7 Insane Life Hacks + Funny TikTok Pranks!! How To Make The Best New Candy Art & Ball Pit Challenge

– I'm gone! (laughing hysterically) – We're gonna teach you a whole bunch of crazy life hacks that you can do when you're stuck at home Everything from indoor ball pits, pool hacks, DIY blasters and even delicious candy recipes! So right now let's jump in! Woo hoo! But before we jump into the ball pit it's time to show you how to make a whole bunch of insane life hacks, And the first one we're teaching you is how to make a whole bunch of delicious candy treats

For this life hack you challenged us to make a whole bunch of delicious edible treats – Yep! – You can easily make at home! – I'm making a super simple DIY ice cream bar – Alright well you as do that it's time for me to make the delicious edible chocolate bowl for my ice cream – Delicious – Delicious! It's gonna be good

Gonna take my balloon, gonna dip it in this chocolate here Hopefully it doesn't just like pop my balloon (laughing) It looks like a little bowl cut! (Screaming) – You got it on us, bro! What are you talking about?! – Can we just please pause for a second to look at, he looked like a dude with a bowl cut – It really did! – He looked like us when we were younger! – Yeah, yeah! Alright, well we tried to clean up, but it didn't really work, so – Exactly So I've got another balloon here, to try it again

– Let's just- (ominous music) – Are you trying to pop another one dude? – I'm just trying to check it out, to make sure it's good – Alright, and boom! So now it's time to go and take this, put it in the fridge, let it freeze I'm gonna do this very quickly so it doesn't pop everywhere! Okay bye! (Balloon pops) Oh dude not again! – Wait did it pop again really? – [Collins] Dude it's everywhere bro! This is even worse! While my DIY ice cream and bowl are freezing in the freezer it's time for me to show you how to make a D

IY waffle pizza – Nice! And I'm just doing this for another nine hours I'm just kidding – Your hair looks really funky Devon – Thank you

Let's touch your hair – You don't touch my hair! You know the rules! You know the rules! – Fine, fine – I'm gonna show you how to make a delicious waffle pizza when Devon stops messing around and distracting me – What are you doing? – I'm moving the dough – It's hard to concentrate too – Yeah, I'm having trouble as well, sorry – So then I have some heavy whipping cream

This'll be like the ice cream on the inside – All right – I can't even c- You are bored So I'm gonna put this popsicle stick in here and then stick this thing in the freezer – Okay, so don't worry, I'm just kneading out my dough right over here Just gonna smack this, I'm gonna borrow your hammer for a moment if you don't mind

[Devon] What, no! – Well yes of course, it's a family hammer Devon – No, you will not – It's a family hammer! – It's like Thor's hammer to me, bro – Check this out, when I wield it BOOM! Look at that! – Wait a sec – It gets cooler! – It doesn't do that for me – No, see the thing is I was chosen by Valhalla! If you really think you're worthy of wielding the hammer, Devon, take it at your own risk

– All right well I know I'm worthy so here we go – Three, two one, go for it (electric sparks) – Yes! – No way! – I am the worthy brother! – Oh, man! Okay so I knew it, he was not worthy – So as my ice cream stuff freezes in the freezer, I am going to make my next burrito hack

– Here I've got my squares of dough over here which are gonna act as the pizza waffles – [Devon] Thank you, just gonna move that off to the side there – Oh, ya know this is actually a great idea I can actually take some of Devon's scrambled eggs and use it as bit of a glaze on the top of my dough (record scratching) – Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! – You give me ingredients, bro, I make a chef's masterpiece – I didn't give 'em to you, I just put 'em there – You placed them right here, man, this is my space

Next up, time to open up a giant can of tomatoes That left a dent here on the cutting board – [Devon] Oh, you're actually using a can opener – I am, Devon, I've become a civilized dude – [Devon] Putting my eggs on here, just like that

I think I'm doing it – Perfect! – All right, so this next part – Wait hold on – I've gotta go a little bit quicker because there's a lot of tomato sauce in there as you can clearly see – I don't remember what I need to put on this tortilla – Fleet! Okay Devon come on, speed is of the essence Devon – I don't know what to do with it – Put the tortilla on top – I don't know, now? – Yes, that's how it works, yes! So here we go, just gonna take a bit of cheese popping a bit of cheese on the top just like this Dude, I'm sad I don't think this is a big enough piece of dough Gonna place the top down

