10,000 Pounds of Candy Turned Into Candyland – DIY Art Challenge in Real Life for 24 Hours

– You challenged us to turn our house into a real life Candyland and were kicking it off with makin a candy garden We've got a whole bunch of melted down Gummy Bears in here that we're going to be coating, here this one is you ready? – You ready? Here we go – [Both] 3,2,1 (glass shattering) – You blew it bro, are you kidding me? – This is a college moment – You got it on my face! It's gonna stain my nose

– I know, we've got to get this off! – That took forever to clean up and it has literally stained everything Got a new uh, a new gummy bear – I do man – What happened to your old one? – It kind of popped in the process unfortunately so now I've got the melted down Gummy bears and I'm gonna fill in this giant Gummy bear – So now I'm gonna be making some soda soaked watermelon so basically you take a soda thing like this, open up no! No! – Whoa, whoa! – No! Get in there – Wow! – Basically the goal here is you want the soda to soak all through the watermelon, really permeate the juices – Wait, is this how we make a purple watermelon kong? – Get it deep in there! – Dude, you have to warn me! – I don't have to warn you, Devan, it's not in the contract – Well then, I don't have to make this really cool Gummy bear tree – See this is different, you don't make a cool gummy bear tree you will get flamed in the comments So light this man up

– I would not say that You might actually light me up in the comments – All right so don't light him up in the comments – All right so Collins I'm gonna need your help to hold this gummy bear – Got up into the goop on my hands so I can't quite put my gloves on properly

Wanna drop it in? – Yeah I'm ready man – Drop a load – Here we go (laughs) – Yup! Yup there we go I'm doing a great job Devan Oh! Come on! Come on! Think thin streams

– I can't see it – It just drenched me dude I'm not doing as good a job – I think we got it man – All right

– I'll help, I'll help All right well I just have to fill this thing up entirely, and next up I'm making a strawberry but with an apple So let me do that and then I'll be right back – All right next we're gonna empty out the watermelon and turn it sour – [Devan] All right I have everything I need to turn these apples into strawberries

I'm coating it in this nice melted chocolate here, so I can attach these jolly ranchers – We're gonna use a drill here to chop up the inside of the watermelon So here- this thing really scares me man Okay so here we go (laughs) – I feel like a rockstar in a way (laughs) Wait what? What rockstar does that? Oh! We blasted the ceiling bro look at that – We? We? We? You and I? – As a duo As a dynamic duo

– All right, so now, I have to attach these jolly ranchers on the top – All right here we go, so we're gonna take the chunks out and just drop them in here Basically hollowing out the watermelon, (grunts) it's not working – Whoa! – Dude, look! It actually looks pretty cool (light bang) There we go! It's going in here, flippin' scooping it out

Scoop-da-da-doop doo-doo-poo-poo-pa! I gotta say I love being outside I am fully uninhibited to be my greatness (splash) – Wow! This literally feels no different than inside to me – Next up, it's time for me to make the sour insides of the watermelon So, I melted down a whole bunch of sour patch watermelon over here

So now, I'm going to drench all the actual watermelon in the sour patch watermelon – All right, so, I finally have half of it coated I separated some yellow "Nerds" here, and these are gonna be the seeds of the strawberry – If you could just hold the actual watermelon for me I'm gonna dump this in – I can

– So if you wanna grab the actual watermelon, it's right over the- – Yeah, okay What? – You checking your nails? – This just in, YouTube star, Devan Key checks his nails So lift up that water- holy cow, this is heavy – Ugh, this is heavy – All right, lot of heavy stuff

– Is it going in? – Yup! Oh, yup yup yup! – Is it going in? – It's splashing a little bit but it's going in It's very chunky are you supposed- th-th-that's it! – Is it going in? Is it full? – Pull back, pull back – It's full? – Yes it's very full – Oh wow, that is very full The last thing you gotta do is add a beautiful mirror glaze to the exterior of my watermelon

Let me grab that real quick (splatter) – Ugh! Whoa whoa! – I'm sorry I didn't mean that – Its all good – For the strawberry stem, I'm actually gonna use these fruit roll-ups – Time to add a mirror glaze it's gonna look so satisfying

