15 Weird Ways To Sneak Candy Into the Movies & How To Not Get Caught! Last To Drop Food Wins

everyone knows movie theater food is so expensive one skittles what why we're gonna show you how to sneak candy and snacks into the movies without being caught but here's the twist this is not your normal movie theater security and each theater is equipped with the most insane security checkpoint that we're gonna have to try to get through without being caught and by the end of the video whoever has the most amount of candy confiscated they will be ejected from the fever literally the first feeder you're sneaking candy into is protected by a vicious guard dog and i want to sneak in as much candy as possible in these skittles here you're the worst at opening bags to sneak by candy and i have a genius way of getting it inside these stuffed animals what i've got a way better way to sneak it in devin i've got oh bella are you kidding exactly so belle you want to tell them our master plan of how we're going to sneak you down all right so i'm going to pretend that i have a baby bump because i hear dogs are very protective of pregnant women back it up literally i'm going to have a booty that's voluptuous what yeah i'm going to waddle right in there man dog won't even look he'll sniff sniff nothing to see here just a sweet booty you guys are insane that's never gonna work but this is definitely gonna work so first we gotta find the perfect pregnancy belly for bella here so i think that was a nice shape and to all the stuffed animal lovers out there i'm sorry i actually needed to stay attached a little bit but this is perfect not to one up you devin but it's all the basketball lovers out there yeah i am sorry let's go all right here we go oh my goodness i don't feel too good right now i'm not as strong as i once was getting a little like bomb there we go it's now storm breaker mode so here we go three two one two there we go that's what i'm talking about so bella we are now in business come on over oh wow okay thanks let's see will that work hey there yeah i mean for a basketball it's relatively convincing so for mine i just have to remove some of the stuffing so i can fit a ton of candy into here all right we've lined the inside of the basketball with a whole bunch of rice krispies treats that way the dog will not be able to smell all the other candy how's the tiger going though it's going great so now that i have it empty it's time to fill it up with candy all right well the next thing i got to figure out is my booty and more importantly what i'm gonna put as my booty implants we'll try and cantaloupe and this little thing it gives me a little bit uneven but hey it's nature that's gonna go down your pants bro i don't think so man i think i can get it or here we go boom haters gonna hate i think i'm a hater on this one how does it look could that pass no no no no no oh no all right guys i'm gonna go for the global booty right here so i think that this would be better intergalactic right here i feel wrong having to open the globe up this way knowing where it's about to be but it just gotta go there we go i feel like this is one of the best halloween bags ever so what are you doing there's a hole in my booty all right i'm done i can't do this anymore so well it's been a pleasure what is so well you mean farewell i'm confused all right but you know what though i don't want to see candy until i'm back sorry welcome back the quantity of candy i am putting in this thing is insane i've already used half of my table over here all right bella i'm gonna try to take that belly to you so if you want to put it on for a second do it really fast yep three oh snap that was good okay here we go this is the worst painting i got you guys okay there we go this is so hard i don't want to get it running out of tape i think i'm not doing much to help this at all even though this is like my diy oh my arms stuck all right part of my diy here we go okay my arm is stuck all right well you know i think we should find a better way of securing it right now let's go try to sneak into the first movie theater this isn't convincing yeah this isn't gonna work bro we'll clean it up the first thing we're sneaking candy into is protected by a vicious guard dog it's time to sneak into the theater all right we were here to see what do you mean sir i'm gonna start with you okay all right yeah start okay tank's gonna have to sniff these stuffed animals okay why well why is there so many dude what are you doing why i got somebody's stuffed animals going to a little movie man what do you mean it's not a little movie it's a scary movie i see i i'm with you on this one i think this is super suspicious he's gonna have to check those out for all right we're gonna want to take a step back i'm looking at you i'm looking dead in your eyes you might have candy in his eyes sir good job he's gonna have to sniff these stuffed animals okay oh jesus oh okay then all right he's oh so what are you expecting three weeks three weeks she's uh how many months 18 18 months pregnant this wow fully developed brain is going to be next level algebra out the gate if she can just go into the movies would be great thank you so much a little funny could you take a little turn around and do it slow for me all right well let's just uh do a little turn just a little wow oh stop stop right here that doesn't look natural that's what you call 15 squats a minute man i think he needs to sniff your butt my dude i'm just i'm with my body this can't be