3 DIY VIRAL SLIMES TESTED!! Learn How To Make the BEST DIY Fluffy Crunchy & Butter Slime Recipe

– [Both] Oh! – My gosh You challenged us to test a whole bunch of Instagram famous slimes and we're kicking it off with the most requested one

– [Both] Butter slime – Oh no, no No, no no you don't – I was so close – You will not be doing that

(laughing) Ew okay, okay stop it, stop it Okay lesson learned If you're inside, this is not a messy challenge Truce? – And truce – Take my hand

Truce – Truce – All right Now that we're all cleaned off, Devan you have officially lost your shaving cream privileges and step number one for the butter slime needs, where'd you get that? Okay so step number one you got to add the glue to, are you kidding me? – You never know when, might, might go You never know

– So guys step number one you're going to add the glue – Some glooby glue – Gloop gloop gloop gloob – Whoop whoop whoop try saying that 10 times fast – Glooby glue, glooby glue, glooby glue, gloob gloob gloob gloob

(hollering) – All right next up, baking soda – No shaving cream – Oh – Tips of these – All right

(pounding) – [Announcer] Two hours later (pounding) – How's that working out for ya? – Not too good Boom Add it in, sha boinks, okay Next up

Oh my gosh Baking soda, he got baking soda – No, that joke's from like 2015 – Yeah but you got it on your shirt so it's, that's still funny All right so let's see we're just going to grab a little teaspoon out

Ha My mouth is like foaming bro (pounding) Baking soda, I taste baking soda We have to do one more – Taking it back in

– That's not sanitary – No it's not – Okay next up, two tablespoons of contact solution – Next up we have to mix it til it's marshmallowy (moan) (trilling) – Getting nice and marshamllowy, whoa ha ha

Nice dude The thing about these slimes, like I've seen these things blowing up all over Instagram and I really want to test to see whether they're actually legit Yo this is some crazy feeling slime It feels like a sh'more – Really? – Like a marshmallow

– Like a sh'more – A sh'more, we're creating our own vocabulary We're like Shakespeare – Slight deviation from the normal vocabulary (laughing) – [Blonde] It feels super bizarre

– [Devan] Oh it does, it feels like a marshmallow actually – It's not slimy but like it looks like you would want to bite into it Okay so next step Devan is to add the clay and that's how we turn this from mush mallows into booter slyme Now put it in the center – Okay

– [Blonde] Okay and then yes nice, smoosh it it – Oh – I can hear it popping inside, that's crazy – Oh this feels so good – Let's do this, let's split it in half that way we can go double time on it

I'll take half, whoa We've got two different strats right now I'm going to go for adding a bigger mound of clay, he's going for smaller amount – And I'm going for a more modest amount Let's go

– There you go he's going to push it in (old time piano music) Oh that look he worked out so well When you kind of spread to begin with 'cause it doesn't get all clumpy then in the middle It just like really mixes right into it – That's a good idea

– Oh So my butter slime is all ready and Devan's didn't quite turn out – No it's not so great It just crumbles apart – Oh my gosh this looks so cool

– Oh you nailed it It looks so good – It looks crazy So now we're going to add the yellow dye to it and that way it's going to now look like butter and then we're going to try to do the ultimate butter slime test which is like spread it with a knife There we go, for for it

All right that's enough, that's enough that's enough – Your whole hands are all yellow Oh my gosh – I fail all across the board – This slime is crazy how much is actually resembles butter

– [Devan] Whoa – You can see it's starting to like come through a little bit – Mine looks like cheese – [Blonde] Yo – [Devan] Oh that looks

– This looks seriously like butter – It looks just like butter – Oh my gosh

This is insane – [Both] Whoa oh (cracking) – Oh Darn it All I want is for my slime to be just like yours Collin

– Devan crushes me at like the pancake challenge which is all art, but then when it actually comes to the hands on craft stuff this is the first time I've ever like done it better than he has I'm shocked Flabbergasted – Are you going to try and flip it around – What, why would you do that my butter slime

Now for the ultimate test Will it butter? – I think it'll spread Hold on I just I want to cut it first – [Collin] Oh that went well – And then I'm just going to put this on there and then see if it will spread, no

Unh unh Nope, that did not really work at all – I dare you to take a bite out of the toast with it With the butter on it – You do? – Yeah

– Well after you smacking me in the face with shaving cream, I don't think so Hold up where mine really excels is bounciness See look at it – Mine does the same thing dude Yeah mine does the same thing

– No it's just not like mine – Oops I lost my butter – See mine just has this extra spring to it that– – Ow Just a nice little thing of butter here Let me see if I can just

– Spread it? – [Collin] Yeah we'll go from like right around here – [Devan] Oh – [Collin] The satisfaction

– That's nice Where did mine go so wrong? – This is like so satisfying Like I literally I did not think that slime would actually be able to spread like butter but oh my gosh this just looks so cool It looks just like butter Like this is crazy