All right here we go, – [Both] 3,2,1 Whoa! – [Collins] Man! – [Devan] Nice! – [Collins] Dude! – [Devan] It looks so cool coming out of the container too – [Collins] It looks so beautiful! All right, gloves are coming off

So this thing now, just has to set here It's time to head back inside to make the rest of the candy garden – Lets do it! – We got all the elements for the edible garden Bro, that gummy bear, like, what happened? It's very interesting – Bro, it's like 40 pounds

– All right well here is the big reveal – [Both] 3,2,1 TA DA! – [Collins] Look at these, man! These are just a few examples, of all the things we're gonna be adding into the candy garden for the massive candy room and we'll be eating that at the end of the video For the next part of Candyland it's time for us to make a real life edible candy circus

We got the yeet hammer and a carnival game Let's give this a shot (bell dings) – Ah! – And that is why I don't go to circuses man All right, right now, let's get into it To start off, I'm making a jello slushy

Collins what is that? What is that? No, no, no – I'm battering you up, Devan You look great! To be clear, I am making a funnel cake ice cream sandwich so I put the batter here in this squirt gun – That wasn't clear at all – That wasn't clear? – No

– All right So right now, it is time to make some funnel cakes for real though so we're gonna place the safety glasses on – I got my hot jello here, I got some dry ice in here so now I'm gonna pour that in here the goal is to freeze it and make it look awesome – [Collins] That does look pretty awesome the way it's just steaming up – And you're probably thinking how on earth are you gonna make a jello slushy? – Actually, Devan I was thinking how on earth are you gonna make a jello slushy? – Oh my gosh, I'm glad you asked! – Don't touch me

(laughs) – Let's keep it cordial – 6 feet distance – 6 feet apart Not because of the quarantine, there was another incident that happened – Yeah, it was that

– Devan, get me down – Yeah – All right so here we go, I've got a whole bunch of batter here in this lovely cooking thing I don't know what the thing's called I don't garden So here we go, let's just do a little pour

– [Both] Oh! – That's hot! – You're deep frying it – Yeah we're deep frying it! That's how we make a funnel cake Just step back a little bit, and then just Ahhh, that's not good

This is not good! Turn this off real quick Also wanna mention do not try this at home! We are trained professionals – Well we're not trained We're professionals – Yeah! How's your jello slushy coming along? – It's not going great but it's gonna work, you know? It's gonna work

– So I'm actually just gonna pull it out I'm not even gonna flip it cause that would be a terrible idea Then underneath it that thing's resilient, BOOM! – Wow! That's cool! – Funnel cake! – Whoa, look at this dude, it's bubbling up! – [Collins] It's just a couple bubbles man – It was cool! I mean, come on It had no bubbles before, and then it had bubbles That's cool

(applause) – [Collins] Next up, gonna make some colorful funnel cake Whoa yeah! – Whoa yeah! – Okay well there we go we've got color number 1 We're gonna go two colors simultaneously, BOOM! – [Devan] You've got it too high again bro – Yeah I got it just a smidge high – I think that's too much, bro

I think that is way too much – Purple protestants – No dude! I think that's too much! – Yeah I guess you're right, here I go Purple from a distance, BOOM! – Yeah I guess you're right, let me just do it anyway – All right that's definitely a great band name

Purple from a distance – They only sell back row seats

– Fun fact, they're actually back there You zoom in, at a distance Time to get out my second funnel cake I don't know if you can call this, like, a funnel cake It looks more like, just like a patty almost Oh! Yeah it's crumbling

– [Devan] That is a little bit weird – Gonna move it down over here like this Let's see it does a little plop, okay, there we go! Funnel crumble The first part of my ice cream sandwich is done So funnel cake

And now it's time to make some delicious popcorn, that's gonna go around the outside of the ice cream All right so we've got the funnel cake right here I've got the popcorn which will be kind of like the topper on top of it I filled up the super soaker with a whole bunch of ice cream You wanna feel it, to confirm it's cold? – It is cold – All right so here's the deal we're gonna add the ice cream on here because that's how they do it at all circuses and carnivals

