10 Funny Pranks + Prank Wars!!! *24 Hours Challenge* How To Do Insane DIY Tik Tok Pranks Inside

– You challenged us to pull the most insane DIY pranks of all time on our unsuspecting friends (loud pop) (surprised shouting) Oh my God! – That's prank number one! – Holy cow! Alright, our friends are arriving right now and they think they're just coming over for a normal house tour, but really it's going to be a nonstop prank war! And the first prank is with the front door

We call it the boom stick! Enjoy! (knocking on door) Yeah, come on in! (loud pop) (surprised shouting) Before all the chaos begins, it is time to teach you how to make these super crazy DIY pranks, But let's rewind it before our friends got here It is one hour before our friends get here, so it's time to setup all the pranks The first one is the boom stick right here! – Boom! We're going to be putting it on the front door to really start off the tour with a bang! The first prank we are working on is the mannequin jump scare prank So basically a friend of ours is gonna get in a zombie costume, stand super still, and at the right moment jump out! (screaming) – Was that a good reaction? – No, that wasn't good at all – That was a nice little run

– It was a little extra – So we're also going to have an edible brain Some snakes kinda scattered around our friend in the zombie costume I'm making the edible brain – And I'm making the snakes

– But right now I'm going to add in some pecans over here, like this – I've got my string here, and this is outlining where the snakes are gonna go And this is the, the (suspenseful music) (laughs) – Gotta be careful where you point that thing – This is for gaps and cracks

– Next thing I need for the edible brain there's a whole bunch of peanut butter here So Devan you've got some gloves on can you open that for me? – I do, I will help (both screaming) – Also, I forgot to mention – Dude – We're going to be pranking each other as we go through this – Yeah – Definitely found my first prank – All right

– The war is on bro! – It is on! – So here we go, I got some real peanut butter over here So, just gonna add this in – Jeez dude – So here it goes, squeeze it in – (high pitched voice) Squeeze! – We got the ambiguous chihuahua cat-dog

(cultural festive music) – Still can't tell whether or not it's a cat or a dog – Hoooo! (chuckles) – Powdered sugar We're gonna add this in right now So there we go, okay boom! – Smack that! Sorry! – Was that a prank too, man? – I don't know, I meant to smack it but I forgot it was in a hinge and its flung – [Devan] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – [Collins] Oh, man! – [Devan] So I'm gonna coil it around the string here

– I gotta say man, you do not have a steady hand But me! (smacks) Yeah, I gotta steady hand – [Collins] All right, well here we are, we're gonna get in here and just kinda, mix all this up – So, the shape of the snake is done Now, I just have to clear this away, and make the skin of the snake

– [Collins] Dude, I nailed it! – [Devan] Wow! – [Collins] That's the perfect like, play dough consistency I gotta get the brain mold – Oh wait – Where you going? – We're both leaving? – No, no, no, no, no! Gimme the brain (stumbles) – Goodbye! – Right there All right, now that Devan's gone, I've got some extra pranks for him, so (shushes) don't say anything

– [Devan] Are you talking to me, Collins? – Nope, no you're good Devan! – [Devan] I got the clay – Wait, from upstair- wait, wait, you just left to the, what? I'm super confused Aye! My brain mold! – Whoa, what, what, what do you mean? – [Collins] It's clear, it's a clear brain mold – I can see it – So here we go, just gonna plop and drop

(whistle) (boom) – [Devan] Plop and drop! – [Collins] Bam! Gonna add in a little bit more peanut butter But, time to pop this thing in the fridge I'm gonna add a beautiful glaze – I'm gonna start rolling out this clay here (chuckles) What're doing dude? Just leave dude! (stumbles) What's your issue? You got problems leaving bro? All right, now that Collins is gone