That's the sound of pizza! Uh oh, uh oh! (mumbling) – We're gonna have an issue here bro – So here we go, what, what? – Looking like a boat – Well I think we're gonna have to like – – How is this a? – suck up some of this juice – Oh, oh, that's not nice Ugh, why is it so runny? – It's tomato juice I mean, people drink – This is like a reverse burrito bro – A what? – It's like a reverse burrito – Oh no, I heard you, I just don't understand it – It's like a b- [Together] Three, two, one! – [Devon] It's like a pancake flip, yes! So now, I'm gonna put in some of this ham – That ham looks whack

– It's ham – And speaking of delicious looking stuff Oh!! – [Devon] I did kinda burn it – [Collins] Oh that bottom is toasted – Yeah You know what? I think our mom and dad would probably like this – Exactly, – They have made several burned items for me and had no issue with it

(drum sting) – Ooh, roasted! – -All right now it's time to finally take the ice cream out of its wrapper here – Ooh – Oh, wait second it's still a little bit like, melted [Together] Ohhhhh! – This is gonna be so tasty! (screams) – Holy cow – What are you doing? – A piece just fell off and – Did you just really just pop that now? – I'm sorry, well I thought if I scared you enough you might like slip in and like, I'd take a bite of it – Definitely not Dipping it in the chocolate Now I just gotta, oh, I don't want those sprinkles I want these sprinkles

They're like unicorn sprinkles – [Collins] So this is the moment of truth Will the homemade ice cream actually be like ice cream? (screams) – [Devon] Look at that! – [Collins] I'm gonna pop this in the freezer one last time and it's time to make some edible delicious spoon – All right, now it's time to show you how to make the actual edible dirt So you have to take some chocolate mushroom – Mush- – They have a mushroom shape – No they don't! – Yes they do

– That's a muffin! It is time for me to very expertly cook my marshmallow and melt it Oh, okay, well! – What is happening? – It's shedding its outer layer It's like a snake – Whoa! (screams) – All right so now for my worms, I actually made some hot chocolate right here – I got some hot chocolate over here All right well it's time to enjoy some delicious hot chocolate – Wait, I actually need this Collins – What? But that's mine – Nope, I know – Give me yours – No, no no, no I actually need both – How selfish! – I have to make edible worms dude – [Collins] All right well here we go, I've got some starburst on a stick The stick's on fire – [Devon] What are you doing this for? – [Collins] It's just the stick that's on fire

– [Devon] What are you doing this for? – Go away stick Oh, that's a piece of the stick That's a piece of the stick! – [Devon] Oh no man (screams) What are you doing? No, don't touch it – All right so next up I got a siphon here

So I have to fill it with whipped cream and this is the last part of the delicacy – Whoa, dude! – That took a little but too much energy man – What just happened? – Holy cow, I got it on me Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa Try it over here with this one here (ominous music) (screams) – Dude, I think it got on me – I don't have that good of- – It's on my hair – [Collins] I have to fill up these straws with this gelatin hot cocoa

So I got the worms out of the cup Now I'm gonna try to extract them form the straws All of the DIY foods are fully done and I've gotta say I'm blown away by how these things turned out Here is the big reveal – [Together] Three, two, oh wait! 5-second subscribe challenge, we want to see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, ya ready? Here we go! – [Together] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you were able to do that, comment down below keyper squad, right now – [Together] Three, two, one, tada! – [Devon] Look at these masterpieces man! – [Collins] You guys comment down below, which one looks the most delicious and we'll be eating all of them at the end of the video

– You challenged us to make some insane DIY shooters like this Check it out, here we go – No, why at me? – Well, right now let's make some blasters So I'm starting off by making a high pressured water gun – And I'm making a soda can spy gun – So basically the way it works I've got a CO2 cartridge here, I'm gonna pop it onto the back of the watergun and hopefully it's gonna blast the water out First I gotta test to make sure that the CO2 can is actually gonna make the water go everywhere I've got some safety gloves on, do not try this at home

Here we go, three, two, one There we go, it's going, it's going it's going! There it goes (screams) It looks great underwater bro (screams) Holy cow, where did it- I think that's a positive test so far, so – You're dripping everywhere – I'm sorry, it's just water – So now I just need to cut my coca cola can in half- What? – Go for it – Actually, I should probably do this outside – That's probably a good idea – Let me do that All right, so I've got my soda can here Just gonna place it down like this And now I need to cut it very precisely in the middle Here we go, three, two, one (rock music) Wow, that totally did not work But don't tell Collins because I'm actually gonna grab another can, use some normal scissors, but I want him to think I used this ax, so don't tell him All right I used the ax to cut the coca cola can – What? You used an ax to do that? – [Devon] I did, yes – [Collins] I've used an ax before to slice open a coca cola can, Devon, it did not turn out like that – I think you were just doing it wrong 'cause this is how I did it

