightyear It's already difficult as it is, with a six inch platter? This is gonna be so tough Wow, these are way more powerful than regular griddles bro – [Collins] This is the most difficult pancake art challenge I've ever tried – Oh my

– Just gonna pop the thing in here We're gonna to little droplets from the top Little eyeball His lil' like, iconic smile – [Devan] Alright, adding some green now

– [Collins] Ahh, done, okay I'm gonna give the Grinch some red eyes 'Cause you know the Grinch, he's angry He's like, "I wanna steal Christmas" – W-w-whoa! – I want to steal Christmas! – I'm not Christmas, I am Devan

– [Collins] Eyebrow number one, great Eyebrow number two, even better You know I'm gonna add the final touch, which is green I'm gonna utilize the coffee maker Green goes in

– Alright, I'm done! – W-w-w-wait – I am all done – You're done? Lock in place Close top Press button

Dispense! Wait, how does this work? C'mon, it's gotta release the batter – Dude, that's not gonna help – What, you've never been to Starbucks before? This is how they do it, man Oh I got it, I figured it out bro It's gotta get the top off

And then see, I can use it to press here, and dispense it See, and look it, I don't even need the top, I can just press right here It's a little bit weird, to be honest This is a very slow process Alright, well you know what, to finish it off, we'll give a little pour from coffee here

See what's so difficult here is trying to get this in – Weird coffee maker, man – Alright, time to flip over my pancake So here we go Gonna go in

– [Devan] Oh no, it's not even fully cooked bro – I think I have the wrong flipper – [Both Together] Three, two, one! – [Collins] Oh – [Devan] Three, two, one, oh! – Not bad though – If it wasn't scorched

Here we go, the flip, you ready? – [Both Together] Three, two, one! – [Devan] Tight! Dude, it actually turned out pretty good – No! – For such a small plate, yeah! – Dude are you kidding me? Wha'd'you mean, "Yeah"? That's amazing, bro, oh my gosh! You guys can comment down below Who won this pancake art challenge? You challenged us to make a delicious frozen delight We got the dry ice, we got our gloves on, and do not try this at home! So first step here, we're gonna place it down – Whoa, what is on the pan! – Whoa, it's like a little baby earthquake

I'll put it over here, gonna add a little bit of water – No, n-n-n-no, you don't add water! – Why not? – If you want the perfect platform, you have to add it here with no water – Oh, alright, stop, stop, stop, stop, just get off – What, what, what? – My job Alright, so you're gonna place this on top 'cause we have to cool down this marble plate right here

Next up we'll be adding some coconut milk to it, but first we have to prepare our fruit As you can we have a whole bunch of sporks Fleet! – Wait, where are my sporks? – Sporks aren't a real utensil A'right, so now we got our berries and it's time to crush these things up So let's see, oh

– [Devan] Oh man, this is really difficult, even for me – Oh! Yes (chopping sound) I feel like I'm breaking this – [Devan] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Double spatula! – [Collins] Are these spatulas? I feel like I'm beating out whatever this is

(chopping sounds) – Mine are way finer than yours – Done! Now's the most exciting moment It is time to take our frozen slab, add the coconut milk, and we are going to turn this into a frozen delicacy Three – [Both Together] Two, one

– [Collins] Berry, are you playin' with me? – [Devan] A'right, I got it, I got it, got it, got it – And then we have to add this on top? – [Both Together] Whoa! – [Devan] It's already frozen! – Frozen on the bottom of this, I gotta get it off! Dude, I gotta go much quicker, I don't have enough coconut milk I gotta get more! – Whoa, whoa, what have I done! Man that looks like strawberry yogurt I love strawberry yogurt – I know how to get this even colder

Dry ice directly on it! – Wait, what? – [Collins] A'right here goes, just gonna put it on top – I'm gonna try mixing it on my ice – Oh man – Oh! – [Collins] It works instantly – [Devan] It totally works