So here we go – [Both] 3,2- – Wait 3 second like challenge we want you to like this video in 3 seconds, you ready? Here we go – [Both] 3,2,1, done! 3, 2, 1 (spits) – Holy cow, it got the squeaks! – Oh, oh there's something hanging out of it Oh jeez – Think if it was chocolate ice cream that would be uh, that would be a little bit bad – Well I need to pour this cereal into the liquid nitrogen here The reason this is called dragon's breath cereal is because when you put it in your mouth- – Whoa! (buzzer) (laughs) – Let me try it again, let me try it again

– [Both] 3,2,1 (suspenseful music) – Oh! There you go! Yeah! There you go! All right well I've got the actual tub of ice cream here so now its time to add all the actual ice cream Oh man this is a weak little thing – So this was my topper to my slushy so I'm gonna- what are you doing? – I'm doing it with my hands – Well I'm gonna take this here and I'm gonna pour this – Ow! Finger freeze! – [Devan] Just look at this though – My hands so cold! I look at that and it kind of triggers me because my hands are so cold at the same time that that's so cold

– This is definitely colder than your hand, Collins I can tell you that (groans) – You wanna feel my hand? – I don't It is time to deep fry some twinkies and some snickers – All right so speaking of stuff that's been fried I've got my funnel cakes over here

I'm gonna pop this on top of the ice cream – Dude, that got soggy – Yeah it did – That got a little soggy – I don't need you to rub it in Devan

So here's the thing, I've also got my popcorn – That got soggy – This cuts me at a very deep level it hurts All right so gonna add some popcorn down over here All right here we go gonna pick it up like this and then, (chuckles) Those weren't even any words

So we're gonna take this we're gonna pack it on the outside over here like this and again this is gonna be for my freak shake because Devan's making his own freak shake My freak shakes gonna be even freakier than Devan's – Nah no chance – Yeah man got the freakiest of the freak shakes it's gonna be freaky fresh – Well mine's gonna be freaky! – Mine's gonna be FREAKY! – Well mine's gonna be FREAKY! – Mine's gonna be (screeching) – Now that I've got my twinkies and my snickers all skewered I'm gonna dip it into this colored batter here so, BOOM! – And now, I deep fry it! Look at that, man! Look at that! Where'd you go? – I just got a little scared cause like you stuck it in the oil right when I arrived

I've got a large chunk of ice here we're gonna be setting this down I've also got some dry ice using some shaved ice as the base of my freak shake So I've gotta shave up some ice now Are those the twinkies? – These are the snickers in the funfetti – Oh, dude, that's gonna like melt the chocolate

Oh! that actually sounds lowkey really delicious – Uh huh – [Devan] Turn the ice upside down it looks like he has hair now – I think its the dry ice it, like, froze all the water around it So now let's get some shaved ice

3,2,1 I've been waiting to use this thing – Oh yeah! – All right here we go, 3, 2, 1 OH! – My feet are cold, it got on my feet – Well that definitely got us some shaved ice man I even looked away, I couldn't look I was like it's gonna be too crazy

– Look at this bro, it's totally different than what you're doing But its very cool stuff – Is it a glaze? – Yes, here we go – [Both] 3,2,1 OH! – Awe man! – Yeah! – Maybe go back over it a little bit You probably shouldn't actually listen to me cause I'm terrible at this kind of stuff but- – [Devan] Whoa! – [Collins] Whoa! That looks awesome dude that's sweet! – I am very proud of myself, this looks awesome – I did have a small suggestion that could've helped out – Good job – Thank you very much – All I gotta do is just collect a bunch of the shaved ice I made with my giant yeet hammer and then that'll be the base of my freak shake

Then I gotta add some flavoring to it All right time to make the flavor for my shaved ice – [Devan] My trusty steed has arrived – You're your own trusty steed? – These are my trusty steeds Collins – Ah, yes

