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(fast-paced music) – What's up, It's Collins Key and I'm here today at The 5th Wave premiere with my little brother Devan Key – Hey! – We're live here at The Grove doing a live challenge, which is something that we've never done before

And this is in honor of the film coming out on January 22nd And today we're going to be doing the seven second challenge and the reason we're doing this is because in the film, things are happening so fast They're having to just react to all these different things happening So right now we're gonna try to test this in real life We've got seven seconds to do some crazy stuff, so yeah, without any further ado, let's get into that

– Jump into the video So the first one is, tell us an alien joke Seven, six, five, four, three – Oh, an alien walks into a bar Ow (crickets chirping) – Yay – Alright, a lot of fun guys, I'm gonna go just cry now (air horn sounding) Let's do this, you guys wanna see us do a little competition right now? – [Audience] Yes – And you were asking about muscles, right? You wanna see some muscles? Okay, we're gonna see who can do more push ups in seven seconds, but you guys have to count them down, okay? – They have to be real push ups

They can't be like the weak ones, you know? They have to be real push ups – You're putting me on blast already, alright One, two, three, go! – [Audience] Seven, six, five, four three, two, one – [Audience Member] Devan! – I did eight – I think he did eight

Who can drink a water bottle the fastest? Three, two, cheers, go, go, count! – [Audience] Seven, six, five, four three, two, one (audience applauding) – I wanna see how many little, I don't know what they're called What is this over here? – [Woman] Skip-it – Looks like a medieval nun-chuck or something Seven countdown, here we go Starting right now, go – [Audience] Seven, six, five, four, three – [Collins] No! (audience laughing) – You good? – Alright cool, Devan won – He won, I didn't even get, I didn't even do one

– Dude, I literally almost just died I just literally cut my finger up just now, on that That was just great – Did you really? Oh I'm sorry bro – Hashtag blood, sweat, and tears for these videos bro

– Do an interpretation dance, as though your body was taken over by "the others" – So basically, just dance how I normally dance? – Yeah I guess (upbeat music) – Whoa, give it up for Collins Key, what? – Next up Devan, you have seven seconds to successfully do a cartwheel Seven, six, five, four – High five as many fans as possible – Guys, put up your hands like this, so we can see if we can do this Here we go, go! (both counting aloud) 22! – No, I lost! – 22 hands – No! – So I see we've got some weights over here and you know what, we don't usually get to do a challenge live, so we don't get to see What do you guys want us to do with these weights right now? Just yell it out Juggle! – Alright, you guys count down Alright? – Countdown – Starting

– Right now! – [Audience] Seven, six, five, four three, two, one (Audience cheering) – Well that is the seven second challenge Thank you all so much for watching

Make sure you guys check out The 5th Wave in theaters January 22nd Check out all of our links Devan's links are all down below Give this video a thumbs up, 'cause we did some crazy, crazy stuff Comment down below, thank you

Comment down below, what was your favorite seven second challenge we did? Love you all so much Subscribe to this channel Also I'm doing a giveaway on my channel, check it out See you guys again next Thursday, bye (cheering)

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