Now it's time to spread it out – Oh, your mix looks like little rolls, right? – Yes! A'right, now I have to put it back on the dry ice for ten more seconds – Five – Ahh! – Four – Oh! – Three

– No! – Two, one Done! A'right, here we go – Three, two, – Dude go for it! – One Bro, it's working – What! – It's rolling, it's like a little snowman

– You got it! – I gotta try to get mine – Wha'd'you mean? – Got big ol' slab Yours is like, goals, mine is like, no! Comment down below, what is your favorite fruit you would love to see us mix into this next time And we're onto the next one You challenged us to make a pirate ship and right now, choose your fruit

– Watermelon, I choose you! Whoa, dude it worked – Bro, we're not doing Pokemon, we're doing Street Fighter – What, well what was I supposed to do? – Supposed to do this (electronic sound) Watermelon! Boom – There we go

– Whoa, it actually worked! – A'right, well right now let's make some pirate ships outta watermelon First up, we gotta make the bottom of the pirate ship If you do this at home, be very careful Or even maybe ask for someone else's help While you take your sweet time, it's a pirate's life fer me

Ready, set, carve! (slice sound) A'righty – What, it didn't even work? – [Collins] Check it! – No way! – Yep! – Dude, it actually worked, there's a little cut in there – Three, ter, har, haha – Did it actually work? – Tar dar! It's all the mighty power of the cracken I mean the claw

– What? – Nothing – You just cracked it in half – Nothing, yeah, it worked good – Alright, let's see how straight my line is Ugh! – So now, time to gut 'em

So I'm gonna try this new technique Ah man, wow I accid- haha, I broke it You what I've always wanted to put this watermelon scooper thingy to the test, so here we go So I'm just gonna place him just like this, and then just– – [Devan] Whoa! – Oh my gosh, I think it worked

I just gotta like squeeze it to get it out now Here we go Squeeze, oh! Look it! A'right here we go just gotta get a little grip on it Ah Look at this beautiful slice of watermelon

Time to tenderize it! – Wait dude, where did you get the apron? And why does it say Grill Master? – 'Cause I'm the grill master, bro A'right, we gotta tenderize them a lil bit Oh yeah Oh! Tastes great A'right here we go, just gonna continue to tenderize

Woof! A'right you know what guys? When you're a grill master, sometimes you just gotta go in with your hands, okay here we go Just gonna, nice, just scoop that out Oh boy, man, this is pretty gunky over here – It does not look like you're respecting your watermelon – Excuse me, I have so much respect for my watermelon, I'll even prove you wrong by becoming my own watermelon

Watermelon tendofolis! – Whoa, Collins was that the best idea? – Not watermelon tendofolis! Arg, pwow I should have thought that through – Dude, yours is looking more like mush than balls – Excuse me bro, do not insult my art – Oh! – Here we go, just gonna have to mold this together It's almost there, here we go

– What is almost there? – Three, two, My ball! One, ta-da See there's still a little bit of fruit left in And I can't have that for the bottom of my pirate ship So I figured out a new method

(sucking sounds and clownish music plays) – Dude what are you doing? What, you've fully cleared it out! (spits) Wait, but that watermelon was seedless (spits) – Now it's time to make the sales of the ship Ah, okay here we go, just gotta hollow out this part first This is great man, just, oh yeah Oh! Man I'm like an artist

This is precision at its finest I'm just being perfect with it bro, my angles are on point – [Devan] It's definitely very pointy, what you're using – Done! Perfect precision, it's all there and now, my perfect cubes Yes, I nailed it

What's wrong, are you okay? – How did you do that? – Everything was a precise calculation all along the entire way Now time to cut this up into the watermelon sails This has got to be the coolest DIY we have ever done – Dude, it's awesome – The amount of detail on yours is just crazy