Very reliable – These legs don't need any steed – I'm making a straw man barbell and I'm using these for the weights on either end What are you doing? – I'm making the flavor for my freak shake, man My freaky shake

– [Devan] So I have some royal icing here that I'm gonna fill, oh, that's cool! And this is gonna get really hard and solid, sorry Collins were you trying to say something? – Yep! The blueberries are n the cloth right now and not it's time to get the juice out and this is gonna be the flavoring So here we go (grunts) – You're leaking so much of it, man! – I know! – All right now time to smash the berries let's go: 3,2,1, AH! There we go! – [Devan] Look at that! – [Collins] This is totally failing That's actually really awesome dude! I'm actually very much into this right now that's gonna be absolutely delicious – Well I need to make one more of these and this is totally not working so I'll be right back

– All right while he does that we're gonna add the raspberries in here cause the show don't stop Just squeeze these in here, oh man! All right for the topping I have some condensed milk here which should freeze on impact – [Devan] Oh yeah! – Oh! – [Devan] That was like one of your greatest creations – How is it, that right when I'm about to get something that looks cool I screw it up – Well I made two of these things and then I also made this nice taffy candy cane right here

– Taffy? – Yeah and if you look at it it's like a barbell Next up I have to glaze it You ready? You ready? Here we go, 3, 2, 1 – Oh that's gonna look so nice! – Oh it's like a hydro-dip, an edible hydro-dip Spin it, lift it, OH! – I'm out! I'm done! – Look at that thing – I'm outta here

– Are you actually leaving? – Well we have to take a- AH COME ON! Come on! – I'm so sorry for you – It just squeezed out all the pulpiness I'm gonna find a way to fix this but I think we've got everything we need for a candy circus We've got all the circus candy and these turned out absolutely amazing – Oh yeah

– These look so delicious, dude – Your freak shake looks incredible I have to say – It's freaky for sure, and so is yours man plus the barbell Everything is on point so here is the big reveal – [Both] 3,2- – 5 second subscribe challenge we want to see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications in 5 seconds

Ready? Here we go – [Both] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 done! – If you were able to do that comment right now Keyper Squad and let's see how these look – [Both] 3, 2, 1 TA DA! – [Collins] Yeah these freaky shakes! We're gonna be adding these to the massive candy room and eating it all at the end of the video – Next up I am making the flower to my lily pad but first I need some strawberries

– Fresh back from the market with a cart full of strawberries – Are you kidding? Those were over there! Why did you grab this? – And scene Here's what we're gonna do Devan We're gonna get a close up shot of the cart, it's moving at lightning speed It hits a bump, oh no! Strawberries flying! Smeared on the ground! Who's in the cart? Tiny Devan! – No! Not me! – First thing I've gotta do for my edible rock is use these 3 musketeers bars

Three Musket Tears The goal here is to separate the chocolate from the moo-sket (record scratch) Nougat

And that's again for the edible rock so here we go Oh, that's actually kinda- – Wait, you're making edible rocks with a koi pond? – Yeah – Nice, all right – Why'd you start off laughing at me man? – Well I just didn't think you were serious – Does this face look not serious to you? – What are you doing? – I don't know

– [Devan] All right I've got my strawberries cut up and now I have to mash them – All right guys time to separate the nougat I've gotta say, it doesn't- hey Don't be touching my nougat If you take away the squareness of it- – Order! Order in the court! – You're smashing some berries! – I am, but I'm also calling order in the court

– This is for your ice cream? – Yes, I'm adding this in here It's actually for my lily pad- – [Collins] Whoa! -[Devan] What? – Strawberry juice What-t-t-t are you planning on doing with that strawberry juice? – Putting it in here – No give it to me – No

– Devan give it to me Devan look at this, if I take this one nougat – Why are you so amazed by this? – Oh no – Yes – Oh don't tell me – You know where it's going

– I do It's a massive log – You can't deny the logness of this log – I can't Nor do I want to

– Exactly, so here the deal, with this log you can do things like poke Devan in the ear – No! – It made slight contact – First I need to add some milk so I'm gonna do that I need to turn this blender thingy on, the mixer Collins be careful, we have real liquid nitrogen right here – Oh snap! You gonna make ice cream! – Yes! – Don't try this at home by the way

