$10,000 COOK-OFF: Best Tacos, Mac N Cheese & More Wins With Cheap Vs Expensive Amazon Food

– You asked us to make cheap versus expensive foods We're making three different dishes, and the winner gets this $10,000 Starbucks drink so let's go

You challenged us to make a burger and once set of ingredients are really cheap – [Devan] And the other is super expensive – [Collins] But we don't know which are which, so right now, let's make some burgers I'm starting off by spraying 24 carat gold onto my buns This is gonna make it so expensive

– [Devan] I'm slicing up my cabbage – [Collins] Little spritz of gold just like this brother – [Devan] Oh, oh – This is so expensive, man – That's some fool's gold, dude

– Next up, time to make some very expensive Sriracha mayo, and the way that I know this is very expensive is because the chickens who lay the eggs are all decked out in Gucci – [Devan] All right, well I'm making a vinaigrette sauce Is this what I think it is? – [Collins] I hope not – We'll know by the smell Okay, got it

It's vinaigrette or something like that I spilled it all, all right – [Collins] That does not look good – [Devan] These are like hundred dollar lemons – [Collins] What? – I bet you these lemons are more expensive than any other ingredient on this table right now

– I have a full piece of whatever this is You think those lemons are more expensive than this high quality, extremely rare hunk of– – I do – Stuff And now, it's time for me to make my hamburger so boom– – Whoa! – This is my ham, and it's time to turn it into a burger – Have you ever seen oil like this before? Wait a second, this smells like that truffle stuff

– Wait, let me smell it – It must be truffle oil By the way Collins, I really don't think that's the hamburger meat – You know what, mine's got two meats, that means it's double as expensive Wait, so now you're pouring oil in? – Yep, adding it very slowly

All right, enough of that, now it's time to make my pen – [Collins] And it's time for me to slice up some meat here, so here we go – Oh – Holy cow, this stuff is very resilient – Ah

– It's like a carpet Holy cow This has got to be expensive stuff, man I think you added way too much meat in there, to be honest bro – Wait a second, it's stuck

– [Collins] Yeah, I don't think you're doing it right, Devan So here we go, let's just, gonna get some slices here like this – [Devan] I think I am, dude Look, this is gonna be one meaty burger – How you gonna cook it all the way through, it's gonna be raw in the center, bro

It's so thick and ugh I now gotta slice up some jalapeno peppers Now, these do not look spicy at all, man – What, are you kidding? It's red, dude, why would you take a bite of it? – Yeah, it's just not spicy – Are you serious? – Bro, it's not spicy at all

– Oh jeez, oh dude Do you see what's happening to yourself? – Okay, it's a little spicy – Dude, look at you – It's a little spicy – Can you see yourself? – It's getting a little hot

– Oh man, it's really hot It's hot! Devin? – Oh jeez, why does that stuff always happen to you, dude? Oh, I wonder what this stuff is? – [Collins] Whoa, man, every time bro, this onion really gets to me, bro What is that? – I don't know, it's mysterious (Collin yells) Dude, are you seeing this stuff? – I can't see much of anything right now, Devan, it's all pretty blurry – [Devan] I don't think adding carrots to this was a good idea

– It looks kind of like beef in a weird way (Collin yells) Why am I so sensitive to onions? – [Devan] Next up, I'm adding a dash of olive oil – Three, two, one, little saucer Oh! – Yes! – [Collins] Next up, we're gonna go straight from the eggs into the batter – Now, I have to figure out how to use these things

– [Collins] The little rocks? – I think I'm just gonna dump it in like this, you ready? – [Both] Oh! Whoa! – [Collins] It's like a ghost – [Devan] Time to pam it up – [Collins] And time to season my meat stuff So, here we go Gotta season over there, gotta season your grill first, Devan, you gotta make sure you get a whole bunch of seasoning, bro

– I'll season it later – [Both] Oh! – It smells like burning pepper – [Devan] What did you do? – All right, oh boy – Don't waft it towards me – [Collins] All right, next up, here we go, we gotta go for the meat and I'm gonna form the patty, Devan, and it's really just all in the wrist