theater appropriate this is outrageous this is outrageous yo give this video a thumbs up if you also think that this no more questions thank you very much bye tank all right cool let's hop inside thank you hey we were able to sneak the candy in theater number one but sneaking into theater number two is gonna be way harder because it's guarded by the candy crushing car wash it's a spinning nightmare designed to dislodge the candy and send it flying so right now try to get devin and hide our candy for the next theater we're going to try to sneak in as many gummy bears as we possibly can and the strategy on this one is to hide them in plain sight so i'm going to make arms and legs out of gums i'm going to make gummy clothing so right now we're going to cut a little hole in the inside so i got to get this over my head all right so i filled this hand with some gummies trying to remove the plastic hand from it here we go here's the hole let's see if we just try to this is so hard dude trying to fit through this thing here we go okay yeah all right here we go i'm in okay yeah oh hey here we go first part of the gummy shirt is not what that doesn't look very convincing i mean this doesn't look like like a shirt like fashion oh it's almost yeah oh dude why is it so floppy i feel violated all right so i got the gummy hand now it's time for the gummy leg all right did you do that time for me to put over here we got oh whoa so i got this tube that's filled with gummy and then i'm going to fill this with some candies now time to draw the logo here we go get out of here boom that's one g oh oh that actually kind of worked fly you literally almost hit me it's a little bit dirty but it works look at this he's a floppy man yeah there has no bones why do you do this to me every time add them comment down below such like not nice things all right don't comment down below a floppy man he's he's not a floppy man all right time to pack this in with some candy so it's not a floppy leg can you not do that like directly in my ear do you like it as much as his hands no you should slap me with it every time you have them comment down below something that's not super nice i get to slap you with this hand devin is the most wonderful brother of all time who doesn't hold me hostage he's amazing i don't like that hand do you know this i'll put it back okay for now all right so my gummy shirt is almost done once i'm done filling up this leg i'll have one gummy leg some gummy shoes and one gummy arm yep and then it's time to see if we can sneak through the candy crushing car wash dude this shirt is so sticky there's no one around this car all right wait wait wait right there boys what i'll be taking care of things here from now on oh my name's rico and i have a perfect candy contraband record that's not about to change today what even is this oh this is our candy crushing car wash my friend i brought it special from flagstaff arizona people it was handmade by my grandfather but sir oh i'm sorry what happened sir there's an orange footprint for each of your feet why don't you hop on okay yep there you go very well done two feet down now you hold on to the patented gripper well i'm way too cool for school so i'm gonna keep my arms crossed i would prefer sir if you put both regular sized and colored hands on the stick there definitely i'm glad you pointed that out but my hand did fall asleep on the way here that's why it's blue oh wrapping them together that wakes them up i'm sorry it hurts too much do you want me to do no no no no no no no i'm good he's clapping together no what do i do all right no no it's already working it's magic see this is what we call a centrifugal force discombobulator you have to disorient you're supposed to do that that means you're done i'm done thank you wait a minute we know where he's at his whereabouts are known you broke it how can i it's not broken it's performing exactly as it's meant to sure thing all right i'm just gonna use this as like a as a gondola thing from yes yes i think i'm doing pretty good on this all right okay that's perfect now we need you to go through the crusher oh gosh no way this seems like a terrible also from five staff i gotta walk through these are there we go three two we've been fighting subscribe challenge we will see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds you're ready here we go five four three two one done if you're able to do that comment down below keep your squad right now and let's go for it all right here we go three two one oh this is uncomfortable oh geez okay it's like tickling but like in a very kind of painful way okay and i'm through that i'm good to go right yes sir apparently there is no contraband candy to be had here i hope you enjoy your film see you later since the next theater is guarded by a giant mystery wheel we have no idea what we're actually up against so we're gonna have to get creative with the diys i am gonna make a baby out of candy i don't even wanna know how that works nobody is gonna suspect a cute little baby all right for me i'm gonna attach candy all over my body to my arms but the backpack is gonna be lit so i got my suit here and the first thing is i have to make the head of the baby just gonna pour it in here like this all right here we go pull the seats bam there we go that's what i'm talking about i gotta say i think your method might be a little bit better than my method even though i'm like a full-grown person i think the baby's actually working out a lot better so bro yes i