– Do you have anything else to say Collins? (laughs) – Carole Baskins – Okay – [Collins] I'm very scared No! That's not working! – [Devan] Yes it is – What are you talking about Devan? – Leave bro

– I don't – Hey! That's starting to look real weird – Don't look at it right now – [Collins] I'm looking at it and it scared me – Give me like 2 hours and I'll get it right

– I've seen some things – Oh yes bro, look at this! – I mean it is kind of cool you used liquid nitrogen to make ice cream from scratch but now, it's time for me to turn this little ball into a rock Here we go Reverse wand! – I have some marshmallow fluff and I'm making the bowls that the ice cream is gonna go in, for the bulb of the flower, of the lily pad – I'm pretty sure I misheard you there, you're doing what? – So I'm making the bulb of the flower, for the lily pad, and I'm making a bowl that this ice cream goes in

– Yeah I'm thoroughly lost – Now I combine the marshmallow fluff with these fruity pebbles right here – Hold up the fruity pebbles man Batter up! (laughs) – You lost it it's over there – I lost my rock

Truce, bam – Its a little – Is it the marshmallow fluff? – It is

– You just gotta do a magic trick – I don't do magic tricks anymore – What do you mean? – I'm a youtuber now All right here we go so we're gonna charge up, 3, 2, 1, (crashing) – Hey it worked! We're detached – (groans) but at what cost? – Don't worry I saw it in a marvel movie so it can't be that bad right? – What is this doing here? – That's just my log

Probably shouldn't touch that – Are you sure that's not mine – You might've lost it in flight – [Devan] So now I've got the fruity pebbles here – [Collins] And its time for me to coat this again in chocolate

We're gonna pop this into the fridge it's gonna mold it a little bit better and then it's on to the next part of the koi pond – Lots of dough! What were you about to say? – I was gonna say the first thing I'm making for my giant oreo is the filling on the inside Got some dry ice here as well as a slab of marble While I've got the filling contained in this here siphon So this time I'm gonna do this suspended, mission impossible style

(hums mission impossible) – You have socks on dude! What are you doing? – Whoa! If I wasn't here it would've been all over me – Yeah like me – Yeah Surprise innovation! I'm just ahead of my time All right so here we go we're just gonna get- oh! Look at that ice cream bro look at that! – That's awesome

– Game changing, man Oh this is gonna be so delicious – Well I've got this all rolled out and now I've made some stencils here for the lily pad Just gonna kinda cut this out here Oh! – [Collins] That looks really good man

– [Devan] Yes! And for the next part of the lily pad I made a smaller outline here, cut it out, then gonna fill it with these jolly ranchers – Next up time to make the cookie part of the oreo So we've got the dough over here we've got some 7-up as a rolling pin – Wait what? What's the oreo for? – Sorry I should've mentioned the oreos actually gonna be like stepping stones leading up to the koi So when we fill up the whole room- – Whoops, you need some flour

– Yeah you're very right – Here you go, I just did this – Here we go, let's see if we just did this – That's not some flour – That's a little bit of flour – Not some flour! – Yeah! – You just gotta roll it out

Calmly! Calmly! – This is calm! – No it's not! (glass breaks) – Are you kidding me? – I'm sorry Here we go, gonna plop this down in here like that Hey look, we're twins! – We're doing the same exact thing, we're not twins though What are you doing? – Double high-fiving – This is a lot of status here

– A lot of status? – Yeah, this is how you achieve clout So I'm just gonna pop these things into the oven – Yeah okay hold on, hold on! – I wait for no one! – Hold on! We're gonna do it together – Okay here we go, why did you, you went in first? How rude! – Perfect! – Gonna pop these in – All right so we got these things out of the oven

– There we go, fully got them and they are now exposed – And these are actually two halves of one lily pad – What are you doing? – I'm using a ouija that you usually use to clean your window I'm repurposing it to use it for my oreos – Squeegee bro not ouija