– [Devan] All right, I think it's time to flip my patty, here we go Three, two, one, yes! – [Collins] Oh, it looks wack Three, two, one, – I don't mind it – [Collins] Oh what an immediate sizzle bro, woo hoo! All right, here we go, it's gonna flatten down like this, oh boy, it's really going now – [Devan] I've got my perfect square cheese right here

– You made a fundamental mistake, Devan, because see you're trying to cook it on the top, you're supposed to flip it over like that, boom, freshly hot and then melt the cheese First step, here we go, I gotta season the buns – [Devan] Oh, wow, yeah, that's– – [Collins] Here we go, that's the first step – [Devan] Look at this sauce – Next up, I've got my Sriracha mayo

So, here we go, just gonna take in just a little drizzle right there, and a little drizzle down over here The way the pink contrasts against the black bun actually looks really good, bro I think mine might be the expensive one, Devan – Who are you kidding? It looks like it's from the dollar menu – Yeah, the $1,000 menu, Devan

Wait, what is that? – [Devan] This is my coleslaw – Next up, time to add my first burger on here, so here we go, look at it, just dripping with the juice (Collin yelling) It's so heavy and meaty See, Devan, yours is gonna fail, bro, for sure It's all cheap

You ain't got nothin', bro Next up we got some of this colder meat, so here we go, just gonna place the colder meat on top Time for patty number two right now, just look at that dripping (Devan sneezes) Get it right here on top just like this, oh man Okay here we go, just gonna slide it off

Oh stay fam! We gotta move quickly, now Well, here we go, just gonna pop the onion ring on top like that We're gonna put a couple finishing touches on it, and bro it is going to be delicious (both yelling) It's fallen apart, I gotta fix this thing up Well give me, I might need a moment

If size is any indication of which burger's more expensive, mine is definitely the more expensive one – It is not, though – So here's the big reveal – [Both] Ready, set, go! Tah dah! – [Collins] You can comment down below and vote, whose burger do you think is more expensive? We'll be tasting them and finding out the prices at the end of the video (bell dinging) You challenged us to make macaroni and cheese and remember, one set of ingredients is worth more than 500 dollars

– [Devan] But the other set of ingredients is only worth 11 dollars – But we don't know which are which, so right now, let's make some macaroni and cheese I'm kicking off by making a whole bunch of cheese because cheese is the core of the macaroni and cheese, so here we go – And to kick mine off, I'm making a roux Next up, I add some flour here

Guess what, Collins, this is very expensive flour This is First Street flour (bell dings) That's right, it's not second street (buzzer moans) or third street, (buzzer moans) so it's gotta be expensive – Although your flour's expensive, I think my cheese is super expensive Smells like a crusty old man's feet

That's how you know it's good cheese, Devan – How do you know how that smells? – I would prefer not to answer – Next up, I think I'm gonna add some cream cheese, maybe, and some mustard powder – Oh, snap, I almost forgot the most important part, Devan (bell dings) Seasoning, I haven't seasoned it yet

– [Devan] Ah, yes of course – Gotta season my cheese Do you want some seasoning? – What? None of that, none of that – All right, for my final cheese here, Swiss – Next up, I'm gonna add some of this milk

This is super expensive milk You know how I know? Because it just looks expensive – My cheese is at the perfect consistency, and now we've go the noodles here You can tell these are very fine ravioli noodles Yo, dude, my cheese is so satisfying

Three, two, one, does the cheese pour down like this This just looks absolutely luscious Now time to mix it all up with the noodles so here we go it's gonna go Oh! I feel like I'm just like yodeling right now, but that's how good this stuff is bro It's turning me into a yodeler

Next up here I got some pancetta, or should we say panscketta? – Neither of those – So, I'm just gonna slice this up into small little cubes It looks like licorice on the inside The only issue with my pancetta is that it doesn't smell like there's a lot of flavor in it, so I'm gonna take just a smidge of salt What is that, what are you doing? – [Devan] I'm adding it to the center of my noodles to add extra flair

– Wait, so your noodles are gonna have cheese on the inside of the noodle – Individually done – [Collins] That's like taking Pizza Hut stuffed crust to the next level, bro Next up, we're gonna get some ground up grass over here And then, just a smidge of the truffle butter here

