7 Genius Life Hacks Put To The Ultimate Test – Orbeez Pool Obstacles & How To Survive for 24 Hours

we're known for making crazy life hacks and you're always asking us do they really work in real life so today we built the ultimate orbeez obstacle course to test these life hacks under the most extreme conditions like this one for example a watermelon stuffed bowl with a whole bunch of matches yeah i don't get how this is a life hack just wait till you see how it's actually used in the obstacle course it's gonna blow your mind it'll make perfect sense first obstacle we're gonna be tackling and creating life packs for is the balance race yeah if we fall off we'll be landing on a painful bed of legos or into a massive bat of slime so right now let's go make the life that will make sure we don't fall off as we race across i'm making a balancing pole with squishy pineapples on either end so right now here's a crazy life hack to make some homemade squishies here we go three two one you broke my friend okay bro wow holy cow i broke it so as you're making your nonsense over there i am going to make my balancing apparatus nonsense oh yes seriously bro squishies are where is that man that's going to help you balance you can look like a giant like floating rag i'm making some wings all right we're going to duck you get a little bit of extra soap sudden there got a duel we all these i can't say the name of these because we will get in trouble why will we get in trouble don't ask all right okay so here's the deal we're gonna put all this in and this is gonna help to create the pineapple i guess it's like a life hack as well except my hands to get very tired all right one wing is done now it's time to make the frame for it so i'm going to start with this long pvc pipe here and then bend it around the boogie board gotta get the silicone getting all nice here we go yeah that's unfortunate oh my goodness this is in my eyes holy cow this side of my face like shut down i can't hear anything and i can't see anything useless life hack alert i have some hot sand here if you ever want to bend a pvc pipe pour some hot sand down it will do that time for me to coat my pineapple in the silicone over here nfl if you're watching this you might consider drafting me 42 said pineapple oh shoot well that doesn't coat it it's giving me beach vibes right now i bet you we could go ice skating on this stuff wow the olympics figure skating running kicks then unfortunately making a squishy pineapple has distracted from your life hacks the question is does this useless life hack actually bend the pole absolutely it just broke off all right so we got a pineapple we got silicon you know what's about to happen no i don't oh i i see that now whoa it's working bend down for one second yes look at that man that is my wing structure i was aiming for the legos that went really far nfl give them a call so if you're wondering how this relates to making a squishy basic this will create the mold that'll fill with the squishy material and that's gonna help me cross a tightrope race glad i found that i honestly can't believe that this works this is insane and this is for your wing this is for my wings so it's gonna be like that i still can't believe devin's about to look like a bird no like a dragon bro no sparrow sparrows are pretty cool too i'll take it pigeon okay we have a useless life hack that actually works so congratulations you found the first one because i don't know if this silicon one's quite working man you could have like bought a pineapple mold all right so i gotta go let this thing drop oh i got the one under my nail fudge that was not fun all right sick so let's let's go let this thing dry now and tend to my nail alright so i've got the mold i've taken the pineapple out and now it's time to create the squishy on the inside all right here we go time to pour it in here we go three two one let's go for it there we go holy cow okay so this is foam not elephant toothpaste this is foam right here so we're gonna like clear off the top let it set all right and i just have to attach a couple more of these pvc pipes and then the frame will be done oh and we have partnered with adobe to bring you a massive giveaway so stick around to find out how you can enter in for the chance to win the diys are done and bro those wings are insane yeah they might be a bit overkill now for this race whoever makes it backwards across the balance beams all the way first wins and if we fall off we're gonna be landing on a painful bed of legos or in a massive pool of slime and you know what to make it even more fun we've actually brought along our friends who've got water balloons squirt guns and a whole bunch of other stuff they'll be throwing at us to try to knock us off as we go across these balance beams all right evan you ready i'm ready all right here we go three two five subscribe challenge we wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds you ready here we go five four three two one done he'll do that comment down below keeper squad right now and let's go for it three two one go whoa naughty you're taking me we shouldn't have connected these oh oh that was not fun all right so i fell off and i gotta get back up the slime is all over my feet is it slippery yes your wing is hitting me i'm sorry i'm sorry take the wing out no sorry this pineapple sucks this light pack is busted here we go three two one here i just want to make it to the orbeez pool okay oh man okay why are you on my side okay dude oh my kidney oh how have you not fallen in the legos yet who's all my other kidneys do i have two kidneys because they both hurt extend the wing oh yeah balancing i got good vibes about this one man oh yes oh my gosh seven won the first one but that doesn't matter because it really comes down to the orbeez obstacle course oh man i'm going to turn ourselves into human boats so right now let's go oh this is so hurting me jamaican across the pool you challenged us to