– It's not a ouija? – I don't think so – I think its a ouija – I'm pretty sure it's a squeegee – We got all the elements let's see how this looks Here is the big room reveal, let's see, – [Both] 3, 2, 1

TA DA! – [Collins] Look at this! Hands down the craziest thing we have ever done – I feel like I'm in a dream right now, dude, holy cow – Dude its all edible like literally we can eat everything from the rocks to the grass

– I know – Next we have time to harvest the fruits of our labor from our candy garden – Oh yes! These strawberries need to be freed, these carrots are in captivity – [Devan] What do you mean? – In this cage so – This is a fence – Sweet tricks – No No collins! Stop! – That's on you man I was doing sweet tricks

First lets pop this little rose right outta here so, Devan – Wait I need mine – No, no, no, no, no I'm the bachelor, you're the lady on the show Do you accept my final rose? – I think they do it on the bachelor and the bachelorette

– I'm the bachelor I'm not the bachelorette clearly – Well in that case I'm also the bachelor – Do you accept my final rose? – No will you accept MY final rose? – Do you accept MY final rose? – I think you wanna choose mine – Think you want this rose right here This rose

Will you accept my rose? All right lets just take a bite of it 3, 2, 1 – Oh! – [Both] Mmm! – Wow! – What would've happened? – I need some sprinkles – Wow 10/10 phenomenal man, I accept this rose – You gotta try the rock – Oh yeah, this is kinda like take it and break it so, (glass breaks) I forgot that's glass! – That's our table bro! – I'm an idiot

– Just eat it I wanna try this – Did you just take a bite of that thing? – Mhmm – Your teeth are stronger than glass – There you go – Yeah see there's layers to this on the inside so here we go, I'm gonna take my bite over here from this wack lump

(laughs) – I mean this is actually very good – He next thing we gotta eat of course are these delicious edible strawberries – Here's the thing, I appreciate the attention to detail we put in it, it looks like its growing from the ground – We? We? – Well you kinda helped with some of the stuff – What? I made this entirely

Rewriting history, see how it is – It is what it is – So here we go, take a- pluck a strawberry – [ Both] 3, 2, 1 – That's what I thought would happen – Soft ground Collins, soft ground

– Okay there we go! – Mmm! That's so good! (chokes) – I'm good I don't think we've done enough damage here at the candy gardens so now we're onto the next part Sorry man Let's put this worm back in the dirt and let's eat some more candy – I've had my eye on this giant gummy bear from the very beginning

It looks so good man! – He looks good to you collins? – Yeah well I- he looks a little funky – He is a little messed up, his face is all like, squished in Okay hold on, here, here , here – [Collins] He's heavy! – [Both] Oh! Whoa! – Mission disaster, we lost an arm! – This thing is so heavy – I'm telling you bro it's super heavy

– All right you gotta just go for it Ready? – 3, 2, 1 – Oh! – Okay you gotta give me a little warning

– I don't know what to say, tastes like a gummy bear – Lets not put the slo-mo No slo-mo, no slo-mo! (distorted voices) Will you accept my rose? Are we married now? – Guys its time to try the sour watermelon so I think we go in with a hand and just scoop it out – Wait for real? – Kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – [Both] Oh! – All right I got my handful you wanna go in? – [Devan] Uh kind of

– [Collins] Go for it! Ready? – [Both] 3, 2, 1 OH! – It's sour! – That is sour! Ugh! We've got way too many good things in this room so let's move on – Yeah let's move on quickly

Time to eat the freak shakes Freaky little freaky shakes, man Freaky shakes! – Is this edible? – I don't know, did we make that part of it edible? Lets see, here we go 3, 2, 1 – [Both] Plastic – Definitely plastic – Now its time for the deep fried twinkie – Oh I'm gonna go for the snickers

Can I get- please? – What? Fine, fine You get to try one of mine – [Both] 3, 2, 1 – Wow Its very different than the candies I just had – Whoooo! – What? Is that one really good? You ate like all of it – I took a big bite man – I said like, take some of it