And let's see how this looks, you ready? But first, three second mic challenge We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds You ready? Here we go – [Both Together] Three, two, one, done Three, two, one, ta-da! – These turned out so cool

I am so excited about these – I think I crushed it, you get to comment down below Who won this round? And right now we're onto the next one You challenged us to turn a carrot into a flute (flute sounds) Okay, you know, all jokes aside we're gonna show you how to actually turn a carrot into a real, working flute

And right now, let's go – First step is you gotta chop of the top – And be very careful, even ask for someone else's help if you try this at home As you do that, I gotta use my carrot-chucks for my carr-ate – Oh, nice, whoa

– Here we go – Be careful dude, be careful – [Both Together] Oh! – This is the most important part It's time to make the mouth piece You gotta be very careful with how this goes

I'm gonna watch you do it first So it all comes down to this right here, because if you mess this up, you will not have a flute, Devan And be very careful, again, when trying this at home Devan is a trained flute professional Yo, dude, you got it! – I'm gonna make the reed, so I have to find a carrot that's going to fit this hole

– [Collins] I'm nailing this thing bro, I think I'm actually gonna do this – This doesn't fit Oh, I think we have our carrot Yes! A'right, now I have to cut off this side of it – Dude, what? – Look at it

– It might play a very unique sound So that's kinda all I'm goin' for – Now it's time for me to cut this off real quick I recommend cutting it halfway, then pulling it out Cutting it in half, and that's your measurement

– This actually turned out so bad I'm pretty disgraced right now, I'm gonna have to leave the competition early – What? – So Devan, I have to take off in my carrot-copter – What? (helicopter sounds) Whoa dude, this way! And up! You okay? Next step is to cut the reed in half at an angle A'right, there we go

Now you stick this side in like that – Most flutes have multiple holes My flute is special One hole It's a bunny flute, Devan, which means that you and I can't hear the sounds, but to bunnies, this is the best music they've ever heard

(flute sounds) – Hey, hey, Collins Collins, Collins! You're summoning a ton of bunnies Dude, Collins! – Whoa, snap! That's a lot of bunnies – I know, you were totally zoned out – I gotta add some extra holes

That'll fix the problem – And now for my final step, I have to add holes – As you're doing that, I'm gonna show you what two holes in a flute can do (electric guitar sounds) Sounds like the wrong instrument, right? – Yeah it does – A'right here we go, a whole new instrument

Okay, here we go, now this should be better (trumpet sounds) Still the wrong instrument, okay Let's try one last time, here we go (folk music plays) Devan, I accidentally broke it – Oh, what! – It's all part of it, I will now play my flute upside down

(dissonant wind instruments) Yeah, that's pretty rough If I add three holes, I can create dub-step Three, two, one! (dubstep music) – What? – It was so powerful, it broke my carrot – That was the greatest, what, dude, nice – A'right, let's finish yours up, and then we'll see if yours actaully plays like a flute

– Three! – Oh man! – Two, one (flute sounds) – What! (flute sounds) – No way bro, you actually got it to work – What, dude! – Whoa that is crazy Comment down below, what's another vegetable we should use to make a flute out of it And right now, we're on to the next one

Egg slingshot – Wait, what? – N-n-no – Three, two, one – [Both Together] Oh snap – Well that was a direct hit and guys, right now, we're gonna show you how to make some egg art

But first I gotta clean that off – First step is to peel our hard boiled eggs – Dude what is this technique you're using right now? What? – You know, just like that – Dude that is so easy – [Collins] That was like perfect! – [Devan] Here you go! – So you gotta put in the palm like this, the thing is you gotta keep it there with no fingers

So even throughout all the movement, you gotta just – I don't understand how you did it dude – Oh! – Oh man, I split it open I now have two eggs Again, I gotta get down the technique