– Here hold this for one second – Now you're asking me to help you? – I need your help so here hold this for a second – Fine, fine – And this time, we are going to use a ballon You would think that if I poked the balloon it's gonna pop but check it out (ominous music) Oh! Okay there go look at this, boom, trick, give me the gun, give me the gun! And it looks like frozen water, it's a frozen water trick, if you look over there it doesn't look like it's moving at all, right? – It does, though, a lot – Not at the front end Boom and just like that – It's not a full pre sweet- Wow okay, my feet are stuck – I ran out of capacity The water gun is all filled up and the last thing I gotta do is attach the CO2 container over here and then it's gonna be a high pressured water gun

– Well as you do that, I have made the outside of my spy gun But now I'm gonna make the inside All right the structure is built- – Yo, check out what I found bro – A nerf gun – No it's not a norf gun, norf gun! – It looks like a nerf gun – Boom! – So is it off brand? – Check that out, it's a norf gun You know what Devon, (incoherent screaming) – No, what's that? – It's a norf gun portal Look at that, check it out! Time to test it, you ready? Three, two, one (screams) That is awesome but here's the real question Will it work with a water balloon? Here we go, three, two, one – No, no , no! (screams) – Bro! – Yeah, that worked

– Are you kidding me? – See, Devon, the thing about portals is they're unpredictable – I am soaked – Like, I didn't know for a fact if that would work but I'm very happy it did – [Devon] Well I just gotta dry off a little bit and finish up my spy gun here Just gotta make the hydraulic system and the blaster point and then I'll be all done – The DIY blasters are all finished

The question is, will they be able to fire accurate shots? I think they will but here is the big reveal – [Together] Three – – Oh wait! – Oh yeah, three second like challenge We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds, ya ready? Here we go – (together) Three, two, one, done Three, two, one, tada! – [Collins] Wow, look at these man! – [Devon] Wow, we did such a good job – [Collins] We'll be firing them at the end of the video You challenged us to turn our house into an indoor amusement part with thousands of ball pit balls and a stair slide, so right now, let's go! (woos) – All right let's fill this thing up

– Coming down! – Oh no, no, no, not again – Yeet! (balls bouncing) – Three, two, one – It's a good thing you got the pads there – Yeah this is very fun, I'm having a blast (screams) All right so at this point I think it is time for us to get the slide ready Listen, next thing we gotta do here, we're gonna be sliding down all the way here into ball pit, so right now let's go make the slide Or it looks like I'm making the slide by myself Sike, I ain't making no slide

(bell dings) We're outside, it's time to show you how to make an epic stairslide But as you can tell we're in pretty cool suits right now (air horn) And the reason is because we're not making basic stair slides we're making beautiful pieces of art To paint my part of the stair slide I've got some water balloons over here that I filled with a whole bunch of paint Three, two, one (splat) (screams) Oh snap! – I think I'm gonna start with a rainbow so Collins can you hold this real quick? – Sure I will hold your mop for you, okay With one finger only

– [Devon] The first color I'm gonna grab is gonna be red here – Okay – Now I'm just gonna do a nice pour like that, there perfect – How long do I have to hold this for because I'm getting bored – Just a little bit longer, Collins, just a little bit longer – This is a long time – [Devon] And, we're done So now I'm gonna take this and I'm going to swirl it – [Collins] I don't understand it, like you know me, I'm all about that instant gratification, man, if it's not happening right now (splat) I'm not happy Oh dude, oh no we got it on the camera – Just look, hold on, look at mine – I can't, I can't – Dude you're missing it – I got it on the camera, what? – What? – Are you kidding? – Time for circle number two

– Yup wait, you're doing how many of these? – I'm doing six (laughs) – I'm over here popping balloons, man and you're just taking forever – Mine's more relaxing, you know, yours is very energetic (rock music) – Oh my god, my exposed ankle The only part of me that was fully exposed! – All right, now fan it out Now I have to grab some colors and tada! Look at that