mean they're not gonna suspect a thing let's suspect a thing and done all right so the candy arms are all in place whoa bro look at this whoa whoa whoa whoa you feel intimidated no yes actually yes so you're using a baby i'm using a backpack i gotta undo my backpack i'm all right dude i can't bend my elbow get out of here this baby needs a diaper how does this work man how does this work i don't know this is the perfect candy to put in the diaper cons just look at this gloriousness i don't think you're looking bro sorry about that you're not even paying attention what you've covered my entire baby i don't have dexterity man this is the perfect candy for the diaper are you putting up you're not hiding a babe ruth inside the baby's diaper oh yes i am dude that's disgusting can you imagine you're gonna be in the theater you whip out your baby first of all next thing you know you whip this diaper off you'll reach in grab that log yeah and you eat that long exactly you're gonna be in jail look at this dish he looks so look at his little legs this circulation is not happening oh i need to put a face on this baby too man what is it called little bro there yeah a little brother that's that little bro there you're gonna be the worst uncle ever ready for the face reveal come on that's three two one he is a little bit scary he looks so disturbing all right guys so the last thing i gotta do is fill up my candy backpack put a hoodie on and then it's time to sneak past whatever the mystery wheel throws at us dude i am so excited to see this movie with my baby girls hold up there boys to see if you are clean of any contraband candy spin the mystery wheel once whatever it lands on that will be your test that's that sounds good all right father man you're gonna have to give this thing a big spin you ready here we go three two one okay there we go but lucky for you mike here is a six degree black belt at guard joust so you're in for quite a while all right gentlemen on the pole i didn't think i would ever hear that in my life but all right so here we go sir under your shirt is that a spongebob plushy hyper realistic cake filled with candy no copy that standard question take your weapons thank you good luck to you sir appreciate it if candy is dislodged if we discover any of that you are out of the theater do you understand i understand and there is no such candy on me you can guarantee that sweep the leg i want a clean fight no funny business find that candy three two yo we're planning something super special for you but we need to know if devin and i created a challenge for you how excited would you be to play it comment down below i'm hyped if you want in candy fight in three two one fight michael oh the furious barrage of probing blows looking for weakness only getting angry i'm gonna need you to open that backpack yeah come on man this is not good oh no oh no you did it oh hell care yeah you better run that guy is unbelievable you're right yeah he is your turn can i just like go in you think just like go right in no one is exempt from trial your weapons serve thank you sir right gonna be put your morals aside this is about candy all right gentlemen on the pole candy fight in three two one hold on hi i know you're not gonna hit it baby there's no way where you're gonna hit a baby i can't believe the baby actually worked and i won this round the next theater is gonna be the hardest one yet we'll have to strike a pose and attempt to fit through these hilarious cutouts but if we can't we'll be falling into a painful bed of legos sneak candy through the hole in the wall i'm making a candy filled jacket as well as a taco hat and i'm making a candy filled baseball bat and wig i'm gonna be filling this baseball bat with a whole bunch of candy so to start i'm gonna drill a hole in the bottom of it yeah all right it is all hollowed out and now it's time to fill it up with some good candy i just got a jacket i'm gonna put this inside the jacket on my shoulders like this now we can sneak in a whole bunch of candy without them knowing anything gonna put a shoulder number one in here like this this is great man that's why i want to get huge shoulders down because if i want to take a nap you should just take your neck wherever i want wait a minute devin what taco thoughts yeah how are you gonna get it with a baseball bat that makes no sense devon with the baseball bat's gonna look like this he's gonna be coming in super sus i hope i don't look like you right now because you are definitely getting caught so right now let's go give it a shot taco tuesday yeah taco tuesday you represent taco tuesday don't do it okay they don't like taco tubes they don't like it very much yeah what's gonna happen gentlemen is we're gonna start pulling this wall okay we're gonna strike a pose i'm trying to fit through the hole can you demonstrate the pose full space mike wow i mean that was great that's incredible i don't need your transportation whoever can't make it through that hole yeah is getting pushed into this pit of super painful legos okay let's activate it in three two one tuesday shame but thanks trying to sneak candy you know hey yeah can you believe this guy check out his shoulder can you just shoulder i hope you rethink your life choices where do you think you're going taco i don't think have you seen this one good luck that was a partner exercise man holy cow mike or i could definitely make this work on our own but if you require assistance no i'm not saying assistance i'm just saying you may