turn ourselves into real life human boats using a whole bunch of ridiculous life hacks and the first ridiculous life hack is opening up a soda bottle with an axe here we go oh back in my eyes still got me bro dude we blasted the ceiling bro it's raining so as you're making a wack boat over there i'm making a balloon helmet for my first bit of inflatable flip oh come on perfect no me i did that well we're both on the channel so you know exactly teamwork dynamic duo all right so i have to blow up some balloons balloon fire extinguisher though i'm doing it with a completely unrealistic unnecessary life hack sounds like our channel all you need to know is i'm making dry ice three two one so i got some dry ice it's as simple as that there's nothing you know what man this is a life hack that's very important stuff for like less than a dollar you can get way more nice than that because life hacks time for me to make the floaty stuff that's going to go inside of my little ski pole booby over here right now i'm just going to add in some shaving cream over here all right so we're going to put this into the hot water here the dry ice yes and boom you're gonna blow up the balloon yeah yeah all right well you know what i gotta say the life pack it's a useless life hack because i don't know it does granted take a little bit longer but it works another life pack is see called doesn't work the next thing i got to add in over here is some cornstarch and that's kind of like really adds to the fluffiness of the substance wait wait what are you doing it just took too long i don't got time for that you don't got time for this this life i thought hack gonna throw it on the ground to be honest no no i don't break stuff dude that's not who i am all right well now that i got all my balloons blown up it's time to make a waterproof glue make some what so i got this mixture here which is sugar water and flour it looks like yogurt so i'm going to put this vinegar in here all right here we go i've got the no mess corn like frisbee bro see look at this dude it's a frisbee here okay let's check the speed you all right so i'm gonna put this vinegar in here and just stir it up real quick all right so i got this here this nice glue just gonna put it on my helmet here we go wait comes you're doing what i'm going into the corner what are you doing all right we don't need to do that why are you doing that all right here we go three two one space protected here we go here like this oh yeah that's very nice holy cow some of the remnants of the um what's it called, cornstarch got my eyeball are you saying croissants i want performances okay next i need some webbed hands i have to be able to swim around like a fish swim around i sound like stage from the ice age dash candy knight to make my webs hands i need the glove and a door what what incarnation bow to his majesty what kind of medieval contraption is this the first thing you need is a glove that's right if you never want to touch gloves again we got the glovinator for you start touching a glove but just ignore this part okay it didn't happen yeah it did not happen all right so i'm going to turn on the vacuum seal here it should just do its thing now well here we go i got my ski poles to stab this in over here and this here is gonna be a floatation buoy how am i supposed to remove it yet but i thought i never had to touch a glove again this is falsely advertised falsely advertised by whom all right i'm going to let this thing set in time for me to make the next part of my human boat here we go we got these lifeguard buoys saving lives and making it look good in the process these are going to act as the flotation devices on my feet in addition to a whole bunch of dumb boogie boards all right my ski pool flotation devices are all set and now the last thing i got to do is hydro dip them in a whole bunch of flex seal here we go three two one you know the bucket to the table oh man let's just pull it out that stuff looks so cool yep what are you doing though i am velcroing these pool noodles to this jacket so i can float i'm gonna dip this one in here with a three twist get it on my jacket no i'm gonna get the top real quick i'm gonna draw this up and it's time for the reveal of these suits we are all suited up in our human bows and bro you look absolutely insane thank you looking at these now compared to the orbeez pool i think it's gonna be complete overkill so yeah i've got an idea let's incorporate our actual pool into the obstacle course right now let's head over to the pool then we'll jump back to the orbeez but we're going over the pool now let's do it now it's time for us to test these life hacks against our first obstacle the pool of treachery basically we have to make it all the way across the pool take off our human boats and finally jump in the hot tub hit the buzzer and the first person to do that wing oh i also forgot to mention there's gonna be a whole bunch of people throwing water balloons giant exercise balls to make it even more interesting so now here's the reveal of our human boats three two one it's finally time to share how you can enter for a chance to win insane prizes and even appear in a video with us so we partnered with adobe to bring you the influencer summer camp contest there's gonna be multiple challenges and each challenge will give you the chance to win some insane prizes and the first challenge create your best meme is kicking off right now yep so go to coskeyx adobecom download the creative cloud and remember students always get 60 off then use one of the adobe apps like photoshop to create your best meme and once you've created the meme post it on instagram twitter or facebook with adobe means for prizes and hashtag collins x adobe contest and boom you've been entered into great and bonus prize alert if you go to collinskeyexadobe