(splat) (screams) (laughing) – You all right? – You even thought of that – See with the little pranked (air horn) – It's pay back time bro – No, no, no, wait, wait wait – Yes! – Fine, pay back time but let me put my hood on – All right here we go, three, two, one (screams) – I got it up my nose on that one – I feel bad now – Thank you – Yes, I just don't feel comfortable with that- – How bout this, we high five it – No – We high five and then truce – [Together] Three, two, one (splat) (laughs) – [Collins] That was such a stupid idea, what was I thinking? – I don't know, that's what I said All right so just gotta fan out the mop here – Oh, I forgot I have a slingshot See I've got cool stuff I haven't even used yet I don't know how a slingshot works Oh there we go, oh boom, there we go, boom, figuring it out on the fly

Three, two, one, yeah! – Dude you okay? – That hurt, that hurt bad – Oh my god, I'm honestly glad you don't know how to use a slingshot That was hilarious (laughs) – I need to walk that one off (laughs) Now I'm gonna have to, like, just finish this one out like this – [Devon] All right I just have to do a couple more of these and our slides will be done and then it's time to fill it up with ball pit balls

– Finishing up my art, there we go, just a little penguin slide – Are you kidding, it looks so good, dude – Yeah it looks even better now! – Does it? – Now it's just time to put the finishing touches on and let 'em dry – And then it's time to fill it up with ball pit balls (dings) – It's the final stretch; time to fill up the rest of the ball pit balls, install the slide, and we'll be ready to have some fun (upbeat techno music) – [Collins] We got the slide, now it's time to attach it to the staircase that way we can slide down into this glorious ballpit – Take that – All right, here we go – You're the one who's taking it – All right here we go, boom! – We didn't even get it in place and you said boom (mumbles) – Mission Impossible like shimmy down the side over here

Watch out for the paintings All right cool, so next thing we've gotta do is just take this thing and place it now, probably reinforce it little bit – Yup' – And it'll be good to go (screams) – Devon? We lost him Where are you? All right so now it's time to taste all of our delicious, homemade DIY foods And again, you can easily make these at home as well, with just a few simple ingredients The first one we're gonna start off with is our homemade ice cream bars over here

– Oh, I can not wait – It's actually, like, surprisingly heavy – It is – I didn't expect it to be so heavy – It's got value – Exactly, I couldn't agree more All right here we go – [Together] Three, two, one – These are like frozen – Holy cow – Mmm, bro – I'm having trouble – Cut through the bottom, do the bottom

– Wow, whoa! – Your face is like– it's the teeth, they're red and blue (laughs) I got it – This right here is really good I gotta say, 10 out of 10, recommended Next up we got this little marshmallow – This one – [Collins] No, no the marshmallow cups first, we're- – [Devon] Okay yeah – We're gonna start off with a little sweeter side before we got to my savory waffle pizza – Or the burnt side, maybe? – [Collins] Yeah these are definitely a little burnt so how bout this, wanna take this one here? – You touched it, so – So yeah, respect that – I don't know how this could go wrong – I think there's a lot of ways this could go wrong – Cheers – Yup, cheers, it might have the taste of flames So here we go – [Together] Three, two, one – That's a game changer – That is really good, it's so fruity and it mixed with the whipped cream – Hit with the marshmallow, ellow, ellow, (claps) Wow! Next up, how bout this, we'll eat two at the same time – That's a good idea – How bout we eat you foamed and frothed coffee as well as this pot of dirt? – I'll take this one – Yeah I'll take the pot of dirt

I'll go first, I'll take a bite of mine then we go for yours So take this, do a little scoop in here like that Oh boy, that's some wormy dirt Here you go, ya ready, three, two, one – How is it? Ew okay, that was a little weird I really do want to try one of these worms

– That's so good man, that is so good! – Yeah, that's really good – These two so far have been the clear winners but this looks like it could have a pretty strong chance – So I'm gonna try this – Are you gonna drink some of it? – Yes – Or take a bite and try to drink at the same time – I'm gonna do both You ready for this? Here we go – [Together] Three, two, one – [Collins] You good? You had like a small spasm – The milk just came rushing in, so that's why – A flood – Yeah exactly so I'm gonna try the jello cup now – Okay yup take a bite Ugh it's all over your face! That's more than a mustache, it's like connected from your nose to your mustache (groans) – It's not the greatest but it's pretty good – You got it still on your nose How bout this, can I take a bite out of the side since you didn't? – Go for it? – If you wouldn't mind holding this, now this is to make sure when I bite into it, the milk goes everywhere, it doesn't go all over our delicious uneatened food All right here we go, three, two, one (screams) – Nice, how is it? – Milky! – Yeah it really just tastes like milk, doesn't it? – The milk and coffee