Okay okay okay okay We just made the most satisfying butter slime of all time, what are you doing? The next one we are doing is called crunchy slime and it's kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum but still just as satisfying Glue me Devan – I got, chu bro Yo this is so cool, there's so many crunchy balls

– And this was actually suggested by the Instagram keyper of the week, so shout out to you and if you want to be featured as the Instagram keyper of the week, check the description down below to find out how but all of you commented and let us know that you wanted us to make this slime pink so we got the pink dye and let's add it in right now The spoon of destiny is going to mix it all around (old time piano music) This looks like strawberry yogurt – Oh it does – It's crazy how one color can make glue look like the most delicious food in the entire world

I low key want to eat glue right now – I don't Next up is this Sta-Flo – Sta-Flo – And this one you just eyeball it and then pray for the best

– If you ever wondered how to make slime, we don't know So we eyeball it Oh my gosh – Oh, no – This does not look good

It went from looking so delicious to like expired Devan hit me with some more Sta-Flo – [Devan] There you go – That's perfect – [Devan] Yeah it's getting pretty solid

– Oh – It looks so cool – Making slime is so much fun Like it's truly a passion of mine (raspberry) (laughing) That was the best attempt we've had yet

– It was like bubblegum – So I think next it's time to add the crunchy elements to it – All right (slapping) Air drop – Oh

Just sticks to it Give him some more Oh, wow – Oh – Hey

They just stick Ah that's so funny This is so much fun I'm just going to chuck all of these – No, no no no

– All right you ready Oh the mess is so worth it – [Collin] I think we're just going to close him up – [Devan] Trying to make his head – Here we go

Oh, this is so cool Bloop, bloop bloop, blue la loop I got to admit like this is cool, but it's not like crunchy – I feel like we should add this one – All right here we go

Oh, ah ho ho Oh that looks so cool All right don't drop any Collins It's you know I'm over here being really clean and neat and tidy – Oh I can tell

This reminds me of the candy slime we made, it's just you can't eat this one, but like just with all the little things in there looks like you could eat it – [Devan] Oh that sounds so cool – [Both] Oh my gosh – [Devan] This stuff is so cool (popping) – All right let's stretch it out

Wait wait wait, but first, we've got a challenge I want to see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on your channel post notifications and give us a thumbs up – [Both] In seven seconds – You ready for this? – Yup – Here we go

– [Both] Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done If you can do that comment down below, keyper squad right now and let's see how this looks – All right you ready – Yo this turned out so cool – Pow

– Whoa Devan, have you ever felt like a fish bowl in a bowl of fish? – No – Well we're about to make some slime that resembles it – All right – This one sounds really confusing but it's called fish bowl slime

– Like which part of the fish bowl are we making? – I have no idea We're using clear glue for this one and then we're also going to use some glitter Can you grab the baking soda Devan? – Did you just say glitter? – I did – We're using glitter? – Yeah – Can we skip that step? – I didn't want to tell you about it but that's what we're doing

Devan and I are terrified of glitter if you guys didn't know Two pinches now – Two, no – Devan's like that was a pinch – Nicely done

– What a perfect pinch – Baking soda bae – Yeah This ain't just regular glitter bro, this glitter's extra fine – Just do a teeny little bit, please

That's perfect That's it, that's it No that's it – [Collin] We got to just add both of it – No, really, that's way too much

– Way too much okay – You're mixing this one – Now one more step before we actually turn this into slime is these things called filler beads – I don't think that's how you're supposed to open it bro – [Both] Oh

– They're even like stuck to my shirt How does that happen? – [Devan] That's it, that's it that's it – We're going to add a little bit of contact solution at a time Time to mix it up and to see how this goes – [Devan] Oh you're making little bubbles

But it looks so cool – Yo – Whoa That looks like so cool – Crazy

– I'm not a fan of glitter, but I got to admit glitter is, it's kind of essential for this one This is actually, yeah this is actually really good Oh my gosh and the glitter's not coming off It's a holy miracle The texture of this is so crazy

Like you can just, you can see all the little sparkles in it and everything Plus the beads This is really crazy We're about to stretch it out but if you want to be shouted out in the next video, comment down below and let us know that type of video should we do next Literally whatever you want us to do, comment down below right now

You ready for this, let's do it Three, two, one go for it – [Both] Whoa – My gosh (exhaling) It's so resilient, oh my gosh

– So cool – This stuff is crazy Listen to this (popping) – [Devan] All the little beads are making these air pockets – I want to stick my hand through it, you ready

– All right try it, try – Three, two, one – Oh, what What is going on – [Collin] It looks so trippy

– It's like Saran wrap or something Show the back of your hand too – Yo this looks crazy – Whoa – Oh my gosh

If you want to see us fill up a pool with 10,00 pounds of slime, oh my gosh, click right over here And if you want to see us make edible candy slime, click right over here Love you guys, bye – Bye – [Both] Oh

– My gosh

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