10 Funny Pranks + 24 Hour Prank Wars!!! How To Do Insane Pool Pranks VS The Best Candy Challenge

– It's 4:00 AM in the morning Devan's still asleep

And for the next 24 hours, I'm going to be pranking my friends nonstop Oh snap! – What? Bro! Bro! Bro! – Good morning Devan (techno music) Devan wake up it's time to go man, let's go – Wait why are you doing this, oh my god – [Collins Key] It's 6:00 AM in the morning, we are outside of Bella's house and it's time to prank her Devan's dressed up like a giant Teddy bear he's going to scare her, and I'm going to do a slime dump but right now let's get into position before she leaves quick

So here we go Let's go over here I've got the slime bucket I'm going to be hopping upstairs like this And remember for the next 24 hours, I'm pranking my friends nonstop, and first up, is Bella

– I'm coming towards ya – Devan that's not me – And I'm going to give you a big bear hug – That's not me I want a hug Dude over here I'm over here

Yes – Where are you? I was hugging a palm tree? – I couldn't stop you Okay dude Come on over here, dude seriously Watch your step – Watch my step

What do you mean? – Dude Devan, there are literally steps right behind you – Oh, okay, okay – I feel like I'm dealing with a massive child right now Like a huge Toddler You want to take a seat? – Okay where? – No, no, no, Devan oh my gosh, you're so heavy Holy cow Dude are you good? – Yeah I'm good

– I pulled a muscle in my neck You got it? – I might rip it I might rip it Oh no – Okay And there That looks pretty good to me Okay

Well one second Alright here we go to the finishing touch right here We got the package So here we go Devan you just want to hold this package here It's right there

Yeah Perfect Just chill there Yo, so I think I hear Bella coming I gotta get upstairs really quick, here we go

– All right, go quick, go quick go – I'm over here, good, I'm over here (bouncy piano music) (tense orchestral music) – What is this, is there like a name on it? All right well what's up with this? (Devan screams) (Bella screams) – Hey, it's me Devan Bear hug! What's up? – Oh my god! – I've got slime dump coming up man let's go – We're just delivering our brand new toys, games and challenges available at Walmart to our friends

I'm so sorry for scaring you – [Bella] No it's okay, I'm just glad – I know right (Bella screams) – Whoa, whoa dude Yes! – All right well have fun going for your run see you later, Bella – Wait guys um

– I can't I'm sorry I gotta go – I'll just play it by myself then – [Collins] For this next prank I've invited some friends over it's about 10:30 in the morning right now

So let's get them All right so here's the thing none of them knows there's actually a massive prank going on right now We're wrapping all of their cars in saran wrap, wrapping paper, filling with ballpit balls at the warehouse literally as we speak with the whole team So, shh don't say anything (Collins' friends talking) – Alright

Everyone's back there And now it's time to pull the craziest pranks yet Cause they just think they're here to play with our new line of toys, games, and challenges, but really it's only a set up so we can pull back to back nonstop, pranks on them So right now, let's go get them Yo, alright guys

Let's do it – [Devan] Welcome back! – We brought you guys over here Basically we're going to do like a little video for our brand new product line that's just launched, actually like today So we're super excited about it So here's what we'll do, we'll do like a little intro and then we'll get to the gameplay

Sounds good – [Friends] Yeah – Yo, what's up It's Collins Key – And Devan Key – We're here with our friends

And it's time to show you our brand new toys, games and challenges that just launched exclusively at Walmart Now Nina You want to open up This here is the mystery wheel challenge Yeah you want to open it up, and take it out

Let's see (Box exploding) (everyone screams) – Whoa, oh snap Holy cow, are you all right? – It got on me! – It got on you! – Oh no! – Are you good? – Holy cow! – It got everywhere – Let's get you cleaned off real quick Then we'll play the product Right? cool – Alright guys I'm in the cupboard for my final, greatest jump scare

waiting for somebody to finally come by so I can finally scare someone If I was inside the cupboard, I would be doing math problems like crazy Four times four, 16 (cool music) – All right are you all cleaned off – Yeah – I'm so sorry

Okay – Let's reveal the mystery wheel You're ready – Yes, okay here we go Three, two, one

Taadaa! – Yes It comes with some playing cards here I'll put those right there – Oh dude, look at that (girls scream) – I got an idea You get a bucket, and you fill the bucket with water

Can you grab that broom, that's over there It's a little life hack If you want to catch a cockroach, put the bucket up here – Yep, exactly – Push it up, push it up

And then Bella do you want to come over here? You want to just hold this, real quick? You just grab that You just want to hold that Perfect All right guys we're all set – Wait wait wait wait – What? You're just going to hold it – It's part of a life hack