Just gonna place it on like this – I don't know anyone who would ever spend this much time on their mac and cheese, but I gotta tell ya, this is gonna be the most delicious mac and cheese I've ever seen – All right, here we go, gonna add this paste on the top here, and this is what we call basting ya' paste Are you doing all of those noodles? – Oh yeah, at least enough to fill this thing up – Time to shock the meat and add a whole bunch of extra flavor into it, so here we go

Three, two, one – [Both] Oh! – Look at that, flavor infused, baby I got my pancetta here, and next up, it's time to add in some truffle butter, so here we go (both yelling) – No! – How does that even happen? – I mean, yes – [Collins] Gonna add my truffle mustard butter on

What are you doing? – [Devan] I broke the shell – [Collins] Oh, you're cutting out the lobster meat? – [Devan] Yep – Lobster meat's usually really expensive, right? – Oh yeah, dude, especially this one Time to take all my amazing ingredients here, scoop them on to the spatula Three, two, one

(both yelling) Man dude, listen to that sizzle, bro – All right – That's crazy – You know what they say, Collins, when life gives you lemons, you add them to your lobster – You make lemonade

– Wait, what? – No, you make lemonade I've never heard the saying like that before, man – It really draws out the flavor I almost forgot about the most important ingredient, Collins, this is truffle salt – Like, that's gotta be like 50 or 60 dollars, just for the salt alone

– Dude, I think it's closer to $120,000,000,000 All right, I think next up I'm gonna drizzle the cheese on top Looks like pure money – And I got my truffle peganeenee over here, so here we go now, just gonna lay my pehgahkneeknee down Oh, look at that bro

All right, well you know what then, for the most expensive cheese of them all, we gotta get that off of there Check this out, bro (both yelling) Look at this – Now it's time to assemble it, and see how this thing turns out This looks so cheesy

– Yeah and mine actually surprisingly came together, so here is the big reveal – [Both] Three, two– – Oh wait – We have five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel pulse notifications in five seconds You ready, Here we go

– [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done – If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad, right now – [Both] Ready, set, go, ta-da! – [Collin] Oh my gosh man, I mean what? – [Devan] Yours has gold leaf? – Right now, comment down below and vote whose do you think is more expensive? We can't wait to go through the comments and see if you were able to get it right We'll be tasting them and finding out the prices at the end of the video You challenged us to make tacos, and one set of ingredients is worth more than 400 dollars

– [Devan] But the other set of ingredients is only worth 17 dollars – And we don't know which are which, so right now let's make some tacos I'm gonna kick it off by tenderizing my meat right now, but I've also heard you can call this bonkin the meat – I think this is gonna be the base to my polenta, I'm not really sure, kind of guessing right now To top it off, I'm gonna add some cheese

– And I've got a lemon here, and I've heard that lemon on steak tastes absolutely amazing That's how you grate cheese bro? All the cheese is stuck in the middle, man You have to hold it upright – What? – You just dumped it all out the side Next up, gotta season my steak

So here we go, got some huge Himalayan salt, and if you notice, Devan, the color similarity between the two, that means these are paired they're perfectly matched and meant to go together – Next up, I'm gonna use whatever this sausage-looking stuff is – [Collins] It looks like you got that from Amazon – It looks like it's got corn in there Can you add some seasoning to mine, man? – Excuse me, Devan, I am a chef

How much would you like? – Well you haven't studied yet – That's about 400 dollars of my super expensive pepper The top of my steak is seasoned, the bottom of it is completely bare Oh man, oh boy, just sizzling bro, it's popping off right now – [Devan] Time to get my hands in

– [Collins] So, this is either cheap beef, or it's woo-goo beef – No, Collins, it's Wagyu – No, Wagyu's the pasta sauce, Devan Woo-goo beef – I think that's Ragu

– Now I gotta flip my steak over, oh my gosh But the bottom looks actually pretty good Oh but you know what sorry, I can't forget to season the underside now so here we go, just gonna season this I'm all about the seasoning, man With my crystal salt

– Oh yes, here ya go Here's a little extra seasoning – Get your cheap ingredients out of here, Devan – This is my most expensive one, you know it – I don't think so, man

#DevanHasCheapSalt All right, so next up here going to be making my tortillas Yo this comes together and starts binding extremely quickly, man Just gotta kind of keep squeezing it So here we go, next up we have a tortilla maker Holy cow