com vote on your favorite meme you can win even more prizes so what are you waiting for click the top link in the description and come join us on our influencer summer camp contest three two one tunnel look at these man now this is what i'm talking about hey don't touch me with those weird little noodles i can't even hug you man yeah i don't want to be hugging your weird little noodly arms all right the race is about to begin you ready devin here we go three two one oh all right gonna make so clearly i lost oh there we go all right so now it's on to the next one all right we have taken off our human boat it's gotten all dried off and it is finally time to tackle the orbeez obstacle course all of its glory man so the first thing here is the wipe out ball we're gonna bounce away across these then we're gonna make it to the punching wall over there have to throw balloons at a target once you hit the target you can move on to the next part which is the teeter-totter wall once you make it over that you gotta cross the boogie boards climb up on the scaffolding and finally pop all the balloons as you look for the final end buzzer oh i also forgot to mention there's gonna be a whole bunch of people throwing water balloons maybe even more interesting whoever hits that buzzer first if they win it's gonna be me i don't know about that now in my opinion the most difficult part of this entire obstacle course is gonna be trying to throw those water balloons at a target we're getting punched a whole bunch of times oh so that's where we like the watermelon no no not yet devin we're gonna wait on the watermelon trust me it's gonna be used at the perfect moment the life hack that i'm focusing on is gonna make sure that i don't get punched once oh okay well i think the hardest part of this course is gonna be that teeter-totter so i'm gonna make a life hack to help me get over that all right right now let's go make our life hacks and then it's time to jump into the orbeez obstacle course so let's go in preparation for the ultimate wipeout for us we're making some diy shields and i'm making some sticky gloves yes we are no that was not called foreign fear so the first life hack i'm doing is basically this tube right here you see this thing is filled with water this is going to be the strap that i'm going to use across my satchel side if you can just cut right there all right sure three two one there we go that was not what i expected okay here we go three two one oh there we go whoa first diy is done and i gotta say i think it was a complete win across the board couldn't have gone better bam are you kidding me i'm not kidding devin i'm for reals we did all of that for that exactly because now it's stretched for my sticky glove i'm making a growing glove which is a life hack apparently so we'll find out you ready wait whoa yo are you all right dude are you okay i think you might be stuck oh yeah i think it is stuck man what is going on so this is gonna be the mold for my glove and i have no idea how i'm gonna get my hand out you seem to use some like sorcery magic to get it in there so maybe you need some sorcery magic to get it out devin and luckily for you a very industrial magic wand here we go now i gotta say the magic words ready down i'm gonna aim for your heart that's the only way to make this work so if you're gonna stand like this so i can see you here we go three two one this thing is not accurate but the real question how did it help the thing a dab for the crowbar dabra respectfully so nicely done that's gonna be the mold yes this will be the mold for my sticky gloves all right and this is gonna be the base of my shield because here's the thing as we go across this wipe out obstacle course there's gonna be a whole bunch of objects flying out so we gotta protect to make sure we don't get knocked off the course so first thing you gotta do when you try to hold the shield what don't you want a handle i'm making my own custom handle because this handle not reliable i need something that i know is battle tested and can take i don't know shrimps because who knows what they're gonna be throwing at us man like shrimps could be coming flying like a shrimp cocktail that's what you're most concerned about do it flying shrimps are crazy bro oh yeah all right a lot of legs are here time to pop the handle off you're bending that shield dude okay you know what i think we're going to reverse it the other way wow all right so now that my mold is made i have this silicon here i'll figure out how to get this handle off don't you worry i'm going to pour into here for my sticky glove you ready for this yes all right so the handle is not coming off three two one oh dude look at the colors in this thing it looks so good now the silicone is on the inside i'm gonna let this solidify off to the side here and now i'm gonna melt down some of these sticky hands well due to that time for me to get my shields be a little bit more flat cause right now it looks like what it is which is a trash can lid would you mind holding this for one second look place it like this a little hatchery here we go fashion is devin's passion here we go he's gonna pick this up over here yeah this is very heavy oh so you see what i'm doing over here is pretty genius i'm just moving my heavy equipment over here this stuff is great sticky hands for my sticky gloves bro where'd my trash lid go hold on what do you mean it's on my head oh what's that all about thank you let's uh let's see who's gonna take it here like this i don't know how to use this to be completely honest dude this isn't actually working very well you and me both devin you and me both so therefore captain america steal the background i'm just saying i could be in the movies yeah now cause it has to come back now the only unfortunate thing is that this isn't quite vibranium i think it's called aluminum and it is bent quite out of shape if you're having trouble bending aluminum bro i cannot imagine you as a superhero okay that luminous that was uncalled for that's aluminum not vibranium bro sure you know what instead of doing this i