10 Weird Stress Relievers For Back To School! Learn How To Diy Squishy Slime School Supplies Prank

– Oh my gosh! You guys challenged us to make a giant slime stress reliever So right now, let's go! – Oh, not my bucket! No! – Time to add the glue! Oh my gosh! – Oh, it's so heavy! – Three, two, – Wait, dude, what are you

ooohhhhh! – Oh no, I missed the bucket – [Devan] You completely missed the bucket (laughs) – Oh! – This is off to a little bit of a messier start than usual

Blue is in Next up – It got on my sock – [Collins] So here we go, it's gotta kinda rub it into my hands at this point Gotta become one with the glue Got some shaving cream here

Three, two, one Oh, wrong way! – How much of this do we add, bro? – Add all of it, bro We need a ton of shaving cream

We're making a whole bunch of fluffy slime, and then we're actually going to add it all into a Wubble Bubble – Oh, nice Okay, oh, oh, oh! – That's for not handing it to me – No, No, No! – You've got to shake it up first, Devan – Eh, eh, eh, – I don't want it to slip out of my hand

– [Collins] I'm gonna to try to get like the biggest amount possible in my hand – So I can smack it! Oh! – Alright well now it's time to mix these up, so Devan, let's get our hands in – Oh! – The best part of fluffy slime – Oh, it feels so good – I've got the one-arm technique, and then the switch arm

So now it's time to add the food coloring So Devan, what color are you going to make yours? – I'm going to make mine red – That's not a stress-relieving color, I don't think Well I'm gonna make mine blue It looks so cool

– Alright, mine's all in Now it's time to mix it up! – Why you using your hands bro, we got a stirrer – Oh my goodness, that looks so awesome – Now it's time to bring it all together with the stuff Oh! – That's not how you add it, Collins

– Let's go – No, why would you ruin your slime? – Because it's not going to be ruined, Devan Yo, like mine's actually working! – This is amazing It looks like you're one-arm boxing – Take the Wubble Bubbles

Holy cow Here we go, so now we just have to tear these open – [Devan] Wait, what? – [Collins] Pull Torn Alright, so now, scoop it in

– I got some – I didn't – I'll hold it open You dump it in – Hold it open, open! – I got it, I got it, I got it

Oh, we got it My arms are getting tired – [Collins] Open it up, Devan – It's open – It's coming in, okay here we go

– Ah, jeez man – Devan sticking on shirt Alright, alright – [Devan] Can you just go any faster? – Alright put it down for a second I need to take a little rest Here it goes

– Dude, it's spilling, you're spilling Ooohhhh I can't There ya go – Okay, well I think that's it for my Wubble Bubble

So here, this comes out – Here's your Wubble Bubble con – The final step we gotta zip tie so pull it out Devan, pull it out – I got it, I got it I'm losing grip

Oh no! – Stop it! – You got it? – No – You got it? – No Quicker – I can't – Faster! Nooo! (gasps) – No

– Alright now we just gotta tighten it – Dude, you got this bro I got a full on squeeze – Did you say Chihuahua? Oooohhhhh! – Zip tie is on! This thing turned out crazy! – We just gotta put a fishnet on yours and we'll be done I got it, right here

– How do we do this, we just pop it around it? – Yeah, I guess so – [Collins] I'll pick it up – And just on it – [Collins] Like that? That's it? – Alright, well then – – Dude, you gotta support it! – You look great You look beautiful

I'm supporting it, Devan You's the best you! Ahhhhhhh! – Yeah! Are you ready? – [Devan] Dude, it's stuck to my shirt – Grrrrrr – [Devan] Dude, you got it over here! – Dude, this thing turned out like galaxies! Comment down below what color Wubble Bubble should we make next? And right now it's on to the next one Ahhh ha! For this round, you challenged us to make a squishy pen stress reliever

So right now, let's go! Step one, we gotta fill it – Ow! A balloon with a little bit of water there So here we go – [Devan] Wait What are you doing? What are you doing? (laughs) – [Collins] I almost got you bro – So you take the funnel, you put it in the balloon

– Wait, wait, wait, wait Better idea – Oh, nope it's not working (high-pitched whistle) Dude, mine actually I think has a leak in it I'm dealing with a crisis over here, Collins