– Oh jeez – [Both Together] Oh! – Man! I'm gonna use three eggs, I think this is how you de-shell some hard-boils So you just juggle them like this, kind of do two at a time, and then try to Ahh! – Next step in my egg art is to cut the egg only using dental floss and this toothpick I've tied a knot around my toothpick, and now it's time to stick it in the middle of my egg

Dude Almost there, almost there – Ah! Ah, I had it! Oh! – And now it's time to take the top off of the egg Dude! – Oh my gosh – That's so good

– Dude, I can't believe this dental floss actually worked And you know what they say, for good dental care you need to floss twice a day – Bro, I floss all the time I got great dental care – N-n-n-no, like dental floss, dude, not flossin'

– Flossin', yeah – But it's not even near your teeth – What are you talking about bro, it's like – What is that? – This is face flossin' Bonus hack, you guys can use a mason jar with water to peel an egg

I'm droppin' knowledge Look, we drop it in It's call the macarena mason jar – Oh that sounds fun – Apparently, you shake this up and de-shell the egg

So I guess we kinda (shaking sounds) Oh my gosh dude, it's working No way! Dude, it totally de-shelled the egg – You never did the macarena once though, so – Do the macarena, wait I forget, how do you do it? – Now it's time for me to grab some mayo, so, uh

Wait, where's the mayo at Collins? – Oh, don't worry we'll just call the mayo-man – The mailman? What does the mailman have to do with mayo? – No, not the mailman, the mayo-man – You're saying the same thing – No, they're very different people Let's see if I can find him, here we go

Three, two, one (chicken sounds) No Maybe this guy, here we go Three, two, one – [Both Together] Oh! – You know what, ah, yeet! (glass smashes) Right now, time to summon the mayo-man

– A'right – Three, two, one (zap as portal opens) – Oh! – Oh my gosh, dude it's working, it's working! Oh snap! – What! – Dude, it's the mayo-man – No! (slapping sounds) – Uh, oh ho ho! – Oh my gosh! – You've got mayo – What is going on, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no

(slapping sound) Ah! – You've got mayo – Yeah, I can tell (thunder sounds as portal opens) – What was that? I got mayo all over me – You asked for it bro, I told you this is how we get mayo I am sticking by mayo-man, man

That is exactly what he delivered – A'right, now that I have more mayonnaise than I could ever need, I'm gonna mix it up with my yolks – Dude – Sure! – Ah, I'm getting egg juice in my eye A'right, so for mine, I'm gonna go for a very complex design here

Gonna stack my eggs Ah man, this is very difficult to stack an egg Here we go, gonna go straight down, bloop! Pop out the bottom, gonna go for a toothpick So here we go, one And here we go, number two right here

And this is essential, will it stay balanced? No I know how to make it stay balanced, dummy You know how to make it stay balanced? Lil legs A'right, here we go He's now got two little legs

– Now it's time to add my yolk-mayo mixture into my egg – Got it dude, it stays up bro! – What! – Some serious engineering – [Both Together] No! – I've got the yolk-mayo mixture, and now it's time to add the top Oh! – [Devan] Oh! – Now it's time to break up this carrot and cut it up – Ugh, I got it! – [Both Together] No! (chicken wails) – I gotta begin this all over again

Oh wow, a'right, so now I'm gonna show you how to really pamper an egg Gonna do a little egg massage Here we go, gonna put him in here, give him a lil tickle here like eeeee Perfect A'right, I got my face mask

– And I've cut my little feet, so now it's time to poke 'em with a toothpick and attach 'em to my egg – Devan, I'm an innovator bro, look at this Let's see, now we're just gonna place some face mask on my lil egg Just like that Oh man, let the pampering begin

Oh, snap – Boop! It's got little feet – This is the pampering spa treatment I get it at least four times a week – Who throws you like that? Masseuse or body builders? – They go like this and then they just throw you up in the air

And then up in the air Like that – Okay Just cut out my beak and now it's time to attach it – A'right, let's see if I can crack it open right now