I'm actually gonna prank him with this rubber brick (chicken clucks) Whoa! Dude, what! – [Collins] I'm back! I'm back! – How did you get there? – I'm a ninja! – And you heard nothing, right? – Yeah, yeah, no what's up? – I just got a brick here (screams) – That actually hurt! What was the prank? – It's a rubber brick – Okay, so it hurt less than a real brick But you still smacked me – All right, just gotta roll this stuff out

– Yup, and for this time, I'm for real gonna go grab my brain out of the fridge All right, so my brain is all frozen down – Oh! – I have a serious brain freeze right now As you can tell (chuckles) It's got very cold

– Oh yeah, (sizzles) Whoa! Wow! – Here we're going to take our frozen brain, plop and drop And then we're gonna start to make a- – A lot more drop – Here we go, this is- – Well, before you do that, I have the clay rolled out and I'm gonna add the scales with this mesh stuff here – Actually, can you hand me that pan down over there, Devan? – Oh yeah, sure -That would be perfect

So here we go, pick up my brain, pop the brain in the pan like that – Here you go – What are you up to? – I didn't know which way I wanted to do – That was a last minute change – [Collins] Ready, three, – [Both] two, one

– [Collins] Let's go for the pour – [Both] Ooooooo – [Devan] That looked cool! – [Collins] Here we go – [Devan] That looked really cool! – But don't pour it too much – Ooooooo! What? – All right, we got all the pranks set in room number one

(struggling) – [Collins] What! Holy cow! He's having a little bit of trouble man – [Both] Whoa! – [Collins] Okay, that was actually very close to my face Right now, let's get to the pranks (loud pop) (surprised shouting) – Welcome to the house! Yes! Okay! – Dude! – We haven't actually officially done a house tour, as you can tell – Yes

– We got the camera too, if you guys wanna wave! – Hey! – What's up! – But, as you guys can tell, this isn't a normal house tour We got a whole bunch of fun things we wanna show you So, the first one, is actually over here – Yeah – This is our pre-Halloween decoration

(laughs) So as you can tell, we got a whole bunch of fun stuff We got some snakes Devan actually made the snakes – I did! Yeah, yeah -Yup – [Devan] These actually are made out of cardboard and stuff

And they kinda slither – Wow! – Yeah – They look so real – Yeah, exactly So this here is the edible gummy brain

We actually just made this in the video Wanna touch it? (scaring sound) (shrieks) (laughter) – [Collins] And of course, last but not least, we have the mannequin (amazement) Don't worry we're not trying to scare you guys – Argh! (screaming) (laughter) – [Devan] I am so sorry! – [Collins] Holy cow! – [Devan] Are you good dude? Are you okay? – [Collins] Okay I don't know what to say

– On the ground, man Yes! – Holy cow! All right, well, that's our friend Conrad! – [Devan] You okay? – That got me That was a lot All right well (chuckles) You're checking your pulse

So, no more surprises, normal house tour from here on out – Wait, Collins, I forgot to clean out the boxes – Yep, let's get those out of here, all right – Let me just grab these – So, the next thing that we're going to be doing is that we're going to be hopping into

(screaming) (laughter) – I forgot about that one – No more surprises, ah – No more surprises going on

– Yeah, right? (stumbles) – It's a prank house tour, so da da! All right, we got a couple rooms we're going into for this prank tour right now All right guys, follow me into the kitchen – [Devan] Oh! Looks like he found my bonus prank Let's go back to before our friends arrived to show you how to make the next set of pranks – Next up in the kitchen, we are doing the prank food roulette challenge

– Yup – So basically, we've got twelve different foods and half of them are normal delicious foods (screaming) – No whoa! What! – The other half of them are prank foods – Are you kidding me? – And are guests have no idea which are which And here's the twist, they get to choose what they eat and what we eat

So they'll be getting pranked, we'll be getting pranked There's gonna be lots of pranks – Get out of here with these pranks! – That actually kinda hurts a little bit All right, so right now let's make some prank food – Hiya! – No! – So, for my first prank, I'm making Lil' Debbie birthday cakes