Dude, what are you doing? – Didn't work – It got stuck – Instead I should pour the water in, Devan I think that's a better way of doing it – [Devan] Oh, no

This is gonna be interesting – Mmm hmm – [Devan] Oh Oh, no Oh, dude! Really? Why? – Well that definitely didn't go according to plan

– Well, yeah Dude! – Okay, I'm sorry bro, I'm sorry Okay, dude Stop getting it all over me! – So gross No, no, no

No I feel like I'm in the splash zone! What? How? (laughs) – I did it! It looks a little funky on the back side But, like, I did it bro! Wooooo! Dude, yeah! – Alright, next up we take another balloon (loud snap) and put it around the (glass tinkers) first one You gotta just, like, just little, little bit Take this here, and stretch it around

– I have a finger in it now – Okay Good for you – Trying to get this thing on How does it work, man? Oh, my gosh! Holy cow, that went everywhere

– What did you do? – This is more like a water balloon video versus like a stress reliever video Because my stress level is like through the roof right now Clean all this up, – Oh, oh, oh – [Collins] Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry – [Devan] Oh, yes, yes, yes

Look at it – [Collins] No way! – [Devan] Yes Success! – [Collins] I have no clue how you even did that, bro Try squeezing it now Try pinching it

Oh, that's so cool! Yeah! (laughter) – Next up, you attach it to the pen All you have to do is just put it on like – [Collins] Did you get it? – [Devan] Yep – [Collins] Nice! – Just like that

It's also a little lopsided And a little crooked But you know what? That's my pen It's good Nevermind It's not good for spinning Want some help Collins? – Yes, if you could please do this – Yeah, I got it

– In the meantime, I will do very important work (air blowing) (gasp) It like went back into my lung I was like (gurgling gasp) – [Devan] Alright, there we go Right there – Wait, how did you do that? – [Devan] Boom! You get to comment down below who won this round and right now, we are on to the next one! La, la, la, la, la, la, la – Ya! – [Collins] Alright guys, so for this one we are actually making (thud) a giant Nutella You broke your bucket, Devan! – [Devan] Ooooh! I broke the bucket! – This is ridiculous

Alright, well you know what this is actually a tiny Nutella We need to make giant Nutella Three, two, one – What are you doing? – Boom! Oh, my gosh! – Whoa, dude! – Oh, and are you ready for our huge announcement? We've got merch! (cheers) It is dropping next Saturday, August 4th at 9am Pacific Standard Time – We are so excited to show you guys our designs

– Yeah, and knowing you guys this merch is gonna sell out so fast, so right now, go to collinskeycom, fill out the form, and you will get early access to the merch! – So don't wait! – Literally go right now, click the top link in the description and you will be able to get it first on Saturday, August 4th Oh, my gosh Keypers, I'm so excited Right now, let's go! And there it is

A giant Nutella – Where's mine dude? Can I have one? – [Collins] Oh, just go like this, hold out your hand, – [Devan] Okay – Three, two, one (crickets) – I don't think this worked It's like the same size

– Oh, that's why I have a little Minion in there (thud) – What? – Now that we've got that all cleared out, here we go, three, two, one, boom, there we go Oh, snap! So right now let's make some Nutella So first things first, we got some glue

– Cheers! – Oh! Here we go, just dump it out – How much? – [Collins] All of it bro! (laughter) (grunts) – Next up we got the stuff oh, hoo-hoo! You know what, Devan I actually have a different idea – I'm gonna put the paint in first – Oh – [Collins] Because it's gonna give it a Nutella look

– [Devan] Whoa, nice! I'm gonna squeeze – Oh! – every last drop out of mine – Oh, Jesus it's getting kinda funky! – Ah

– [Devan] Look at mine! It looks so cool It's like some sort of chocolate dessert – Whip it through the sauce boy! – Do we have more acrylic paint Collins? (suspenseful music) – No – Ah, I dropped my spatula – [Collins] Noooo! Why'd you drop your spatuala? – No! – Well, we were able to find more acrylics but Devan you lost your whole spatula, bro

– [Devan] This is bad – [Collins] Here we go So now we're gonna mix this in and hopefully this will actually turn it a little bit darker because right now it's too light – [Devan] Milky looking, I guess – Alright now that we've mixed it all up, it is time to add the Sta-Flo