I want to get something in very special in the middle Oh, there is is Fully intact bro, here we go, we gotta get it out And this is my favorite part of the entire egg Bro, check this out

(flying sounds) – What happened? – No! – What? – It just flew away! I gotta go catch my yolk, dingus 2000 Let's get it – Safe travels Oh, hey, did you catch the golden yolk? – Forget the golden yolk bro, I lost my dingus – No! – First time I broke it, this time I lost it, what's gonna happen next? Well, I lost my dingus, and I couldn't catch the yolk

So right now, let's continue on – One eye, two eye, it is done! – A'right here's the big reveal Dude, mine turned out awesome – Dude, I know, it's actually the best you've ever made – [Both Together] Three, two

– W-w-wait, you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word "yum" to 81800 right now So pause the video, text the word "yum" to 81800 you will automatically be entered in to win – [Both Together] Three, two, one, ta-da! – [Collins] Come on man, come one! – [Devan] I know, I know – So you get to comment down below Who made better egg art? Right now, we're onto the next one

You challenged us (slice) to make a massive watermelon ring (slice) C'mon! – What is going on? – Okay, you gotta help me out bro, you gotta help me out – Okay, okay – You gotta go fast, bro – H'ya! (slice) – Okay, let's go make it

Before we can build we gotta cut off the top and the bottom And first off, we got our whoost-off So if you do this at home, be very, very careful Even ask for someone else's help, or maybe don't even do it if you don't feel comfortable So right now, I'm gonna do this with a shredder

Because technically you gotta peel it – Wait, what? I thought first off was whoost-off? – Yeah well first off for you was whoost-off, first off for me is shred-off – A'right – The shred-off Shred, schwd, shhd-off

Aw yeah I'm gonna win this – I love your confidence every time – You could absolutely play this like a violin (violin sounds) (crowd cheering) – Now it's time to create the iconic shape

Gonna put the stencil down on top like this And you just start shaving the watermelon like this – My knife is a lot smaller than your knife bro, I don't know how this happened Okay, so I guess this goes like this Perfect! You know what, Devan? As you waste your time there, I've got a better tool

A chisel – How are you gonna use that? – Oh, trust me bro Now I just have to speed things up a little bit, so, let's do this – A'right, well I guess I'm just gonna– dude, what are you doing? How are you doing that? I wish I could do that Seriously bro? Fine, a'right, well I guess I have to go pretty quick here

A'right, just gotta cut down the sides here – Boom, and done! Masterpiece Speed equals quality Well, I guess my little outline on the top is over, so just gonna have to free hand it Kinda copy along

Oh! Oh-ho-ho so smooth I feel like I'm missing something shape-wise right now What shape is yours? – [Devan] An octagon – Square Oh, that' last one might'a been a bit too much off the face

It's lookin' more like a club than it (laughs) than a pop Bro, that's taking you forever – Well what time is it? – It's exactly melon-time! (techno music plays) – So basically three-fifteen? – Yeah, but it's way more fun to say melon-time The only down-side is that it's a little hard on the wrist – Well, yeah it's a flippin' melon

– Okay, well just because you don't have the melon 4000 – You have the four? – I have the 4000 – But is it waterproof? – It's a melon A watermelon No it's not waterproof, Devan

It is water! Bro are you close yet? – [Devan] Yeah, I'm pretty much done – A'right well, you know I'm gonna put the finishing touches on mine, and right now let's get ready for the finale Yours is so perfect, oh my gosh A'right, here's the big reveal – [Both Together] Three, two

– Oh, and by the way, we've got new merch – Ay! – So click the top link in the description, or go to ShopCollinsKeycom right now to get your merch before it's all sold out – [Both Together] Three, two, One Ta-da! – Dude! – Wow, bro, you just went voom, voom, voom, voom, voom! You get to comment down below

Who made a better watermelon ring? Super sonic slap! (boom) Check this out – Whoa (boom) – Wow – Oh!

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