– Lil' Debbie birthday cakes! How can you make Little Debbie birthday cakes without me! Little Debbie! – You're definitely not Little Debbie – What talking about man! Totally Lil' (stumbles) full on Deb! – [Devan] There's just no way man – I'm Debra! – Collins, what is this? – I don't think you should look at that – Are you trying to prank me here? – Don't pay attention to the tape It has nothing to do with anything

(sparkle noises) – See, I would grab a new package, but this is the only one we have and I need this – Mhm, yes That's, yes Look, aw wait, wait, wait – What're you doing? What're you? What're you? (smacks) – Pick that up! Pick it up real quick

– Fine, fine (thuds) – Cool, all righst so we're good here – What did you do? – Totally nothing at all – Really? – I'm glad we have your only box of Lil' Debbie birthday cakes – They're over there! We have more boxes! – All right, while you do that, I'm gonna add in some sriracha into my agar agar over here

(suspenseful music) – Whoa! Okay, wait No, there's nothing in here – Might've been one of these I might've mixed it up We'll save it for when our friends get here later and then prank! – Deet! – What's that? – It's a Lil' deet! – All right, so add in the sriracha sauce into the agar agar and now it's time to mix it all up

So, gotta boil this, cook it up right now, and then make the little sriracha balls – [Devan] Wait, aren't sponges normally wet when they come out of the packaging man? – What? They're all this way? – Its been a while since I've- No! These are mine – Three, two, one! (squeeze) – [Both] Whoa! – We made it back, oh, we're crossing! – [Devan] I just got to cut these sponges in the shape of the Little Debbie birthday cakes – All right, well, I've got this jar right here So, now its time to strain out the sriracha caviar

So, we have some cold vegetable oil over here Stand right there its cold

– Ah – Ha ha, pranked! – There we go, there we go – My number one pet peeve is oily fingers so, yeah – Oh Gonna suck up some little sriracha goblets

droplets, what? – Gotta figure out how many Little Debbie birthday cakes come in one package, so I can make that amount – Can you please say that, like a tiny- – Lil' Debbie birthday cakes! – Cause' it's not like birthday, its like bird day! – [Collins] Now it's time to harvest my sriracha caviar, so here we go

– Wait, harvest it? What the- – Yup, I gotta- – What? – [Collins] Well it's in there you gotta get it out That's not gonna fit, okay – [Collins] All right, let's see if we can just, scoop down into it Oh! There we go! Boom! Look at that! – [Devan] And it looks so convincing! – [Collins] Yo! This is baller! – [Devan] So, I'm actually putting edible frosting on the inside of these sponges – Next prank is silly string in the fridge! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Oh sorry! That was pointed the wrong way! – What was that? – Or was it a prank! (screaming) – Got you bro! – No, no why! – So basically, I'm going to be putting these silly string things in the fridge

So that way when our guests open up the fridge, gonna blast em'! – Where are you gonna put them in the- Agh! – Sorry – Where are you gonna put them in the fridge dude! – Oh well, see that's the thing is that I'll- I'll take it out, I'll take it out, I'll take it out! Let's see, I don't know, maybe top shelf would be good or something- (screams) – [Devan] Yes! – Oh my gosh! Two snakes? – Yes dude! – Was that necessary, Devan? – Oh yeah! – One wouldn't do the job? – Nope – [Devan] I got some white chocolate here that I'm dipping these Lil' Debbie birthday cakes into – Bird day cakes So, to make this silly string prank, what I'm basically gonna do is take a thumbtack and stick it right in the hole that the silly string comes out of

I don't know the technical term for it Press it down like, there we go, okay, and then here we go, tape it on the sides like this All right, next up it is time for the mayonnaise and ice cream prank so basically- – Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's in your pocket! Dude! (screaming) It's on fire, it's on fire! – Oh my gosh! Dude, wait, wait, wait, wait – Ooooh! – You put something in the lemon bag? – It's a prank! – Wait, wait, wait, wait, you put a smoker in the lemon bag – I did