That's a lot – Oh! I got it on my shirt – Oh, no! Dude! This is gonna be so cool! – I know – You know what, I don't think this little spatula is gonna do it, I think I might have to get my hands in here, man – Yep, I'm going for it

– Oh, this is one of the weirdest feeling ones yet – It's super cold, too – Wooo! – Wooo! – [Collins] I like, feels kinda like Nutella in a way, like it's kinda like all melty, chocolatey I just want to clarify, this stuff is not edible – Wait, Collins

Where did you put your spatula? – I don't know Wait a minute Hold up, hold up, hold up – What, what? – There it is Well, my Nutella is turning out a little stringy

– [Devan] Yeah – Gloopy, globby This requires my patented technique The hand over hand over hand over hand – This is so much slime

I just gotta get in there bro It's like you're massaging mud – What? Why would you ever massage mud? – You wouldn't And that's the point – Ready when it says slime is in the workout, you's wrong

That should be an exercise class Like instead of pilates, it's called si-lates Slime pilates I know what they do in pilates Ooomph-ooomph, ooomph-ooomph

– Could get behind it – Oh, it's starting to come together nicely – Oooooh! – [Collins] Yours is actually working out very well Way better than mine – Well yeah, because I'm standing up

– Oh, that's the move – It's the key (bell chime) – Collins Key – No, no Devan Key

– Oh, man Collins Key – Devan Key – Collins Key – For the final time, Devan Key

– Collins Key Shoot! – Yes, I got it! Confirmed Devan Key Ahhhhh! (splat) – Whoa! – [Collins] Devan, slime pilates are getting out of control, man – Squeeshy, squeeshy

– I call this The Pulverizer (rapid thuds) Done – That's intense Oooh, my god Our slimes are mixing! – Dude, what are you doing? Yes, we gotta get more of yours

– No! Devan, Devan! Oh, my! – Yes! I want – Jeez, I got it all over me, man What are you doing? – I will have the best slime

– Here we go, time to – Nope, nope, nope I will give you your portion

(rubbery snap) – Are you ki – There you go This is a happy day, guys

Whoa! No, no, no Why would you, noooo! I didn't think this through – Here we go Alright, just gonna drop it in (rapid gurgle) Come on, no! – Redirection

– No, no, no Devan, Devan, dude give it back – [Devan] It's going in mine – No, it can't even fit I just want something

(laughter) You just pulled it right out, bro Stop – Am I not good at this, or what? – Go in! (rapid thud) Faster! He'll get you – Alright, mine's all done Look at it

Look at it Mine totally fits, put the lid on it (bang) – Yo, so the Nutella slimes are done – It's so heavy – That's super cool! And now you can be like sitting in class just pulling out like, yeet! – Whoa! It like twisted up when you take the cap off

– [Collins] That's awesome! You get to comment down below who made better Nutella slime and right now we are on to the next round What is happening? For this round we are making squishy soap – [Devan] That's a squishy? – No, no This is not squishy But this, is squishy

– Okay – Yo dude, look at it! – What? – And thank you to Soozooya for the original recipe I've linked her channel down below And right now, here's how you make it We're kicking it off right now with a cup of flour, (light thuds) – Oh

Dude, what are you doing? – Ehhh! – Ahhh! – Alright, so the first step here we got some glutinous rice – Now you do a half a cup of soap (clapping) – Long shot – Did you know that you don't actually have to use this dispenser? You can actually just push it out the top like this – Whoa, it's like a thumb workout! Oh, man hold on, I'm like in the middle of my reps, bro

(panting) Uh-oh I think I went a little too much Oops For something that's supposed to be so clean, I'm sure making a mess with some soap right now – [Devan] Here we go, oh yeah

– Oh That's a brand new type of bizarre feeling It's like oobleck, but like runny – Mine looks like feta cheese, bro – Pew, pew, pew, pew

Alright, well I think it's starting to get to the right consistency now – Mine is going good – Alright, we need some more rice powder, – Bro, can you keep it inside the bowl? – It is inside the bo – No it's not – Why does my hand look like this and your hand looks like that? – Alright, next up for me is some food coloring (thud) – The color I'm gonna add is purple first Whoa! – That looks so cool! – [Together] Ooooh! – [Collins] Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh Oh, dude! – Why? – I think I like legit ruined it, bro