All right girls so what else we got in here? – So this is a container that all the mystery compounds and add ins comes in, we'll reveal those in a second But first, let's load up the mystery wheel – It's basically going to decide which fake food it is we're making with all these crazy compounds in here – Here we go three, two, one spin! Here we go a donut – Yes! – Hey! Yes All right so it landed on blue, that means I get the blue compartment to open, and get my mystery compounds – You guys get to spin next to find out what compounds you guys get? All right, here we go

Three, two, one, spin it! Nice – All right so you guys are a team You guys get the yellow Collin, why don't you and Tibbles be a team – Yeah! – Bella and I could be a team over here Okay

– I don't know if I can this is getting heavy (shouting and screaming) – I tried to save it – You got it on me more – The big reveal, the bug is still there – [Devan] It didn't even work? – Okay great – So my biceps are sore for nothing? – Sore? I'm soaked fam All right Ben so now it's time for us to spin – Yo I just noticed Lauren doesn't have a teammate – Oh yeah, you're right

– We got like this mannequin, like dummy looking dude – He's in the media room If you just go upstairs, you can use him as your teammate – All right, Ben Here we go

We're going to spin it What color do you think we should get? – Green's my favorite – Green's your favorite color? Here we go three, two, one We learned things about Ben today (Victory music) (everyone screaming) – We got green

– Dude, okay (Suspenseful music) (Mannequin screams) (Lauren screams) – It was alive – What happened? What? – Oh my goodness Are you okay – I feel kind of bad for Lauren, how about you join our team all right? – Oh, good idea Join the losing team – It's Day three in the cupboard I just want somebody to hold me sometimes

– All right, guys The competition begins in three, two, one, go – [Bella] Here we go! – Bella is a pro look at this – [Girl] Okay, we're going for the twist Now we put it together – [Devan] I'll just roll it out a little bit here

– [Everyone] And done! – [Collins] How did you get that so perfect – What do you mean? – You cheated bro – What are you going to do about it bro? What are you gonna do about it? – This Devan! – What? No! Oh no! (everyone screaming) – Guys, it's a prank video this here is actually sugar glass So it's not real glass So do not try that at home why don't we spin right now to find out who wins and whoever wins gets a big surprise – Here we go

Three, two, one Let's see – Let's see what it's gonna be – Previous winners! – No! – Yes! (screaming noises) – Okay guys I think I hear them I'm going to turn off this light, so that way I can get ready to scare them

Put on my angry face – I don't know that that's the prettiest Have you seen this down here? – Oh! – Plot twist But here's the thing guys, it's about creativity And they got creative with their donuts Your guys just kinda got, kinda like eh

– Is it a tie? – Well you knew what Devan, let's do it' let's give it to our guests Lindsey and Nina They won, so everyone give it up (cheering) Since you won we have a massive surprise for you in that cabinet, back over there All right, you guys can go grab your prize but first we want to let you guys know that these toys, games and challenges literally just launched and this game we just played here the mystery wheel fake food challenge you can literally play at home, right now and the best part is you can literally reset everything to play again and again and again

Click the top link in the description, it's exclusively available at Walmart, and now let's check out that prize – Go for it yay (Nina and Lauren screaming) – [Collin] Are you guys all right? Left you one more awesome prize for you guys, where you all parked today if you guys want to come with me right now We'll head over there All right guys let's do this – Let's get you out of the cupboard, here you go

I'll take this – [Devan] Collins is out pranking our friends, but little does he know I have the biggest prank to pull on him That's right I ordered over 1,000,000 packing peanuts and now it's time to put them in his room All right now that we got all the bags inside, and I actually brought one of my friends Ben here, where'd he go There's Ben He's gonna help me get it into Collins room Let's do this thing Here we go

Yeet! All right we got it Success All right it's time to get a little crazy You ready for this? Here we go! Dude I did not think that through – [Collins] Initial thoughts, what do you guys think the surprise is? – Um, bugs – Bugs (Collins laughs) – [Collins] Okay , so let's do this, so if you guys want to line up and right about there turn and then turn your face this way right now

– All right so now that we have all the bags up here it is time to remove the stuff out of Collins' room Cause I think it might get broken All right all right let's move this over Here we go, three, two (grunting) – We should probably leave that maybe move the lamp – I think we're both one-trip kind of guys whoo, I'm going to break this stuff on my way out Where'd James go