All right next up it is time for the delicious waffle pizza – [Devon] Or the totally burnt waffle pizza – I probably shouldn't prejudge it with saying it's delicious because we don't actually know if it's gonna be delicious or not at this point – Yeah you want to set the expectations very low for this one – [Collins] So I think we'll slice it in half like this, we'll kinda each take half of the pie, in this case half of the square – Cheers – Cheers my dude All right here we go, three – Two, oh what? – Seven – One hundred – All right here we go, – [Together] Three, two, one, – [Devon] Very different from the coffee one – Huh – You know what, it's pretty good – I feel like – What do you feel? – I feel like I want to talk without being interrupted It's just kind of mediocre across the board – That's not true, it's a little soggy too – So far, this is the first fail one we've had Hopefully the next one is still better – [Devon] So how bout this, so I think we should go for the omelet burrito first and then take the skittles popcorn next

Do you want to grab a half? Just grab it – Like a wishbone? Tada, oh wow there's ham on the inside? – Yes there is! – All right ready – [Together] Three, two, one – Mm, I like that It's different than all the sweet stuff but it is good – Yeah, it's not as bad as I thought It's definitely not a zero (drum sting) – You know if I was going for a burrito, I'd probably have that as one of my options – Really? – Yeah – I don't think so All right now it's time for the skittles popcorn! And I am very excited about this popcorn man – Yes, go for it

– So I'm just gonna take a big chunk over here like this, ooh! Look at that! – This looks fantastic! – This looks so good, literally you need is corn and skittles, and you can make skittles popcorn – Yeah, all right, wait corn? You need kernels – [Together] Here we go, three, two, one! – Oh yeah! – That's good, the crunch actually (mumbles) – It's kicking in and it's not nice Who would've thought man? – I thought it was gonna be great – It's got a whack aftertaste – It really does – It's got a whaftertaste It's time for us to eat our final food This delicious ice bowl–again I can't say it's delicious – Wait a second, wait a second – What? – This actually deteriorated, I mean, look at this It got sad and soggy – [Collins] It's homemade ice cream, Devon It's been sitting out so we can eat the rest of it So again, these are edible spoons so how cool is that? You get edible ice cream, with edible spoons, and an edible bowl, wow! It's just so – [Together] Many edible things! – [Collins] I'm just gonna take a scoop – Yeah – Scoop da doop

We're gonna take a bite of the ice cream, a bite of the spoon, and then last but not least, gonna sink my teeth into that nice bowl Ready here we go – [Together] Three, two one! – Mm, it's so fruity! (clap) – This one gets better, wow! – Whoa! – Holy c-the bowl's broken Did you get, brain freeze I'm assuming Oh and as an extra bonus, I actually made an edible baby Yoda head, so let's see how it tastes – [Collins] No, you can't eat baby Yoda! – What, why? – [Collins] Because it's baby Yoda! – Okay fine, we'll just look at him then

(bells ding) – It is time to test out our DIY blasters We've got a whole bunch of targets set up over here Each one is gonna be worth a different amount of points But it's all gonna come out in accuracy All right now it's time and this thing is super charged

Here we go (water spraying) Oh dude! (pop, screams) – [Devon] Did you blow off the – – I think I blew off the water gun – [Devon] That scared me so bad – How do you think I felt? I was holding it I don't know if that's a bust or if that's win, to be honest – It's a bust, literally – Yes, technically

– [Devon] I think you did a good job with this, I think it's probably a seven though, 'cause you didn't pop any of those, wasn't super accurate, so yeah – I didn't quite pop it, man Alright so for the red hot pencil shooters Gonna pick that up first – [Devon] I got it – [Together] Three, two, one (pop screams) – [Collins] All right so this here, this is the final one This is what it all comes down to Now it's time to raise it up

(Screams) – [Together] All right, three, two, one – Devon is it going? – I'm trying – It's so close (screams) – You got it! You made contact! You hit it! You know what, I'm not walking away from this without popping something, here we go (ding) There you go, that's what should've happened (upbeat music) All right, so they're both kind of a fail on that one

Right now we're on to the next one All the ball pit balls are set up and now it's finally time to ride down the slide, jump in, and go crazy, so let's do it bro! – All right let's do it, oh wait, whoa! – What are you doing man? So here is the moment we have all been waiting for Time to ride the slide into the ballpit – Why do you get to go first? – 'cause I'm the older brother – All right, fine