– Whoa! – This thing looks like a weight you'd find at the gym, man All right, here we go, got a little ball Devan, what are you doing? – [Devan] All right! – This is an interception – Yes – You can't just– – What do you mean? You're holding it open for me, right? – That's gonna make a waffle, not a tortilla right there, man

You've hijacked my tortilla machine – [Devan] Just like this here – [Collins] That's a huge, unmanageable tortilla, man – Nice, this is just perfect, okay? And then you just lift it up – Are you done? – [Devan] I think next up I'm gonna make some pico de gallo

– [Collins] And I've actually got a great idea for my taco shell here I'm gonna use some of this stuff – That's not just stuff, that's gold leaf – All right, I'm gonna dip this chunk right here in the gold leaf Here we go, three, two, one, and then just see what comes up

Oh my gosh bro, it's like all gold leaf Wait Devan, airborne gold leaf – [Devan] No, don't blow it away, dude – You walk up to a customer and you go sir – No, no, no, no, you shouldn't do that, no! Is it edible? – You are now gold on the inside and on the oh my gosh, Devan, are you feeling okay? – Yes! – You look a little bit– – I feel really valuable

With this newfound gold power, I think I have the Midas touch – Oh, what? – You ready? Boom! – Oh my gosh, bro – Yes! – Dude, I'm for sure– – Boom! – Devan! Touch my steak, turn my steak gold – Never! – It'll turn it expensive – Boom! – Please just touch my steak

– That's a cheap steak, can't be done – Come on, man – I just can't do it – Time to make a gold leaf tortilla, here we go Three, two, one

Just gonna put this on top just like this All right let's see how the gold leaf taco turned out Here we go, three – [Both] Two, one Oh! – [Collin] That looks super awesome, bro

– [Devan] That's amazing – [Collin] Why'd you chop the onions like that, man? – [Devan] What do you mean, this is how you do it for pico – All right, next up here we're gonna take my steak Three, two, one (pan dings) – Yes! There's no way that's expensive anymore

It's on the floor – Let's try this again, here we go, one more time Three, two, one – Well, duh (Collin moaning) How did you mess that up? (tinkling sound) Well, I think it's time for me to move on to my fish

I have to say, I'm not very appreciative of this fake gold stuff on my fish You know, this is really expensive stuff here You've just downgraded the quality – Next up, time to make my very expensive guacamole, so we're gonna start off by seasoning the outside of the avocados like that, there we go Just quick rotation around like this, all right

Learned this in chef school, there's a rotation – I think you learned that from my mom – That was my chef's school Three, two, one I missed

Three, two, one There we go, okay just like this All right here we go be very careful, do not try this at home, here we go like that Boom, the seed is out, wood chop That's enough of the seed, yeet

Okay, oopsie – All right, my fish is shredded and now I think I'm gonna build the taco – We have the tortillas and all of our ingredients, and it's time to assemble the tacos First of all, got my beef here, and I don't know, man, the jury is still out on whether this is expensive or cheap right here, but we're gonna be adding this in – I think it's cheap

Laying down my polenta stuff right now, just doing a little dollop – Gonna add in some beef right here, I gotta say the gold leaf on the inside is a definite cool move Oh my gosh I forgot to season it! – [Devan] Oh, man! – How could I forget the most essential step off the bat, bro There's a little bit of a surf and turf The beef is surfing, the flowers are turfing

– Wait, are you sure those flowers are edible? – I don't know, man, I guess we just find out, right? – I thought that they were just decoration (Collin moans) What? (Collin gags) Wait dude, what was wrong? – Oh my gosh, no seasoning! Those flowers were super bland Gotta season up my flowers, bro – That's all it was? – That's all it was I don't know what part of the surf and turf this is

– Check out this spoon, dude I think it's made of some oyster shell or something – Dude, is that caviar? – Oh yeah, it is – Oh my gosh, I think that might be the expensive one because caviar I've heard is very expensive – [Devan] It is super expensive

– All right here we go, got some lobster bro This looks like a little worm – That's really cheap Super cheap – So here we go, we're gonna place the lobster down like that on top