James we're ready for yah You're going so slow Collins is about to be here bro let's go, let's go' let's go – [Collins] All right here's the reveal ready in three, two, one check it out – [Girls] Oh my goodness – How did they do this? – How am I going to get in? – This is insane – Help me get mine off – Teamwork makes the dream work – Let's sumo it out – Oh yes Three, two, one Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, guys, guys – What, what, what! – Guys, I got to go – What happened with the prank wait dude where are you going? You're actually just leaving? – I'll be back – Pass me a bag, pass me a bag

We got to finish this thing up real quick – What about my car? – Oh yeah – I can't get in – [Collins] Let's do this, maybe everyone gets a door and we all just open it up on the count of three Here we go three, two, one, go for it (screaming) – Looks like a wonderland – Okay now that we've filled up the rest of the room Niko is going to hide in a gorilla costume and then bury himself in these packing peanuts and then scare Collins, it's gonna be great (House electro music) – Yo, this is crazy Okay so let's uh, let's check out Ben's car now, let's see what's going on over here

– I don't think I wanna change it actually it's grown on me – Nice little color addition to it over here all right we're gonna start peeling – No, no it's perfect – Broom power Peanut in my mouth All right, so I filled up half of Collins' room, now it's time to hide some of his prize possessions So the first thing I'm going to hide in here is Collins' most prized possession Can you guess what it is? It's his sunscreen This boy's pale

Alright, there we go Boom! It's gone – All right, let me do this, we're going to head back to the house Grab Devan, so we can help you guys clean this up So I'll be, I'll be right back – Yo dude, I think Collins is almost here

I'm just going to leave you in here You got this? – Got it – Anyone have a large vacuum? – Yo Cons, where are you at? – [Cons] Yo so I'm on my way home right now actually – No, no, no, no, no, wait, don't come over here Cons Cons you should go to Alexis's house first and prank her Cause I think you've got a couple hours left in the day and then you should go prank the twins again Cause they said that they're going to be suntanning later – Oh dude that would be hilarious

– Yeah, yeah So go, go, go, go (Horns) – Alright As Devin suggested I'm at Alexa's house right now and this next prank is going to get pretty messy because my friend Alexis back there, she's actually one of the top 20 tennis players in the entire state of California, and this is a normal tennis ball and this is a pigment popper Basically when you hit this thing, pigment goes everywhere It's like a hundred degrees outside

I'm sweating let's go play some tennis All right what's up, Alexis? How are you doing? All right Cool So I've come over here I want to test your tennis skills

– Oh, okay I heard your like freshman year, you went like 31 to zero, right? – Yeah, I know, kinda crazy That's impressive But you haven't faced me yet A true tennis champ

– Oof – Here we go We'll go with the first one (Collins laughing) That was close! Okay That was a little bit too close for comfort Okay, cool

How about this I got one more ball And Let's try this So basically I want to see how your serve is I'm gonna lob it to you, so kinda like mess it up How about this want to take it? Yep

Yep Go for it I'm just going to hop over here Yep Yeah

Go for it yeah Nice, nice big serve on it Oh! Yes! Yo come on over here We're doing a pranks video man – My outfit! – I'm sorry

– Oh my God It kinda looks good though – I thought, you got a get a pink shirt It might match Exactly So thank you for being a part of it

Well basically today I'm just going to prank all my friends It is so hot I'm sweating – I know

You want me to go grab you a drink? – Yeah that'd be great – Yeah, I, I got you, I got you – Alright, so we'll get everything wrapped up right now and cleaned up – All right So Collins thinks I'm getting him a Gatorade, but I'll pull a fake Gatorade prank on him

I am going to dump out the real Gatorade and fill it with Mac and cheese powder and water – Dude This is a mess – All right, I'm gonna fill this up with some water Now it is time to add the Mac and cheese powder

Ooh, Ooh This is going to be nice Okay guys, the fake Gatorade is ready Let's go take it out and see his reaction – It is hot today, man

I think it's literally over a hundred degrees right now – Okay Collins, here you go – Thank you – It's a drink – How long have you been playing tennis for? – Well I've been playing tennis for like 12 years Oh! And you just got pranked

– That was you? What no way! – I had to get you back – Is there like actual Gatorade anywhere? – Yeah, here you go – [Collins] It's 03:45 in the afternoon And just as Devin suggested it's time for our next prank because our friends, Lindsey, Nina are currently tanning So we're going to hit them with a ton of big bird goop

Plus we've got Nico in a ghillie suit over here He's going to swim through the pool, super sneaky, and then jump out and scare them real bad So right now let's get into position Three, two, one, go, go, go, go I think they're like sleeping (Suspenseful music) We're in position

Niko go get ready to get in the pool right now Go, go, go He's going to be scaring them We also have the yeet cannons, blast a whole bunch of bird poop here's what's going to happen I'm going to fire this thing off and you're going to jump out of the water You got it