This is a bigger prank as well, that involves our oven – Wait, we're pranking our oven now? How is mom gonna make her delicious banana bread if we're pranking the oven? – Are you kidding? We have multiple ovens You got, one, two, three, four ovens – That's an impressive quantity of ovens Next up is the ice cream and mayonnaise prank

Basically, you replace a whole mayonnaise jar with delicious ice cream – Nice, wait dude, I wanna try this thing – Mmm – Mm hmm – Hold up – Wahoo! (suspenseful music) – Whoa! What was that? – That's the real stuff – No! – Pranked! (Both mumbling) – Raugh! – My prank is- – Ha! – Excuse me

That was a prank Ha ha, gotcha I'm using this fog machine, putting it in the oven So, you'll see I got one of the trays locked in here man

– Maybe, we turn the oven on – No! No, n- You actually press the button (chuckles) First tray is out man – I thought they were racks (cool music) – [Devan] Next up, I'm taking this big speaker here

– Holy cow! – And I'm puttin' this in the oven as well – Feel like a block party with that thing -Yes – Are we gonna have like a- is this like a- – You'll see, you'll see -Oh! Is it like a broken oven prank

It's gonna scare me – No dude, it's not that scary (boom) Oh my gosh! Holy cow! – For my next food prank, I'm making garlic Almond Joy's – All right, well, I'm gonna keep filling up the mayonnaise in here All right, next thing I'm gonna have to do is freeze this whole container righ- – Garlic! (sparkly noises) – What? – Ha! It's like a movie man Your like, what! – What? – All right, Collins take a whiff

– No, no, no, no All right, here we go, gonna pop this in the freezer right now (elevator music) – [Collins] All right, while he's doing that I think that my ice cream is finally frozen so, here we go, gonna pull it out Ta da! – Wow! Whoa! No way! – That looks just like ice cream bro – Wanna take a taste of it real quick

– No! – Cause' you know what the real stuff tastes like – Ah no! – All right, so I'm gonna pull this mold off and ta da! Oh, oh! I'm gonna top it off, instead of an almond, use garlic cloves – My eyes are watering and that's not even an onion – But I do have some onions, just wait – Oh god I'm out, I'm out

(laughs) I quit (sad music) – Come back! All right, the last thing I gotta do for my garlic joy is add some chocolate on the top – I've got some chicken gravy over here Which I'm playing with off as butterscotch gravy, but its actually made out of chicken – Ugh! – [Collins] Here we got some Crisco

– It's like melting it – Yeah it's kinda coagulating Here we go, we use this Crisco as kinda like the whipped cream on the top I'm gonna have to clean it up a little bit but I think this is a pretty convincing ice cream dessert – Yeah

– So I'm gonna pop this in the fridge – This next one is a very tricky one and we'll definitely get our unsuspecting guests – Yeah very tricky Why'd you drop all my pickles over here All right, cool, pickles are fully washed so- – Wait a second, isn't a pickled cucumber just a pickle? (crickets) – Yeah but I'm going for the gusto on the name

– Begin crying in three, two, one, yeah (crying) – Oh my gosh! My pickles! (laughing) I don't know If your gonna cry over something, mind as well crying over your pickles All right so, here we go, got a pickle on a stick Hohoo! That's cool

Oooooo – It's very, very satisfying Now I just gotta stick it in the caramel and we have a fake caramel apple – All right, well, it's done! – Ha, it is? – It is! We're just gonna have to hope that it passes as a banana – It's definitely not a banana All right, so I've added some sprinkles but to add some more I need this egg – That doesn't make any sense – What do you mean? – How's an egg gonna add sprinkles – I'm gonna use this egg to crack it on head

– You're gonna- No, no, no, no, no! No! no, no, no, no! Devan, Devan! – Oh! Look at that – What? What on Earth? – I'm adding the sprinkles What did you think was gonna happen? – You have an egg, what did you think, I think would happen? – You're crazy, dude And I think I actually need some more sprinkles, so I got another egg right here You ready? – Yup, yeah, go for it