(clap) – We got some gloves so right now we're going to do these I gotta go over here so I don't spill it everywhere Oh, yep It's getting all over my gloves Boom! Plum number one is done

– Whoa, wait It's a plum now? What are you making now? What is that? – Now that we've got the balls made, it's time to shape them into our fruit So Devan, what fruit – Oh, oop Ahh I tried to psych you out Basically, I'm starting out with a ball This is the sweet part of the watermelon

And I'm gonna wrap it around with the green just like that – So I'm gonna start constructing mine right now Gonna place these two pieces like this Boom I'm just gonna mush these together right now

– Alright, I have my first half of the watermelon What are you doing? (clatter) Dude – Oops Now the bowls of our fruits are made It's time to steam these for 15 minutes, so right now

– Dude, these turned out pretty cool – The soaps are done and now it's time to test them out So to do this, we got our hands a little bit dirty

– Yep – So first we gotta kind of dunk them in the water – Oh, you do? (splash) – [Together] Oh! – [Devan] I'm just gonna place mine in the water – That's probably a smart idea – [Devan] Oh, this is nice, bro

– And because it was just steamed, it's like nice and warm, bro Oh! – Dude, like the seeds on the outside are taking off all the dirt – I forgot about my bottle caps Those are not working in there – Whoa, dude

That's the table – Yo, this is actually pretty legit Comment down below Who made a better soap? I think mine isn't working on my hands because of all the bottle caps maybe So right now we are on to the next round

Pop quiz Which is the banana, Devan, and which is a squishy pen? – Uh, this is obviously a squishy pen – Sike! Trick question Check it out, bro – [Devan] Whoa! – [Collins] It's actually a banana pen part two

Yeet! So right now we're gonna show you how to make this awesome squishy banana pen To kick it off we need to poke some holes in some foam (thump) – Ahh! We got this thingy here – Okay, yes – Ready? – Yes

– So now we're gonna poke a hole in the foam Whoa So nice Next up you grab a pen (metallic slice) Excuse my reach

I got a pen – Oh, man I broke it, I broke mine Next step, you put this inside the hole – Or you go for the quick technique, – Oh – It's called the ah-chew Ah-chew! And then it

– You missed! – I was way off No, dude you I plugged the hole You like sucked my thumb in Dude, look at it, look at it, look at it Oh, my gosh! Ahhhhh! (laughter) – Dual me, bro

Dual me! – Whoa, whoa, whoa – Toot – Ack – Whoop What ya

Guh – I'm just gonna use this and kind of bend it because the fruit I'm making is a little bit bendy Can you guess what it is? So I gotta add a little curve to mine – [Devan] Whoa, look at this! This is so cool – Wait, it works so well

– It goes right through it Vigorous filing – Yeet (thump) (clank) – Oh! You marked the paint – Dude! – Why? – Oh, we're gonna be in trouble for that one

I gotta fix this – No, no, no, no, no, no Not a good idea – Why not? It'll like, it'll like, it'll like you know, like, uhhh Well if I can't use a pen, yeet! Then I gotta use

– Why? You just made a mark on the wall – Here we go, got all my files Look at how fast this is going

– Look at how jagged it is though – Well, I can smooth that out A lot of foam particles in the air right now Now that we've shaped our foam, it's time to paint them So now we're going to place them down here

– [Devan] Alright, I've painted the orange bit of my carrot now – Gonna do this a little bit differently than Deven did I'm just gonna put a whole bunch of paint on it, and then I'm going to take a finger actually sike – It looks like mustard – Yeah, it does but here we go

I'm gonna use a file to spread it around and it will smooth it out at the same time that I'm painting it – This is brilliant – I think my carrot is done now I mean, it's got the little stemmy thingies on there – Now my banana looks like a yellow banana

Time to let these dry and we'll be finding out whether or not these actually relieve stress once they're done Here's the big reveal – [Together] Three, two, one, ta-da! – Oh, my gosh Well guys, these foam pens turned out awesome and now, – Dude – The moment you've all been waiting for