– I'm so nervous man, I'm so nervous – You gotta go – [Together] Three, two, one – Go for it! (screams) – That did not go according to plan I think I need to put my socks back on when I get up there – [Together] Three, two, one (screams) – Yo that's awesome! – Dude, I gotta try this, here we go – [Together] Three, two, one (screams) – You're surfing man! – [Together] Three, two, one (screams) – Dude, you got covered! – That's so crazy man! – Wait, let's try sliding together – That's- – Yeah, let's try it – We're both going down together at the same time – All right let's do it, here we go – Pinky promise? – Pinky promise – Brinky promise, gotta hands on the brinky promise – [Together] Three, two, one – What? (laughs) Are you kidding me bro? In preparation for the swan dive into the ball pit, there's something else I've always wanted to try, and that is [Together] Boogie boards! – I am surprised that it is so buoyant

(screams) – Dude, that was nuts! I'm going surfing on the USA, baby! – [Together] Three, two, one (laughs) – You feel like you're in the ocean man, just paddling away Well, I just sunk in the ocean

This would be a shark, a shark would eat me right now – [Together] Three, two, one – Woo! (screams) – Are you all right? – I hit my heels on the hard cement – Oh man! It is finally time to summon the duck (screams) We're gonna have 15 seconds At the end of the 15 seconds whoever's left on the duck, they win king of the ballpit (screams!) – Take your feet over there – Yes! – This is not your moment, Devon! – Yes it is! (screams) – Yes! No! I got it, I'm on it! – Is it whoever has the most time on the duck? – Oh man! (sighs) – I think I'm just gonna lounge here, as the king of the ball pit, you know what I mean? – I feel like the king's servant, you know it's like fanning him off after long day at work – Yes, all right next up dude let's do the hamster wheel, right? – I think we gotta get this duck out of here, so we here we go (groans) Shouldn't ruin the house, that way – No this way – All right Devon, get over here, I'm gonna need you to give me a push to start it to go – All right I'm down, I'm down – [Together] Three, two, one (screams) – [Devon] Did that work? – [Collins] Dude not really but that was actually very fun! You know what Devon? – [Devon] What? – I'm just gonna hang out here, man

It's a very nice, relaxing area to just chill, ya know? (Screams) You literally landed on my arm, bro – Oh, I did? – Yes, okay now – I'm getting buried – Why are we both getting buried? (ominous music) No! I'm gone – [Devon] Me too – [Collins] You're on my leg I've got another brilliant idea Devon

Here, take a side and put the yeet blanket on ya It's so soft – Dude! – This is the yeet blanket so we're gonna yeet these balls – Oh yeah, here we go, you ready? – [Together] Three, two, one (upbeat techno music) (screams) – That was so awesome All right the slide has been taken down, and it is now time for the big jump I'm gonna swim my way over to you

– You first! Okay, get up, get up – Here we go! So the thing is, where should I jump from, man? It's a lot higher than you'd expect, especially up here, you're like yo – There's only one place to jump – You think it's here? – And that's from the top – Oh yeah! Do not try this at home, we are working with professionals, we have professional grade crash pads down here, so again, do not try this at home – Do not! – All right, so I think I'm just gonna have to kinda just go for it I got my friend duck here for encouragement Alright here we go – [Together] Three, two,–wait! If you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devon and I, text the word CRAFT to 81800 right now

So pause the video and text the word CRAFT to 81800 You'll automatically get into it Now let's see how this jump goes So right now, let's jump in! Woo hoo! Holy cow! That was amazing! (screams) That was fun! (laughs) – All right I'm gonna try to go on the outside of the banister here – Oh snap! – And jump in – and again, do not try this at home! – This definitely looks a lot higher from up here dude! All right here we go – [Together] Three, two, one! (whoops & screams) – I've gotta give that one a shot – The hang time was insane

It looks a lot higher, right? – Yeah, it definitely feels way different man – [Together] Three, two, one! (laughs and whoops) – Dude, good job! – Thank you man – That was great – Tricks and everything – I feel like we could do this all day – Oh my god, yeah I think we will actually Well there you have it, there are a whole bunch of life hacks that you can do when you're stuck at home

And comment down below if you were able to fill one room in your house with a whole bunch of ball pit balls, which room would it be? If you want to see another video clip, right over here, you've got five seconds Here we go – [Together] Five, four, three, two, one, done! Love you, bye!

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