(cracks) – Oh! – That was a real one! That was a real one! All right, well now it's time to set everything up and get this room ready for our friends We got fridge pranks, oven pranks, and a whole bunch of real fake foods So, right now let's get it all ready and I gotta take a shower, bro – Sorry about that bro – Are you kidding me? – Follow me into the kitchen

– Oh, dude yes! – Holy cow! – That's right bro -Tape? – I pranked ya! – Are you kidding me? – Yup I'm sorry dude I had to do it – Okay well, watch out for that there's more in the kitchen What the heck? All right guys, so this is the next room right here, the kitchen

So this is the prank food roulette challenge So basically, you guys get to choose which foods you wanna eat and which foods you want Devan and I to eat – Yeah so, choose wisely – Yes On the count of three point to the food you wanna eat

– [Both] Three, two, one, go! (ding) – [Collins] Oh caviar, ice cream, and oreo Bella, you get to choose my food, Ava, you get to choose Devan's Three, two, one, go! (ding) – [Devan] Agh! Oh no – [Collins] Wait so, wait, I'm going for the- Oh! We'll start with Devan, make our way down to me So Devan, you get to eat yours first – [Devan] All right, well, it already smells and kinda makes me wanna cry so, here we go

– [Bella, Collins, and Devan] Three, two, one – [Collins] Go for it! Oh! Why was it so squishy? – [Ava] What is that? – It was an onion! (disgusted exclaims) – Wait a second, it actually made the onion kinda sweet – No way! – Awww – Boo! – [Collins] All right Bella, so you've got the next one here, you've got this sundae – Oh, what if it's a tomato! – She hates tomatoes by the way

– [Bella] I hate tomatoes – You ready here we go – [Everyone] Three, two, one – [Collins] Let's see – [Devan] What it taste like? – [Collins] Is it ice cream? – Is it? – Is it? Oh! That's not ice cream

– What is it? – It's a tomato (laughter) – Yeah! – Fun fact, its tomato, mayo, Crisco, and I think there's like some chicken broth in there – Oh my god! – Yeah, so- (laughs) So, unfortunately, we're two for two right now with the prank foods So hopefully this next one, Christian – [Collins] Do you think that's a prank food or not? – [Christian] I think these are packaged Oreos, that's why I picked them

(laughter) – All right, lets take a bite (explosion) (shocked screams) – The oven broke! So like, I take that, yeah I totally actually forgot about this prank So yeah, this is the broken oven prank – [Devan] Lets see how it tastes go for it

(crunch) – [Collins] What's it taste like – [Devan] What is it? – It's just an Oreo (celebration music) (exclaims) – I was about to say, wait a second, I didn't do anything to that – And just like that we're onto Ava So, Ava, you got these nice little lovely looking caviar chips – [Ava] I'm slowly getting more and more nervous

– [Collins] Here we go – [Everyone] Three, two (mumbles) – We wanna see if you could like this video in three seconds, you ready? Here we go, three, two, one, done All right, here we go, you ready? – [Collins And Devan] Three, two, one – [Collins] Go for it

We wait – Not good? – Ugh! And its spicy (laughter) – It's spicy? – It's spicy – It's actually sriracha caviar (panicking) – Oh my god! – [Devan] Well, now its on to Collins, man

– Do you guys think this is, I mean like look, it's- – It looks pretty legit – [Collins] It's in packages – [Ava] Yeah – [Collins] It's fully packaged You ready, here we go

– [Everyone] Three, two, one – [Devan] Aye! It's normal – Aww – Oh! I thought it was a prank! – Haha, no, it's just a normal one (celebrates) – Now it's time for us to eat the next prank food roulette's