– Now the plan is, if any of my other ingredients are cheap, I'm going to cover it with this super expensive caviar so it's kind of like a type of surprise You bite in there and the fish is like, Yo, I'm here! (laughs) And then you bite into it and the pico de gallo's like, Hey, I'm diced up tomatoes! – [Collins] Next up, we got a chunk of dirt right here, this has got to be cheap – You know what that is, right? – It's an expensive chunk of dirt, I don't know What is it? – No, it's a truffle, dude! Those things are super expensive – If it really is a truffle, I guess that's somewhat expensive, so might as well add this to it, so here we go

It's gonna go like this a couple of shavings like that – [Devan] This thing is loaded with caviar – Well, I've got a couple finishing touches to put on mine– – Same – But I'm really excited to see which one's expensive, which one's cheap, but ultimately, to see how they turn out We've got the finished tacos, and I've gotta say, man, mine is the creme-de-la-taco of tacos

– I don't think so, mine's definitely better – [Both] Three, two, oh wait, wait, wait – Three second like challenge We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds Are you ready? Here we go, three, two, one, done

Ready, set, go Ta-da! (surprising music chimes) – [Both] I mean, that looks wack – [Collins] You get to comment down below, and vote whose do you think is more expensive? We'll be tasting them and finding out prices at the end of the video We've got the completed burgers, and I'm so excited to find out which one's expensive, which one's cheap, and how they taste – Yeah, so Collins, which one do you think is expensive? – See, I think Devan that mine's the expensive one, bro

There's two patties on it, tons of cheese, golden buns – That's pretty true, I think I kind of have to agree with you – Yours, ehh – Looks pretty normal, you know? – You receive that at a restaurant and it's like one of those things where you're waiting for your food and it's like, oh – Then you see yours, and you're like– – Yeah! Now before we find out which one's the most expensive, it's time to taste them, so, Devan? – Yes? – Which one should we try first? – [Devan] I think let's do mine first

– [Both] Oh! – [Devan] Yes – This looks amazing! – I mean, it's very underwhelming and I'm not at all impressed – What? You just made an oh sound – [Both] Oh – I gotta say, bro, from the inside, the quality looks very high on your burger

Let's see if it tastes as cheap as I hope it does – [Both] Three, two, one – How'd you do that? – Oh my goodness (mumbles) How you having so much trouble? What is going on, dude? – What? Are you liking it? – I'm loving it – Are you kidding me? All right, here we go, so now it's gonna have to kind of hold it down like this, hold it steady (Collin yells) Here's the reveal, the inside of the burger

Here we go – [Both] Three, two, one (both yelling) – It looks like the earth between different crust layers – What? – [Both] Ready, set, go (hip hop beats) (Devan grunts) – Sriracha sauce

All right, now let's find out which burger is the expensive one So, here we go – Three, two, one – What? – Yes, I knew it! That tasted terrible – Wait, 13 dollars and 50 cents? – What? That's way more expensive than it should have been

– Than it should have been? I thought it lived up to the standard – [Devan] It's gotta be the quail eggs, dude And the Wagyu beef – No, I knew the Wagyu beef, I think that's what drove the prices way up I mean, the cheese was really good as well

'Cause added all together, Devan, the final price of your burger is, drumroll please – [Both] 466 dollars – Oh my gosh! – I know – You get to comment down below, would you pay 466 dollars to be disappointed by a hamburger? – Whoa, wait a second – And right now, we're on to the next one

We've got the tacos, and it's finally time to find out which one's expensive, which one is cheap, and how they taste So, initial predictions, Devan Which is the expensive taco? – You know what, I'm thinking it's yours, dude You've got gold leaf, truffle, lobster– – Or chunks of dirt I think yours is the expensive one

With that amount of caviar, I know caviar is extremely expensive – For this one, let's try mine first – Now, although I think yours is the expensive one, I'm not excited to try it, because– – Yeah – That amount of caviar, bro, it's gonna be like a blast of salt in your mouth – I'll take a bite, then you take a bite

Here we go – Three, two, one – Oh, it's crunchy And the caviar, how am I supposed to take a bite, bro? Are you kidding me? There's nothing left in the taco, Devan You totally took the whole taco with you

– That's so gross – It's so gross? Well, the opinion is in Apparently, it tastes very gross All right, so we're going to use a spoon here and scoop it back in like this Three