– I know (laughs) – I gotta try some of the top – Whoo! That's all I can say is whoo! You know what? – What? The time has come HAND MODE! – [Devan] Ugh this lollipop I really wanna eat that – Whoo makes my hand very cold My hand is getting a brain freeze

– Are you just going for it man? Holy cow – Um here we go Ah! Brain freeze! – It's so cold! (both grunting) – So the final thing here in this circus section is of course, Devan's little curly thing over here the barbell Here we go, ready? This takes concentration – Did you say little curly? – Ah! – No give me that

– Mine! Its a bird its a plane, nah fam it's a barbell – [Devan] All right I'm gonna set the barbell here and now its time to break open one of these- – All right you're gonna have to help me out you're gonna have to tap my arm – Okay – No on the count of 3 I need to be ready – Is that a bruise there? – Yeah its gonna be a TikTok

– 3, 2, 1 (shatters) – Ah! (laughs) – Got em! You good? – All right note to self, don't do that again Are we just gonna take a bite? – Yeah let's do it – [Both] 3, 2, 1 – Mmm Oh, that's the best one yet! – Dude! Holy cow it's so soft! – It's like a cake pop – Literally just imagine a cake pop, and then multiply it by 10

That is so good! – Its delicious! Man great job! – Now its time to eat the candy coconut but first there's a butterfly that had the audacity to land on my beautiful coconut – [Both] 3, 2, 1 – Mmm very delicate just like a butterfly – Very light and airy All right enough of the butterfly it's time for the main attraction it is time for the coconut – What? The main attraction bro? – Everyone wants to know, what's it like to have a candy coconut

You've gotta crack and smash this open – You're right, you're right – I'll do it on this planter over here – [Both] 3, 2, 1 (crack) – [Both] Oh! – No way! Look at that! Blown away! – Nicely done! – [Both] 3, 2, 1 – Wow – Mmm! – Bro it's like a giant almond joy! – All right so let's move on to the next candy

All right it's time to try the candy pond but the first thing I wanna try is the actual soda pend – Soda pend – Pend, pond – Go for it – Going for a scoop of the pond like this, So here we go, ohp it's splashing around like this! – [Devan] 3, 2, 1 – Mmm! – Is it good? Delicious pond water! – Mmm! – See isn't that good? This froggy man is an absolute gem a true masterpiece man

– He really turned out good – We should probably eat him very quickly man – Lets do it So I'm gonna try to take him off the lily pad if I can – He might be attached to it

– [Devan] Oh! I broke the lily pad! – [Both] No! Oh! – Man, all right, well do you wanna take his head? – I don't really feel comfortable with that – Why? – The head just fell off I don't want that happening to me – Hold the lily pad – Okay what am I doing with this? – What do you mean? Just hold it – Okay

– Ready? Here we go, 3, 2, 1 – [Both] Oh! – It tastes so good It's so fruity and fresh – The way you ate that, I'm gonna let you enjoy this one – I don't know if there's a clean way of me getting any – Dude! This is so good! – Do you wanna take a bite of your cupcake bro? Your homemade ice cream is lowkey delicious

– Okay hold up, hold up Gotta put this to the side here – I got some of the lily pad as well – I wanna try that after Here we go – Losing a bit of it, all right, – [Both] 3, 2, 1

whoa! – That tastes so good! – You gotta try some of the lily pad – [Both] No! – Are you kidding me? – I guess the lily pad was a once in a lifetime experience – It is now the moment we've all been waiting for, time to eat

These wonderfully, massively oversized oreos So here we go just gonna slice down this oreo just like this – [Both] Whoa! – [Collins] Check this out! We'll just go back over here and do the review – [Both] 3, 2, 1 whoa! – Look at that! Holy cow! – Our dad has been eyeballing this all day – Time to take a bite of this insane delicious oreo Ready? – Yeah here we go 3, 2, 1 oh! – That oreo is absolutely incredible And all of this is absolutely insane We went all out This is one of the greatest things we've ever done

So comment down below in 5 seconds, here we go, 5, 4,- – [Both] Oh! – That's our cookie! Love you guys! Bye! – Bye!

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