$1000 Slime Challenge! MOST EXPENSIVE DIY Giant Fluffy Slime!!

YOOOOOOOO ITS SO MUCH SLIME ITS ON ME AHHHH *beep* you challenged us to do the most expensive slime dump ever

not $100 UNUH not $500 denfinitely not but $1000 WORTH OF SLIME OH MY GOSH ITS LIT YEET NO DUDE WHY SERIOUSLY BRO AHHH WELL I GUESS THIS IS NOW the $999 SLIME CHALLENGE Well Lets GO we are making $1000 *interrupted* NO 1000 NO WAY no wait we already did ok the big reveal is over

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT This is going to be fluffy slime So step number one, crack open some glue luckily this one is already cracked open Alright here we go Let's add it in look I didn't have like dump it out man It's coming out from two holes well, add all the glue in This container

I don't think we'll be able to contain it I've got a little bit of a different method I'm actually going to YEAH, it spat out everywhere Weird sounds

oh no, dude Bro what? Oh my Gosh just like Spider-Man bro, it's going everywhere I tried to see what I did in the video with Karina because this video is actually inspired by that video I had to learn slime from the queen of Slime herself, Karina Garcia and she taught me how to make fluffy slime We make $500 worth so basically I doubled the recipe so this is now $1,000 worth of it

This is gonna be lit bruh We're gonna do a race right now We're gonna be finishing up their side fastest Wait what, it's a race? Begin! I was going for thorough Oh, sorry bro, I didn't mean to do that Negative ten points on your side

Let's go bro You're going so fast! YEEEEUP! It sounded like an almost yeet Your like YEEEUP! Dude, I'm not gonna win this I'm already two bottles behind that attitude you'll never win without what there we go two at one time Wow, that's heavy It's so heavy

This is a terrible idea, have fun with that Omg I'm dying, I can't even about running right mary Oh my God Holy cow I'm gonna try to do three at one time Well, bro, it might be we don't know yet uncharted land of glue three at one time what up, bro I know from experience that I could gonna go a lot slower Really yep should I abort now? Okay Wondering if we're a little bit too late for this style of because I've noticed everyone else goes blind video somebody call it down Real calm it down, okay? This is great another one down another case BACK TO NORMAL!!!! like worse than a jump scare bruh, That was intense dude, like I scared myself with that! If it is not yeah the containers bending the tables bending under it as well

Oh That's a fly It could be on your weakness [alright] Hahaha, so funny when I gotta try it I guess right Oh gosh Yeah, all right you want to do last one There's two more on your side dude

Oh you did you're talking about the table ones too We were not even close at all We are under equipped and overexcited And [away] do it if that applies is just about every video We've ever done [alright] here We go Alright, that was a clean catch Next up, I think we got the shaving cream, and that's how you're going to be crazy I Can't wait for the season to yep, the glue is now added this thing is seriously warped like the container [I] know

I'm not going to be able to hold it at all there, bro This does look quadruples size, really How, we might have to yeet this dumb bro, and just felt like make normal slime and see them no slime No there you go it all out bro If it overflows It does not matter all [right] devan said we're going for it here Alright here we go – 1 – 2 – 3 First we have a challenge for you guys, I wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds here we go [7] 6 [5] [4] [3] 2 1 done that comment down below keyper squad that's no [major] to bid without this be for justice think think about the bigger picture [burn] my hair isn't it yeah no not at all Fuckin throw up Didn't work No Probably can take so long my fingers are going to be exhausted after this so for those of you guys wondering what the exact Measurements are from it I learned [the] master tape from Kareena is called eyeballing it Dude, you miss half of the bucket already, but here comes the fun part Devin now We're about to make them get our hand kind of dirty Why you wear a long sleeve shirt, you can tell me what we're doing [you] know I didn't go up to like here on you, bro I'll sacrifice my shirt – shirt [good] yeah, [it's] cold out Well, I can take off my key necklace right now because unlike your shirt

I'm not willing to sacrifice Sacrifice my key necklace [is] how to get some shaving cream on it will give me one second [I] always can look a giant plunge into it or I know it's gonna get everywhere what so be it 3 2 1 go [woo] Okay, google It's like an old warm It feels like I'm touching cloud this is amazing [I've] always wanted to jump on clouds This is the closest thing ever It's actually doing pretty good

It's not actually overflowing It's more the bro I'm [gonna] have real [bugs] on my shirt it is insane It's not even close [to] fitting in this bucket, [and] we're not even done yet I got a mix this glue up and around it oh, hi guys We're getting some overflow [äJ–] okay overflowing [I] [put] on the front are we good on the front I don't know take a peek bro Keep it out [alright] I'm keeping it up