– [Both] Two, one – The taco shell is the worst – That's way too much! – That's the fishiest thing I have ever eaten, bro – Yeah, I know – That's gotta be cheap caviar

So, we're gonna lift up and I'll take the first bite (both yelling) – [Devan] How did that happen? – [Collin] I don't know take a bite, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – If you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word cook to 81800 right now So, pause the video, text the word cook to 81800

You'll automatically be entered to win Let's see how this tastes Ready, set, go – Oh, how does it taste? What? I'm just gonna go for the top You ready, three, two, one

(Devan grunts) Your guacamole is so bad – All right, well now it's time to find out what did they actually cost, so let's see Three, two, one – Oh! – Yours? How? – I knew it bro – What? – Bland guacamole

– It was so bad! – And all! It was not – [Devan] Mine was only 17 dollars? – Only 17, dude 17 dollars? – I had so much caviar on there – For a taco– – I guess – You can get a taco for like two dollars Mine probably had to do with the beef, the lobster, but definitely the truffles and the gold leaf, can't forget about the gold leaf

Let's add up all the ingredients and find out the grand total of my extremely expensive taco – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collin] Oh dude, 436 dollars – How? – What? – It tasted so bad – The guacamole

– For what? – It was only the guacamole You get to comment down below whose taco would you have rather eaten? And right now, we're on to the next one We've got the finished mac and cheeses, and now it's time to find out which one's expensive, which one's cheap, and how they taste And, off the bat, the gold leaf looks terrible Got all kind of crusty on mine

So, Devan, right now, which one do you think is expensive? – I think it's mine Mine has lobster on it, and it just kind of looks better – I'm actually going to say that mine is the expensive one I think it's a come from behind victory Which one are we going to taste first? – I think let's do your sad, wilted one

– Sad wilted one? – Yeah – I think this is the expensive one man – I think it's cheap The cheese has gotten all hard, man – All right, well you're going for a little, petite bite there

I'm going for mine There you go, you want to cheers it? – Not really – Why? – It's mac and cheese, I don't know It's not a drink – [Both] Three, two, one

– Whoa, no way! – What? – No – What? What! (both cheer and applaud) The best macaroni and cheese I've ever had All right, time to taste yours, and if this one tastes better than mine, bro, I will do a back flip right now – What? All right – I will lose my mind

– [Both] Here we go, three, two, oh wait – We just launched our brand new Keyper Club, and if you become a member, you will get exclusive access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom emojis, loyalty badges, and exclusive content you can't see anywhere else Click the top link in the description to join It's only $499 a month

And let's see how it tastes! – [Both] Ready, set, go (both moaning) – Man! Dude, that was so bad it tasted like rubber – Here's the big reveal of the actual price, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one – Yes! – Yep, that made sense – From the very beginning, I knew mine was expensive

So how much? – Good job man – [Collin] 11 dollars – It's not like, super cheap – I wonder how much this one costs in total Maybe like 50 dollars for this one? – Yeah, probably

– I mean it's got a whole– – I don't know, 45? – Maybe, it's got meat, it's got some great cheese, gold leaf – [Devan] It's got the gold leaf – It's got the noodles – Gotta be gold – But the cheese man, I think the cheese is what really makes it expensive

All right, let's add all that up together, and the final price is? – What? – 538 Dollars? – No way, I mean this has got to be made out of solid gold – We've got the $10,000 Starbucks drink, and it's time to find out who the winner is There were three incredible different dishes, and I gotta say Devan, you definitely took the first one The burger round was all yours – [Devan] Thank you, yeah I totally agree

But, your mac and cheese was phenomenal – Thank you – So, I think you definitely took that round – [Collin] I really think it was all the ingredients, not my cooking ability – I don't know, man

– It was fully the ingredients – It was really delicious – What it all comes down to, the tiebreaker is the taco round – [Devan] I mean, my caviar was pretty bad – Yeah, but I gotta say, my guacamole admittedly was not up to standards to where it should be

So, I gotta say, I think we both fell short of the mark in terms of preparation, so– – Yeah, I agree with you – How about we call it a draw, Devan? We'll share the drink – All right, that sounds about right – All right, you get to comment down below What is your favorite food you would love to see us make a cheap and expensive version of, and click over here if you want to see other videos, is it good? You have five seconds, here we go

– [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done Love you, bye!

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