I'm gonna clear off the ones we've already eaten – Wait Bella, can you actually grab the pickles out of the fridge, we need those real quick for the next one As Collins is clearing out these, (suspenseful music) why don't you grab that out of the fridge There you go and I'll grab- (glass shattering) – [Collins And Devan] Oh! – [Devan] What! – [Collins] You just broke some sauce! – [Devan] There we go! (chuckles) – Are you trying to kill me? – I'm sorry, we had some snakes that were supposed to pop out and some silly string but I guess it just, shot out a jar, yeah we should get that cleaned up Prank backfired, lost our sauce

Time to choose the next prank food Let's do this again, Ava, Bella, Chris, you guys wanna raise a finger – [Collins And Devan] Three, two, one, point – [Devan] Oh my gosh! You went for the- Wow! – Christian, this time you get to choose which foods Devan and I have to eat So, point to which food's Devan gonna eat – Devan's having the chicken wing

– [Collins] Oooo! – [Devan] All right – I think there's one left, it's these lil' cake pops Again let's start with Devan Let's start all the way down on that side All right Devan, we believe in you

– [Everyone] Three, two, one – Tastes great! I don't think I got pranked! – All right, Devan got a normal chicken wing (cheering) – [Collins] All right Bella, you're next, with your chocolate delights – Please be a banana, please be a banana – Here we go, just a- big bite, big bite

(encouraging) – [Collins] What is it? That ain't a banana! (laughing) – Yeah! (high fives) – Yeah – No banana! – Why are your high fives so hard? – [Collins] What is it? – [Devan] Is it good? – It's a cucumber – Okay, are you not pranked? – It's really good! – [Christian] Really? – Wait, have we like discovered a new delicious recipe? All right, so Christian, my man – Okay – It's up to you, you got your packaged good Your Almond joy Ta da! – [Devan] Yay! – [Collins] Lovely little- it looks I mean- – [Bella] It looks promising

– [Collins] It looks promising – That actually looks pretty real – I think it looks shady (laughter) – No! (more laughter) – [Christian] It's not an Almond Joy! – All right here we go, three – [Everyon] Two, one

– [Collins] Yup, and then chew it – [Devan] All right What's it taste like? What's it taste like? – [Girls] What is it? – [Christian] Oh my god! Oh my god! (laughter) – What is it? What is it? (laughter) – Would it be like, garlic maybe? – [Collins] It's basically all garlic with a garlic clove instead of the almond – [Devan] He's got garlic breath now! – That's gonna last for about a week – I want another Oreo

(laughter) – [Collins] So, Ava, next up we have your birthday cake – All right, well, I picked something packaged because I thought that maybe a good idea But now, my confidence is taken – [Collins] Wait did you take another bite of the cucumber? – Yes – Being all sneaky over there

– [Devan] Are you- Wow! – What is wrong with you? – All right Ava, we believe in you, just go for it, take a big bite, go for it Is it workin'? – [Devan] Oh, what do you taste? – It's a sponge! – It's a sponge! (laughter) – That's not even food! – I just, like, pushed chocolate up into my gums (mumbles) – She's like what is this substance? – [Collins] Okay so now it's time for my final prank food These lil' cake pops – [Devan] Yup – I'm looking at Devan, I'm trying to like sus' him out, like he might've added this in like an extra little prank one

– Who knows man, who knows? – [Everyone] Three, two, one – [Devan] Whoa! That was all of it – Oh yeah! (disappointed responses) – Dude, I can't believe you got the normal one – Hey man, in my defense, they choose the foods I got to eat so, not my fault – That makes it even worse

– All right, so those are the prank food roulette's but we still have one more prank room, with a crazy big prank that we're gonna end it all with Gonna hop out right now Yeah, let's do it So over here, this is the last area we're going to be doing pranks, but there's a twist for this one Instead, us pulling pranks on you guys, you guys actually get to pull a prank on us

(excited) – Yes, finally! – [Collins] Yes, exactly! Okay so, here's the only twist though, you gotta open up the trash can – Oh come on! – So trust me, no more pranks, just a trash can – Nothing suspicious! (commotion) – What could go wrong, it's just a trash can? – Do it – Yeah, if you guys wanna get closer to the trash can – Yeah, yeah, just get a lot- Yeah