get it yes you are not unshamed but you are allowed to go into assistance thank you so much no no no okay so so here we go we gotta stand over here like that okay all right hold the wall test commencing in three here we go ready to go hold on turn okay what are you doing what are you doing oh what do you think that looks like popcorn to you that that's a popcorn that's oh here it is the final security checkpoint and this is going to be near impossible to sneak candy through because it is an insane obstacle course filled with axes spike balls and a whole bunch of other insane things so devin right now let's go make our final candy sneaking contraptions the final theater is gonna be the most difficult one to sneak into so we're gonna try to sneak in the most difficult foods for me an entire plate of nachos and i'm gonna be sneaking in an ice cream sundae under this hat devin's got a little helper in there lift up that was me all right so now that the shenanigans are done i'm going to put my hat down and this will be the bowl that i use to sneak in my chocolate sundae see you're using a hat devin i'm using a hat right here this is what's going to hold all the chips and we're going to put the cheese and the ties let's scatter some chips around the exterior here it's a pretty classy way of sneaking some chips in as long as my head doesn't go back when i'm in the obstacle course we will be good i'm gonna need a broom leading calling to the rescue whoa bro you're about to like foot sweep me what you call a goal here that's how you sweep off a mess watch and learn all right so i got the chips and next thing i need is some beans for my nachos popping one of these in here dude it's gonna be so delicious in the movie cleveland how to get a top hat what is this yellow thing but that's how i'm gonna put it in the hat so it's not just on my head oh that would be weird yeah that one's got a hot noggin so that would it would melt pretty quickly bro you're using pinto beans yeah to be completely honest i thought i bought refried beans don't come at me man we're gonna have to scoop to dupe some pinto beans in dude i have to wear these yeah i'm gonna have to wear these shoes you decided to do oh yeah go get your bean juice on beans down in the shoes bro oh my gosh dude you're gonna smell like a bean it's gonna be food flavored this is all sorts of nasty man i'm not looking forward to this all right so now i'm gonna dump these crushed up oreos in here oh yes that's gonna be so delicious we are on opposite end of the spectrum here man cause yours looks amazing and my tie is soiled with bean juice man the last thing you need for nachos is cheese we're gonna use this right over here we're gonna suck up some cheese yeah i'm gonna get this whole container in here all right so here we go we've got the cheese and then if you can just hold the tie in place for me for a second three two one that is the sound of delicious food being prepared so there we go here we go the wages like sags all right we've got everything we need to sneak in the final meal so now let's go tackle the obstacle course dude my head is so cold his head is super cold hello there there's something wrong with the ceiling yeah what is this must have a leak in our tortilla chip line oh yeah you have a tortilla that's how it works it's a movie theater of course we have a tortilla chip oh yeah have you ever been to a movie theater all right gentlemen let's set some ground rules yes the first thing you're gonna do is go over or under the hurdles of shades dude wire on them what are you guys doing pointy stingy shave then you go backwards through the swinging axes of shame backwards bro we can't see what we're gonna do exactly exactly once you clear those you go through to the wrecking balls of demolishmation yeah of shame all right gentlemen are you ready i'm ready man run the course let's do it mike man the ball man those balls all right gentlemen last time yeah and remember if we see any candy or snacks you're out here you're not gonna see anything by me all right three here two one go for one oh my god i'm gonna decide to go under i think oh yeah it's coming from somewhere all right so i gotta make it over this one here okay there we go boom all right hey welcome hey do this bros right here it this does not pass regulations this could not be saved you guys even work here bro i knew it since devin lost it is finally time to eject him from the theater in the most disrespectful way possible all right okay here we go yeah you know what i'm not a professional i don't know how to launch people out of cherries but my friend dwayne he is a professional yeah professional dude is this a profession that's a professional see dwayne says it's professional let's do a little test right now without depending all right here we go let's launch the chair devin this is going to be you in a moment all right no three two one go for it oh no oh my goodness oh no did you see the chair yeah that chair didn't make it man it's lost a couple limbs clearly this is way too dangerous to do with an actual person so we're not gonna do it with an actual person we're gonna use a dummy over here so again do not try this at home and now let's launch this dummy out of the chair and all the jokes aside do not sneak candy and snacks into the movies support your local theaters if you want to see another video click right over here you got five seconds here we go five four three two one done love you bye

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