think i'm just going to put this in the oven to heat it up that's terrible dude look at the hand that i got out of the mold couldn't you just use like a regular glove instead of like filling that because what this is useless life hacks bro i forgot yeah this is a useless life pack here next time we don't want to paint these things are filled with paint this was again another terrible life hack because yeah they didn't stay on here so here's the deal i gotta paint my shield for no other reason then aesthetically it's gotta look beautiful as i'm on the wipeout course because uh you guys know me aesthetic beauty is my main thing so what's up what i'm known for so here we go i'm just gonna empty out the stuff like this yo we're actually doing something similar but this is actually the melted down uh sticky hands so happy to hear that devin we got all the paint on here and this is a life hack i saw on tick tock so i don't know if it's actually going to work or not but this way i'm making it look really cool usually i'm not the artsy one but this time i think i am here we go three two one i slept that got paint everywhere man look at this on the top of it looks like trash dude i can't believe these melted down sticky hands actually worked now all i got to do is just peel it off with this mold and then i'm done all right so it's got to finish these things up and then it's time to tackle the wipeout obstacle course all right we finished up our life hacks and these are going to be so important to make sure we make it across the obstacle course mine's a shield to make sure no one punches me on that punch wall and man these gloves are sticky all right so right now it's time to go place these exactly where they need to be on the obstacle course so i'm going to put my gloves over here so that they're ready for the wall i always just trip man that's not a good sign for this obstacle course i'm already tripping oh it's hot it is hot holy cow oh jeez okay okay put it down there good to go all right let's hop back over so the first thing here is the wipe out balls we're gonna bounce away across these then we're gonna make it to the punching wall over there have to throw balloons at a target once you hit the target you can move on to the next part which is the teeter-totter wall once you make it over that you gotta cross the boogie boards climb up on the scaffolding and finally pop all the balloons as you look for the final end buzzer oh i also forgot to mention there's gonna be a whole bunch of people throwing water balloons maybe even more interesting whoever hits that buzzer first if they win it's gonna be me i don't know about that we'll decide who goes first with a classic game of rock paper scissors do it here we go rock paper scissors shoot oh nice to meet you rock paper scissors shoot all right so i get to start so right now let's run the course here we go three two one if you want access to exclusive content special events and a whole bunch more click the link in the description and join our keeper club it's completely free to join we cannot wait to see you there it's a ton of fun and right now let's run the course three two one holy cow i took a ball to the face i got your back on again okay there we go okay here we go and you know what spoilers we made it through obstacle number one and now it's time to throw water balloons into the target without getting punched where's my left hand all right so we have my shield here the issue this is super tough here we go here we go there's all right here we go it's over but not available thank you for not hitting me in point blank range i appreciate it oh just imagine i'm stepping on the boogie boards right now wait how do we pop them just with my hands all right dude i gotta find this buzzer man before you get in huh okay here's the trip oh cause i'm brutal man holy cow how many more hits i can take my eye don't try this at home all right guys we are a little bit high up right now there's only a few balloons left i'm trying yes and i won the orbeez obstacle course you know what that means i get to light the matches watermelon man i wanted to do that so bad the ultimate prize so right now let's go light it up it is finally time to reveal what's up with this life hack here and since i won the majority of the obstacles that means i get to demonstrate it's awesome power so bumped i don't even know what this is for if you were to take a guess what do you think this life hack is for devin uh haircuts what i don't know haircuts no no think about it a bowl cut you know it's like in a watermelon bowl basically took a watermelon stuffed with a whole bunch of matches and are you ready for it the big reveal of what the flight pack is three two one the ultimate cool light as you can tell are you kidding like 3 000 that's what it is imagine it just glistening and glowing in the light man does it actually float wait wait no it doesn't really float yeah get it get it out it doesn't really you're gonna mess up my matches devin kind of flows but not really yeah all right so grab the lighter and we gotta say do not try this at home three two one if you want to win some insane prizes put the top link in the description and join our influencer summer camp contest the first challenge create your best meme kicks off right now so click the link literally right now right now appear in one of our youtube videos right now let's light this thing up all right here we go three dude you don't have this since i won the majority of the obstacles how about i get to light it so here we go we're gonna have to swim in the darkness now devan i was so ready to light this thing come on i think i think it still works try to light it oh i spent hours on this are you kidding me you know what i'm gonna have to retry this for tick-tock but if you want some of the video click right over here you got five seconds here we go five four three two one done love you bye

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