[uh] oh yeah Yeah, got [it] gotta get them back in here [it's] actually doing pretty good I got a mitt like I thought this would be a lot worse See how am I supposed to mix all this this will be so much easier in funny, bro I'm not like a boxer Yeah, you ready Look at what your [arm] [goes] out looking it looks like whipped cream deliciousness like I'm so tempted at this right now, but it's glue and shaving cream or Time to shave arms What would happen if you like shaved with glue and shaving cream? What are you doing? What are you doing bro? Bro, bro with it like it's soft boy

It's overflowing with it no No, no, [I] of all that's a horrible idea [too] [high] I was like wait You are into too hard dude No Sorry dude What we did not see the front at all they've been overflowing [on] the [brother] so much Oh, no We should not trying to make [fluffy] fine We should like stayed within our comfort zone to make regular slime, but we try to be extra Fancy, huh? We are not extra Fancy

Well, we clearly made way too much of the fluffy slime, so right now I think we're going to continue down the path and we are going to add the coloring to it now, but first high five I'm so down oh Who your eyes oh nah, bro Bro, bro? [after] consulting with our in-house paramedic my mom she says I'm good to go so let's continue Here you go Devin we got some green dye not your hands are so disgusting bro [alright] here We go time to add it three Cheers to one whoa, bro Oh, that's splashed everywhere That was an alley Where here we go Oh my God This is so much food coloring, bro Oh my gosh, this is so much others mix it up mix it up

Let's mix it up This is the messiest video I think we have done to date bro I don't know about that Oh Why not my nose? [alright], well, we now have the color added to it, and now it's the part you've all been waiting for time to turn this into Slime so for that We have the stuff called stop flow right over here, so I learned a tip from Master You only add a little bit of stop flow at a time, and then really mix it together, okay? You have until you the arena appreciate your help here

We go It's Gonna add a little bit That's a little bit probably a lot wow That's insane [it's] truck wait wait hold on with like this [Jordan] turn into strong, but why [I] just want to leave it as that fluffy cloud no, bro Yeah, we really just got to work it all in Because you don't want it gloopy at all right? That's not flying [I] learned this from the master It's like a drum bro Dude it sounds so back off back off for one second There's a so legit before feeling through about like a cloud, but now you just feel these little spider webs on okay And then be animated we mix it up immediately so kind of like really get in there

Oh my gosh There's we've lost so much of this stuff in the process really everything It's all on my feet this feels like an alien substance in a way like this doesn't even feel real Yeah, it screams like aliens [whoo] Gonna add a little bit more No, wait I have an idea what bro what I've got a special technique that I've actually developed patented you ready for this, I'm huh oh Yeah, oh Miss how you doing? Oh hey? Yeah you? Almost got elbows in the face only problem brock [you're] super [tight] super quick, and we lost about half of it over there One utilities later, huh here We go We made hey and now one of them how to Jump into it, but first guys it turned out so cool like first of all take [us] elegant [I] want to try to boil a massive file Bro here we go come out here Yeah What dude that looks awesome? I don't have enough lung power like I thought you did [fowling] make it float away into the distance but The slime chef Colin's making the very first ever slime [I] don't know like pizza Roll pizza rolls

Oh, no, I Want to make a massive like slime, ball hole okay, okay? Cut it off cut it off cut it off cut it up Oh my gosh Dude, [I] can't get my hand out in your head I need my head, okay Let me help cole [colleges] girl cool to make the ball We got it We got it Oh No, [where] my hair has got me, okay? Let's go

Oh It's a plane ball I'll give you a toss up on [Kennel] 301 no [make] [it] better Don't cry Hey the crazy thing about this is to get the slime off you scrub a little chunk of it And there's like coal when it comes right off like this is crazy good no, oh Don't work on devon for some reason, and that's too much on my arm [oh] to find out who has to get covered in this line We are going to consult the grapefruit Oh Decima – what by tapping it We will randomly select which one of us [have] to jump in here here We go Devin we're both going to tap it on the count of three one by this thing

Yes the grapefruit definitely jump watching it – Yeah, grapefruit you nailed me Yeah My most powerful yeet to date not a big fan of the grapefruit of destiny right now is like I'm the one who's going to be [getting] Covered in this stuff if you want to be featured by the way in the next video comment down below How much money should we spend on [our] next slime video? Huh all crazy with the number and by the way congratulations [is] the key for the week if you want to keep her the week check the description down below to find out however right now? let's Let's go a few moments [later] [oh], this is no good We've tried everything we tried lifting this thing [ah] We tried it dumping it And I'm very upset right now because we said we would use the most effective slime dump and we can't even [let] [the] [sun] [go] So much can't even dump it So how we're gonna do the thing Devin's gonna pick up giant handfuls doubled on my head We're gonna go like that so go for it then right alright three two One oh [it] didn't stick to my head Why didn't it stick see I got to get on the end here to help with the dump because like? He's [dumping] on your own head You good are you good? This is war that's horrible

Oh my hair [alright] none of this stuff is working, but he's gonna have to go for it [yeah] [Mmm], whoa, do you good not cool bro? Oh no? No no no? [oh]? Wow

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