– I love the googly eyes – Gotta see if they write Oh, dude! This is awesome! Well you guys get to comment down below Who made a better squishy foam pen? And right now, we are on to the next round This round, (clatter) oh, my gosh, you challenged us to make a zen island

What are you doing? So right now let's do this Dude, I get it So I'm actually going to start off with a little bit of rocks here – So am I – [Collins] Here we go, just going to pour them around the bottom

– [Devan] Yep, put them all around the side – Alright, just gonna add the blue (gasp) Dude – What? – I can use a straw to mix it around – Oh, oh – Ooooh

Be very careful how I do this Uh-oh, missed it No! – [Devan] Whoa! – Uh-oh – Oh, no – So we gotta put sand in there

– [Devan] Got my sand – My island looks like it's about to submerge into the ocean – [Devan] Kind of smooth it out Pat it down, pat it down, pat it down – So next up we got some fishes that we gotta add in here

A little bit of fishy – [Devan] Do they float? Oh – [Collins] We got a pink whale That's definitely not in the ocean – Well the pink whale is actually living on the beach

He got a little sunburned He's just out there like ow Got a funny little hat for my little whale You know what, I think need actually a little bit more sand So, uh, I know how to make some sand

Boom! We got the huge rock and we got the mallet So, let's make some sand (tinking) – Uh, Collins, I have more sand right here if you want some – Oh – I'm gonna add my palm trees in

Ta-da! – Gotta have a palm tree up front They're going to be submerged They're going to be palm bushes Oh, snap! We got a little house! (laughter) You know what, I'm just gonna dump all my little friends in here – Ah

Starfish! You don't think you've added too much, Collins? – No, I think this is very zen, very minimalist kind of garden – [Devan] Alright, now it is time to smooth out my garden Ooooh! That is quite satisfying – Because this is a zen garden to the max, I'm gonna need something to smooth it out These little things right here, they will not be able to smooth out the magnitude of what I've got going on

– So to do that, I'm gonna need a little friend Check this out Bam, there we go! – [Devan] How are you gonna? Oh, my goodness What is going on? Well, I guess that actually, that works Because you removed everything that was blocking the zen garden

– I think this is pretty close and yeah I'd say that, oh, geez That about does it – Do you feel zen? Because I don't – I feel very zen right now So you guys get to comment down below

Who won this round and right now we are on to the next one This round you challenged us to make a squishy pen, so we're literally going to be doing some crazy stuff And right now, here's how you make it Wee hee! (shatter) – Whoa I'm actually gonna paint my pen

– Wait, that's not fair – Why? – You're like a legit artist Devan does like celebrity portraits and stuff So instead of painting it, I want a rainbow pen You know how you find a rainbow pen? At the end of a rainbow

So, ummmm – What? – Ah (magical music) Yo, dude! It actually worked! – What? – That's never happened before

It's only gold coins, where's the actual pen? Ah-ha! Here's the pen! Three, two, one (Thump) Well, that's done so now we have a pen and I guess my only next step – Nope, nope, nope

– My coins Yaaaay! (cheers) I'm actually going to try to glue some of these little squishies to my pen Here, this gold coin is for you (swoosh) (disappointing music) That was weak – You know what Collins, I'm actually not gonna paint my pen anymore

– Why? – I'm actually gonna glue a ton of squishies to mine, so it never gets broken on a fall – This is the perfect one, alright Would you relax, Devan? They have feelings Dude, dude, stop It's so cute! It's like a little lamb, bro

Alright, here it is Are you ready? And go! Yo! Look at yours bro It's so funny looking – Well, I know I don't know why, but mine just really don't stick on it

– I think mine works because I got it out of the end of a rainbow It like has magical powers – Oh Oh yeah That makes sense

– Oh, look how satisfying it is bro – Wait, wait, wait, I want to try that Ooooh So soft – It's so awesome

So you get to comment down below Who won this round? – [Together] Yo! This is – Oh, no! – No, don't! – You broke it

This was supposed to be a stress reliever – No, go back in there – This is mine It's okay Well you guys challenged us to make a whole bunch of crazy back to school stress relievers

So right now, let's go! Wait first, five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Here we go, – [Together] five, four, three, two, one Done! – If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad, right now

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