– Just ah, we're just gonna chill back here If you just wanna just- – [Devan] Tell us what's inside – [Collins] Yeah, yeah, yeah, just tell us what's inside the trash can (suspenseful music) – There's nothing in it (screams) – Time for us to make our final DIY prank and this is the ultimate slime dump

I'm making a jiggly water slime – [Devan] And I'm making a Fanta slime – [Collins] We're just gonna add some food coloring like that, yo! Dude, the little like droplets kinda like, skidded out on all of it bro All right, time to mix in the coloring So, here we go, just gonna go, ooh! Dude! Its little like cyclone! – And I added all the glue so now I'm adding the activator

– Your moving along quickly – I sure am Its almost like I've made slime before If you could just leave it like that, that would be awesome – Oh, like an ombre effect

– Yeah, exac- What? I don't know Its got a little marbling in there too – Oooo, look at all these art words! All right, so next up to make my slime, I gotta add some activator! Oop! I almost spilled it all (words drown out each others) – Here's the activator for you, yes – Awesome man

So, here we go- – Whoa! – What! Come on! – Yes! – How many of these things have we hidden around the house? – A lot – This has become the staple prank of this video, man Like snack attack They're everywhere I don't wanna open that one

– Why it's just activator – Are you kidding me? W-why? Why would I possibly not wanna open that one? I have no idea! Forget it dog! – It's for you (sighs) – Unfortunately, to make my slime I need activator – [Both] Three, two, one – Oh

What – Oh aye, okay – There you go! – High five! (zapping) – There we go, whoa – Oh whoa – Secret ice cube

My hands they're electric – Is the rest of you- (zaps) – Yeah, it's pretty much all of it Mind as well pour over the top, here we go (singing) – Bleh! – Well I gotta dd some floam beads next so – Some what? – Some floam ble- beads

– [Both] Three, two, one (pop) Oh! (exclaiming) – [Collins] Are you kidding me? It got in mine! I think these should be rebranded man, floam beads, uh uh, wack beads! Wha wackness, dem beads, they wack! – You just offended all the people who love floam beads – Yeah, well I don't like them – You don't want that army attacking you – I am so sorry to the floam bead community, I didn't mean to upset you at all

Floam beads are indeed legit, but I feel like they're wack I stand by sa- – More floam beads! – Yeah well you got more floam beads, I got a balloon over here Pranks on you! – Whoa! (both screaming) – Are you kidding me? That is all over the floor! – Yeah – Dude, we gotta clean this up (panicking) The last time this happened, it stained the floor, we gotta get this up! Okay! Agh! – Oh my gosh! Oh boy! This is not good! – [Collins] We're probably gonna need some help

– [Devan] My socks are wet! – [Collins] Paper towls! – [Devan] I know! (elevator music) – That was close – All that cleaning has got me a little bit thirsty, dude so – Okay, yeah, okay wait – Gonna grab a drink real quick – All right, you wanna take a swig of- Yes! Yes! Boom, soy sauce

-Mmm! – Yep! It's soy sauce also added in a little bit of Canada Dry as well for the carbonation so, how's it taste? – Nope, he doesn't like – That was so salty and savory I feel like I need somethings sweet to eat now, so – I gotchu Zebra cakes! – Really? – [Collins] It's like raining Orbeez from above

– [Devan] Those are really cool – [Collins] Yeah so, we got that You know, we'll add some rubber duckies in here as well So go, ya! Yeet! Okay, there we go – This looks okay

– [Collins] Time for me to start mixing up my slime It looks like rubber duckies in the tub – The package seems to be untampered with – Yeah, but they're normal zebra cakes, okay, just enjoy- – Testing the buoyancy Three, two, one

– You don't have to three, two, one your own zebra cake bite – Oh! – Good right – Wait, agh! (screams) – It's a spider! – Oh! No! (laughs) – What? – No! – What it's just a spider – No! How'd you hid a spider in my zebra cakes – It was hard