Let's do this thing So hop back in let's fire off the heat cannon and do not try this at home Twist out on the count of three Here we go Three, two

Wait five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds You ready? Here we go In Five, four, three, two, one, done If you were able to do that like comment down below, keyper squad right now and let's go for it Three Two One (Gunshot) – Oh my gosh, eww that's disgusting (girls scream) – Oh my gosh

I'm so sorry That's Niko dressed up as a swamp thing Sorry again for pranking you I'll let you guys get back to tanning See you guys later – [Devan] Bro, I can't believe you got here before Collins did

We gotta finish this thing up Dude I think Collins is going to smell like packing peanuts for a week Dude I feel like I could sleep in this room Just like on the top here, man It's like the best bed ever

– You're going to have plenty of cushion – I do I cannot wait to see Collins' reaction – This place is packed – Oh man, I think I can hear him pulling up

We got to get this stuff inside really quickly I feel like if I'm making no progress, I'm just getting really tired I'm going to be so out of breath when he gets here, I hope I don't give it away Oh man Oh man

Oh man, man, I spent so much money on this I can't ruin it now I got to figure out how to close this door Get it in Get in! Oh I think he's here

I think Collins is here Oh, hey Collins, how'd it go? – Why are the cameras here? – What do you mean? We're just shooting a vlog – I thought the video was over – It is It's a vlog bro – No it is not It's a pranks video

Like seriously – What are you doing? Don't attack our plants bro – It could've the bushman guy He's like, Niko why would you spill a blog at like the end of like the day? – Because we want to show like behind the scenes our lives, what we do

– This is definitely a prank – It's 24 hours of pranks Your pranks are over You've got no more pranks There's nothing there

– All right, let me do this So if we're going to like vlog I'm going to like change into something else now – But where are you going? – I tripped on the stairs – Why are you going upstairs? – Cause I know there's a prank man

– There's no prank – There's definitely a prank I feel like you're extra interested in my room – I'm not, I'm not interested in your room at all Look, I'm not interested, just going to – Alright

Well let me open up the door then look at that look – What look? – The look on the way back, Dude, you better not have done anything to my room – What do you mean what could I do to your room? – You know, I love my room bro I sleep in my room I do work in here

– You do – There's a dirty fingerprint – Dirty fingerprint? I don't have dirty fingers I wash my hands on the daily – My door is usually very clean and there are literally dirty fingerprints all over What did you do to my room? – I don't know what you're talking about, bro

I think you're just paranoid There's not any, I didn't say that What are you listening for? (Suspenseful music) There's nothing there bro – If someone's in there Leave! – You think that something's going on, but nothing's going on? – Devan, there're two cameras

– I know we're shooting a vlog – That's not how you vlog, a vlog is like this This is different Someone is hiding here I think I'm just going to have go for it

Let's go into the room Here we go Three, two, one What the heck? – What? You can't open your own room – What'd you do to the room? – You're just messing with me bro

I didn't do anything to your room Wait dude you can't actually open it – No, you want to? What did you? You smack your head on the door? – Yeah – Is that a prank? – No, that's a welt – Alright I think I'll give it a shot We'll see if I can open this thing up

For your sake Let's hope there's no prank in here now – Seriously What does that mean? Is that a threat? – All right here we go, three, two, one What! No, no, no

You filled my room with packing peanuts – I did – Yo you get back back here bro, get back here – Dude, I'm the best man – Are you kidding me? You know what, I gotta give it to you bro I think it's the best prank that we've ever done on the channel I'm very mad, but yet very impressed at the same time

How much did you spend on this prank? – Too much – I literally can't even open my door, man – Don't forget, the gorilla's about to scare him You're about to break that door bro Just jump in Bro

– Holy cow This is insane Dude, this is like a winter wonderland man Like Holy cow – I want to jump in – Come on in – Three, two, one, yeet! What did you actually leave in here? Like what's been actually taken out? – You'll have to find out

– Dude I have some very fragile stuff in here I do not want broken – Yeah You had like the weird monkey in here too – Yo if you did something to the laughing monkey bro, you are gone (Monkey screaming) – I want to submerge myself, give myself a little wiggle down

Woo let's go man Let's go man, let's go! It's absolutely insane (Collins screaming) – Holy cow! You were in here the whole time? – Whole time – You must be sweating dude Is that Niko? – All right Niko let's bounce, Collins has to clean up – I seriously have to clean this whole thing up? – Oh yeah all by yourself

– I thought you were just Joking bro Well got to say this was the most insane 24 hours of pranking ever So if you want to see another video, click right over here You've got five seconds Here we go

Five Four Three Two One, done Love you Bye (Rock music)

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