– I didn't appreciate the jiggle towards me I don't like that I do not like that – All right, the slime is all ready for the ultimate slime dump prank (sneeze) Bless you Devan – Ah, thank you

And I got the contraption right here, that's gonna dump on us, so let's fill this thing up! – All right, here we go, so I'm gonna pick up my slime like this, you ready? – Yup, yup, yup, go for it, go for it – Three, two, one Yo! – Whoa! There you go – There we go, slimes going in – How're your arms doing? – Not too good! – And I think we're gonna need to make a lot more slime so, let's get too it

– So, this the first batch of it so, there we go – [Collins] All right, now we're just gonna make a whole bunch more slime, fill this thing all the way to the top, and it's time for the ultimate slime dump prank So right now, let's go (screams) – Oh my god! – Yes! -Yes! -Again? – Good job! (laughter) – See you later! – All right, thank you Con- the doors (stumbles) Yeah, that way

(everyone says goodbye to Conrad) – [Collins] That was the last prank I promise – [Devan] The last, last – You said that five minutes ago! – This now is the official last prank, you guys get to pull on us Basically, you get to dump us in a whole bunch of slime We've been kinda been pulling pranks on you this whole time

We feel kinda bad and so, it's time for you guys to get your revenge on us Yeah, please go easy on us – No – But right now let's- (laughter) – Oh gosh Let's uh, it's time to get slimed

All right, so the time has come for the final pranks Are you guys ready to get us back? – [Ava Bella, And Christian] Yes! – You guys seem way too excited about this – I know – Way too excited

As you guys have seen, we made some slime contraptions, pretty awesome So, you guys get to pull the rope and dump the slime so – Here's a rope for you – Ava, if you wanna take the rope for me – We're gonna stand in the middle you guys stand over there – Stand directly underneath it

– Don't pull it! Don't pull it, don't pull it – No false pulls It will get you as well if you guys false pull it – Are we in the right- I think we're in the right spot – Directly underneath it, first lets take our shoes off

Cause' we do not want to get our shoes ruined We have matching shoes by the way – Yeah, ha, ha – Brother goals – Our dad has the same pair too

– Yeet! – All right, shoes are gone Christian you wanna take your shoes Those are pretty nice – [Devan] Yeah, those are nice and crispy man (laughter) – Might not wanna put them

Yup – I would- I would just throw them There's a pool over there! – I'm not gonna throw them – You don't acre about your shoes? – All right, #DEYGONE This is the moment we've been waiting for, time for the slime dump

Are you guys ready? – [Ava And Christian] Yes! – All right, here we go, I mean it's only right we pulled so many pranks and now they get to prank us with a final one, so here we go – [Collins And Devan] Three, two – Five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Here we go

– [Collins And Devan] Five, four, three, two, one, done – If you were able to do that comment down below, "KEYPER SQUAD" right now And it's time to get slime dumped – [Collins And Devan] Three, two, one – Pull! – [Devan] Pause! You thought it was over

But no, I have one more prank to pull on Collins – Help! Devan, get me down! Get me down! – [Devan] What no the prank is not taping to the ceiling, I've already done that This one involves slime Enjoy! – [Devan] Yeah! Dude! (screaming) (laughing) – Yeah! Dude! (screaming) – Yes! – It keeps coming what's going on? – It keeps on going! – Why is it going! Why! – Yes! (laughing) – So I forgot to tell you there's one last prank Collins and it's that you get slimed and I get no slime! – Yeah, I don't like this prank, Devan We'll done

– And big thank you to Ava, Christian, and Bella Thank you very much! They went through a lot for this We put their links down below so, make sure you go follow them and show them some love – If you want another video, click right over here You have five seconds, you guys ready? – Here we go

– [Everyone] Five, four, three, two, one – [Collins And Devan] Done! Love you! Bye!

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